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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle

New shampoo for me is a rarity LOL I went back to using L'oreal elvive which has been my holy grail for the last 18mths (in between I had ai disastorous experience with GUM shampoo and conditioner I hated them) I recentley changed Pantene pro-V ice shine which I thought was quite good actually BUT then I had an epiphany 5years after everyone else discovered Aussie I have finally started using it (I had tried sachets of the 3 minute miracle every blue moon that was it) If you have been living in the dark like me and still not discovered Aussie you can check out there story from their UK site HERE it is available in most Chemists, Boots, Superdrug, Online, etc

I got The miracle moist shampoo and 3 minute miracle reconstructor -

The shampoo contains Queensland Macadamia Nut extract, this helps smooth hair my hair as it's quite thick and if not straightened or curled it is hard to manage and abit coarse soI LOVE anything that promises to moistourise it, and this is great as I also love macadamia treatments, my hair dye (as im naturally very dark brown I just like black better on me so dye it every few months) comes with a sachet of a macadamia treatment that literally makes my hair feel like silk.

Then the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor is a deep conditioning treatment again for dry and damaged hair because of heat styling and colouring my hair this is great to keep it in tip top condition my mum also uses this on her light hair to repair bleach damage and finds it great plus I am really bad at getting my hair cut as I hate having any length cut off it as I am still trying to grow it even though it is long and it's over halway down my back now BUT I seriously wont be happy until it's 'Kardashian length' LOL so this is great for looking after the ends

My hair does feel alot smoother and after straightening it looked alot better and shinier I instantaly noticed the difference plus they smell GORGEOUS! The Aussie shampoo's have  a great reputation and are about £4 each I need the miracle moist conditioner as these were on offer 2 for £6 in Boots at the moment so I just used some Elvive conditioner I already had but if im using the reconstructor which I usually do at least once a week im not using conditioner, I just shampoo/rinse and apply that (usually longer than the 3mins it says aswell LOL) 

What other Aussie products should I try? and who else is a fan? 
 P.S check out Aussies website HERE

Vikki xoxox

Monday, 30 May 2011

Bargain Alert! Rimmel lasting finish blush in 'Summer Fever'

My new bargain love is this blush beauty -

Rimmel lasting finish blugh and highlighter in 'Summer Fever' a gorgeous warm pink/brown/coral trio I got this at discount home store B&M for a bargain £1.49 it is also available on sites like Fragrance Direct and for my american readers I read some reviews on make up alley that got it recentley discounted at Walmart ($3-ish) or at ULTA you can read the make up alley reviews HERE its average rating on that site is 4.9 out of 5 and 100% re-purchase rate which is fab quite a few people have even called it their holy grail product, They only had this shade at the B&M I got this from so not sure what the other shades are like but this is the perfect colour for my skin, it has great pigmentation too -

As you can see it's a really nice colour im not sure how it will work as a highlighter so I think i'll just use it as a blush I have used it once today and the lasting power is also amazing aswell as it going on perfect, I love trios or duos of colours in products too and I am going to hunt down some other shades online, I think this is possibly discontinued as I haven't seen it in Boots/Superdrug a quick google search has many results for people wanting to purchase it though,

I already love the lasting finish foundations from Rimmel so glad I got this and I normally am such a fan of the Boujois little blush pots I have 3 I just continually wear but think I will be reaching for this everyday now!

B&M has some great bargains so if you have a local one definatley check it out, I saw a few w7 items, calvin klein lipglosses, Rimmel mascara, Revlon Mascara, and a few other random bits mines a pretty small store so larger stores probabaly have more, I normally only go there for the cheap sweeties and houseware items!

Vikki xoxo

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Happy Bank Holiday (UK people)/ Memorial Weekend (USA-ers lol)

Enjoy! xoxox

Friday, 27 May 2011

Beyonce VS Lorella Cuccarini......Who did it best

I watched Beyonces billboards performance in awe, (before you read on if you haven't seen it catch it HERE I do think she is a talented AMAZING artist and when I saw this I was speechless, But now the Grammy-winner has been accused of stealing the idea for her performance after a video of a performance last year by Italian pop star Lorella Cuccarini emerged.

 Here is a video with both Beyonces performance on the left and Lorellas on the right -

And here is some stills with Beyonces on the left again and Lorellas on the right -

BUT Beyonce has since admitted she got shown the video by her make up artist and was inspired to work with the team who created it for Lorealla but do we think Beyonce would have give credit if she wouldn't have been called out and do you think its TOO similar? Personally I give Lorella props for doing it first but I do think Beyonce killed it, I can't not like her performance I want to watch it again now LOL BUT Lorella has said it took years for her to create (just for someone else to come along and jack it and do it and get such a great recognition) would you be pissed? You bet I would LOL

Vikki xoxox 

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Bye Cheryl......Hello Nicole

Am sure you have all heard by now apparentley Cheryl Cole has been replaced on the US Xfactor with Nicole Scherzinger, I saw this last night on twitter and then the TMZ site and tweeted about it but thought I would do a blog about it as I want to differenciate my blog up abit by putting some news/gossip bits up for a change, as it'd be boring if I just talked about make up 24/7 and don't get me wrong there are some blogs out there I LOVE that just focus on make up but them bloggers are alot more creative with make up than me, my make up looks would get same-y if I just posted them up 24/7! Hope everyone doesn't mind this and don't worry I will still be doing FOTD posts and beauty make up stuff just as regular as before!

