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Thursday, 25 November 2010

The worlds most expensive nail polish courtesy of Models Own

The usually reasonabaly priced Models Own brand has brought out THE worlds most expensive nail polish retailing at a magnificent £83,000!! Yes EIGHTY THREE THOUSAND GREAT BRITAIN POUND lol!!

Wow I could buy a house for that!!

The Models Own Website says (pics courtesy of Models Own site too) -

''When painted on it looks like gold leaf – it glistens, glimmers and actually sparkles like tiny diamonds (yet is absolutely smooth to the touch).
Models Own – Gold Rush
This exclusive bottle, currently available to view and order from Frost of London, has an exquisite lid which has been carefully hand-crafted from yellow gold and has a total of 1,118 diamonds inlaid. It costs a whopping £83,000 – an ideal gift for the woman who has everything! If your budget doesn’t quite stretch that far –  fear not! We are also releasing a ready to wear version (£5) online and in Boots.
Gold Rush couture is available to view and order from today at Frost of London (108 New Bond Street, London, W1). Gold Rush ready to wear will be available at www.modelsownit.com from mid December and at Boots from 23rd February''

 WOW! I actually could never spend that much on a Nail Polish theres too much starving children and third world countries waaaaay more in need of 83,000 than a Nail Polish, imagine how many families you could feed with that much money, I would feel way too guilty spending that amount, wonder how many it will actually sell in the end?!?! I look forward to seeing the Gold Rush replica though for a more purse friendly fiver!!

Vikki xoxoxo


  1. daaaaaaaaym i could probably make my own nail polish business with that kind of money!!!

  2. omg I know!! Deffo will wait for the fiver version but to be honest I don't think I like it much!

  3. That's just daft, seriously who would buy that for 83k? And whoever does buy it is just plain stupid.. Stuff like this really peees me off, there are children starving around the world and Im guessing they won't be donating any profit to charity?

  4. I know malisha it's ridiculous, I doubt anyone would buy it I mean who would be that daft! And no they'r not donating nothing to charity that I know of (surprise surprise!)

    If they don't sell any at least they will have drummed up alot of publicity to the brand which was prob their goal all along anyway!

  5. waste of money, just like that million dollar iphone with diamonds around it, but rich people could do anything they want i guess

    if i had that money, i would buy a car instead of a nail polish, lol just saying


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