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Monday, 29 November 2010

Soooooo.......Manchester with the ladies!

Well after much looking forward to Manchester with the girls.....it came....on the SAME day snow did and on the same night it was the coldest in 47years!

Still armed with my coat (bleurgh I hate coats) we still went!

Thought I would share some pics, we will next be roadtrippin in Jan as its mine, my friend ena and my friend nicole's bdays all in Jan (mine 15th, ena's 20th, and nicole 25th - how random!! I'll be 22, Ena the big 21 and Nicole 25, we all dont look a day over 19 haha)

We spent most the night in BOUTIQUE nightclub (http://www.boutiqueclub.co.uk/) if you're in manchester ever on a Sat night and really like your RnB, Hip-Hop, Funky house and more urban music I would definatley recommend, it was really busy too but be warned its quite expensive (well compared to my town Entry was free for ladies before 11pm but £10 after which we had to pay and then the drinks were still expensive like medium glasses of rose wine £5 each which only cost like £2.50 if that at most places around here) But you only live once (says the girl that didn't buy one drink all night just stayed thirsty hahahahaha for a FIVER I can buy a bottle thanks LOL)

Anywaaaaaaaaay now for the piccies (as with all pics click for full size)......

Me, Ena, Sarah
Zoe, me and Nesta
 Me and Sarah in the club!
 Nicole, Ena and me
 Me posing beforehand
 Zoe & Catherine (what makes me laugh about this photo is me posing in the background and Ena taking the pic! Lovely photo of the ladies though!

All 8 of us are all pictured at some point in these pics I couldn't leave anyone out LOL! We unfortunatley didn't get one together the taxi man was meant to take one but we all got so tired, and most these photos are prob Nesta's as I got like 5 pics, im THEE worst photographer ever haha

For our bday celebrations I will deffo get lots of pics of the clubs....once we decide a destination!

Hope everyone else has had a good weekend too

Vikki xoxoxox


  1. Looking great girls! love your style. I like your dress.



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