So anyway back to the story this is after she has done 2 rounds of auditions, not to mention move out there and then to just get replaced by former pussycat doll Nicole who was meant to be just co-hosting the show alongside Steve Jones,

There has been no official comment as of yet but speculation ranges from Cheryl been homesick, to her accent causing a problem to her 'lack of chemistry' with fellow judge Paula Abdul

Now personally I think this is quite a brutal decision, THEY knew her accent just like they knew how she was as she had numerous screen tests was her position always in the hanging? In the promo video for the show she got the smallest part even smaller than Steve Jones and she is virtually unknown in the US, not only that it was apparently recommended she drop so called boyfriend Derek Hough if she wanted to be a big star? I can't imagine someone as fiesty as Cheryl agreeing to this, and apparentley they want her for X-Factor UK but then what will they do with Kelly Rowland and Tulisa who are both meant to be new judges replacing Cheryl and Danni.

I don't think she will go back to the UK X-Factor is she has been thrown off the US one so publicly, Imagine getting a job you loved and thought you were going to be a success in just to get sacked for another person a few days later BUT then to do it in front of the whole world.....Kind of SUCKS!

I think Nicole seems like a fab person and should have been the choice in the first place as shes a big star over there who Americans look upto and she did a fab job as a stand in on the UK X-Factor last year when Cheryl was ill, AND then Cheryl could have stayed on doing the UK version as she also is a good judge and think either her and Kelly Rowland or her and Tulisa would all have worked well together.

What's everyone elses opinions on this?

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Shimmery silver look using 'Star' palette

Todays look is shimmery silver eyes and dark pink lips, I used the 'Star' palette I had I got this around xmas time it is a 4 eyeshadow smokey set a golden colour, a nude, and 2 silver shades all shimmery it's unbranded and I can't find it online but the pigmentation is fab, the Sleek Bad Girl pallette has similar colour to these and most brands do a 'smokey eye' trio or quad anyway I just thought i'd use this but the lasting power without primer isn't too fantastic, I also have another pallette like this which is named 'Fierce' which is 4 bright colours I will do a look with that soon

First I started off with foundation, eyebrow pencil and eye primer on so I firstly with my finger put the 2nd shade (the nude colour) all over my whole eye for abit of extra shimmer and then I packed on the last shade (dark silver) all over my socket I used the silver, 4th colour for all over just putting it on with a fluffy brush

Then drew slight shading with a black kohl pencil over the outer 'V' then with a small brush just blend it slightly

Then added liquid liner on the top & kohl on the waterline and also the first shade (the golden colour) just on my browbone, then mascara time

Then that is the eyes finished!

For the lips I used brown to start with but it was abit dark and and harsh so I added a fuchsia colour resulting in a more pink colour.

I would probably wear this on a night out as I don't tend to wear metallics/shimmery colours for everyday

The full list of products I used is:

Max Factor Lasting Performance foundation in '106 Soft Beige'
w7 concealer pallette 
Collection 2000 powder
bronzer trio from the Primark bronzaholic bronzer pallette

Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil is 'Black/Brown'
ModelCo Lashcara mascara 'Black'
Sleek kohl eyeliner pencil 'Black'
Rimmel exxagerate liquid eyeliner 'Black'
Star pallette

Random red lipliner
Clinique lipstick (the free one from Glamour magazine)
MUA shade 12

Vikki xoxo

Monday, 23 May 2011

a little My H&M haul

Yay so I ordered some things off H&M site thanks for the lovely Jessica as she posted some discount codes up on her blog for £15 off that I HAD to take advantage of! I also went to H&M the week before as I was in Leeds (my town doesn't have an H&M yet how crap although one is been built yay!) so I have a few items to show you!

First up this Leopard print dress £9.99 I wore it HERE I love this it looks fab, love how it can be a daytime OR a nightime dress

Then this Lace cropped vest this was on promo on the H&M site for £2.99 also available in black and a nude colour but I have a similar black one and didn't have much the other colour would match with

This Animal print cardigan in the sale online for around £8 and the black lace cami under it was about £4, I wanted a plain black cardigan but all were out of stock BUT I do love animal print so much so had to get this

In this photo is the same black cami top and these animal print harem trousers which were around £10 they have cute little zips at the bottom

I had to have this Striped vest dress £7.99 after I saw a few people around wearing it when the weather was reall warm as this is perfect for summer with a denim jacket and flip flops

Beige leggings £7.99 I have wanted some light colour leggings for ages and had my eye on some camel colour ones in River Island but then I saw these and thought they would look great in summer/spring instead of black

I also got a skirt but haven't photographed it but am going to be wearing it next time im out so i'll get a picture then and add it here its lovely :)

I didn't get no acessories or other bits which im dissapointed about but I was in a rush when ordering online and a few things I saw weren't in stock 

