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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hello Hello Hello....it's been a long while

It has been forever since I posted in fact I posted and said i was leaving this blog, but starting a new blog didn't feel as right as I thought it would, I got inspired earlier by a beautiful blogging fellow hot mama and I had a pang of *cries* 'I want my blog baaaaaaaaaaaaaack'

So here i am begging for forgiveness that I deserted you all!

So here is my hello.....I hope you all remember me and don't think who the EFF is this haha!

I did originally get lazy with blogging when I found out I was pregnant in Sept 2011, been sick 24/7 is no fun., blogging was the last thing on my mind, make up went out the window and I lost my mojo

Then along came my precious baby girl miss Kyla Sophia in May 2012, the last 8mths have been a whirlwind, sometimes I don't know if its monday or sunday (or tues, weds etc....haha!)

But I need some ME time, so all you followers I used to love so much I hope im welcomed back with open arms.....I can show you cute baby pics and show you how i attempt (but probably fail) most days on how to be a yummy mummy!

Lots of love, Vikki

Can anyone see this! please comment!

Just want to see if this shows up on peoples dashboards have been having issues before! What do we think of starting my blog up? i miss you all!