So theres my little H&M haul! I have never been into H&M really as like I said we don't have one in our town so I haven't ever really had chance to get into it, but now they do online shopping and and soon my towns H&M will be built I am loving it, the thing I love the most is the fit/sizing of the clothes, they also fit so well without been too tight especially the skirts and dresses. Plus the leggings I got are a really good quality material unlike most of mine (shame on you primark LOL) 

I have a few more bits I want to get my hands on so I might be doing another H&M haul soon although I need to start saving my pennies :)

Vikki xoxoxo

Sunday, 22 May 2011

My bowling date night FOTD (face) and OOTD (outfit)

So on Weds night me and Ashley (woah I feel like im telling him off when I say 'Ashley' normally it's just 'Ash' LOL) went bowling....best of 3 games as we always do it.....I win 1 and he wins 2 so ultimatley ''wins''.....as always! I ALWAYS win 1 never more and this time it was the first game so I got slightly competitive after that - and lost :(
First pic is me bowling, second is our results and my dreadful score and third is ash, I always make Ash laugh as I find the bowling balls so big for my teeny hands so I never end up bowling the ball really fast or powerful but I still always manage to get decent results so I must be slighly lucky and have a skill just not one good enough to beat him lol!

I didn't get many pics on my camera as the battery went but I did get a few of my make up look on my phone before he came to pick me up as I was visiting my mum, My make up was pretty simple, a winged eye wih natural/brown eyeshadow all over the eye area and then with a pop of slight coral colour on the lips (which is MUA shade 11 lipstick) & bronzed cheeks -

So I wore a black jumper dress it has 2 front pockets and it pretty plain but simple, I long long sleeve dresses and it's quite thin wool material which I love so I wasn't too warm or cold, I teamed it with lace leggings and sandals which you can't see as I had to put on the bowling shoes, I also was having a bad hair day aka my hair needed washing so I put it up in a sleek, smooth ponytail excuse my stupid flash in the first pic and how sexy are those bowling shoes! NOT! ha ha
I love these pretty little flower earrings they matched my gold sandals and tan leopard bag I unfortunatley didn't picture :(

So yes thats our 'date' even though we have lived together for the last few years, have been together for the last 5 and have actually known each other for 7years since I was 15 (im 22 now) we still take time out to go on dates like this, I think it's really important in relationships to do this, even after all these years I still WANT to spend quality time together and COVERSATE with him, I don't ever want to be in one of them stuck-in-a-rut places he makes me laugh and smile everyday and I sound all soppy now but at our age it is unlikely to get couples that stay together for a fair number of years, my advice or thoughts on relationships is give your all to that relationship ALWAY, we are like best friends, we have had the tears, rain, clouds and general bad times because everyone does and will but what's important is working through them together because it's the struggles that build the strength! I see countless people who leave relationships for the smallest stupidest things and then end up regretting it later down the line, Walking away is the easiest option in anything, but it is true what they say after the rain comes the sun and I am enjoying my sunshine right now :)

When I came back I had a long deserved BIG bubble bath (im loving Original Source's bath milk it foams so well!) with one of my fave girlie magazines 

So yep thats a little insight into my date night, Also I filmed 3 videos for my youtube over the weekend, an eyebrow tutorial/green eyeshadow 'look' tutorial/my beauty body and hair essentials and I hate all of them, well the beauty and body essentials one I can kind of cope with the other 2 are dreadful I have had an allergic reaction to some product which im assuming is a new coconut body lotion I tried and so it's not been too bad but im getting random itchy spots on my arms and neck and one above my lip SOOO annoying praying it hurries and goes so in 2 of the vids you can see the red patch near my lip where I have had a allergic spot so I scrapped them 2 I will refilm this week urgh my ear is itching right now as I speak :)

Hope you're all having great weekends

Vikki xoxoxo

Friday, 20 May 2011

One dress....10 different ways to wear it....YAY or NAY?

Designer Vanessa Knox has created a dress that can be worn ten ways yes you read correctley TEN ways LOL!

The £170 Anastasia jersey dress transforms just by moving the neck opening and playing around with the sleeves. It is available in grey, bright peony and black, the secret to getting so much out of one dress is using the extra-long sleeves in a variety of ways, for some styles they are tied behind the head to make a halterneck, for others they are tied around the waist to make a sash or belt effect, making the dress narrower at the bottom also means that it can be pulled up or down making it a top or knee length.

'To achieve this versatility whilst maintaining quality and shape the garment is constructed in a soft, comfortable modal/elastane jersey with soft wide elastic in the neckband for stay-up support when you want to wear it as a strapless dress, 'Extra long sleeves allow for wrapping and tying so you can make the garment unique to you.' According to Vanessa

A-list stars love Vanessa's designs including Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, and Gwen Stefani.

p.s I know theres only 9 pictures the 10th way to wear it is a shorter version to the last option

You can find the dress to buy HERE

There is also a video previewing the dress and different ways you can wear it HERE

So is it yay or nay? Hit or miss? I personally think it's quite a nice dress and good idea but when push comes to shove really it is ONE dress isn't it so for £170 im undecided.....

Vikki xoxox