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Monday, 4 October 2010


So i found my USB to finally get some pics up *happy dance* YAY!

Before this i confess, I made a FATAL error....I did no samples on nails apart from the lilac sleek one but alas I will also do that.......Yes I am this useless in general LOL

So my FAVES woooo here goes -

1 is by BEAUTY UK (http://www.beautyukcosmetics.com) in NEON TURQUOISE they stock these in Superdrug and they are a bargain £1.99 sorry for the pic not been too clear but anyway im actually wearing this colour now, it is really really good value for money, it went on fairly well only needed 2 coats and has been pretty chip resistant so far 2 days in! they do  have quite a high shimmer but that adds to the really nice colour to say its called neon it's not unnattractively or ott bright, I will definatley be trying out more soon, this is also from the 'salon professional' range as there are 2 types either that or the 'glam nails'.

2 is my fave summer Barry M polish its colour BRIGHT PINK 279 although it's more of a baby bright pink than the image shows available at http://www.barrym.com/nail-paints for £2.95 I am a big fan of Barry M, I have so many of theirs but this and the other number 6 which i will move onto soon are my faves, they apply so so soooooo well and last for so long, the colours are also really nice aswell and have a soft shine but no shimmer which looks great, They stock these in most Boots/Superdrug or at the site I linked

3 is my greatest find ever SLEEK 'Nailed' polishes on the site it says this is called TRUFFLE but im sure mine isn't so don't know if they discontinued mine as i cant see it, i really hope not as it is soooooo beautiful i need to check that! There is also a gorgeous one i love in LILAC speak for itself!, STORM a lovely deep blue, GEISHAS SEAL which is bright red although looks cerise on the website but the so called TRUFFLE was the first i bought as i wanted a natural nude-ish brown colour and it is so pretty its flesh sort of colour and one swipe, and you're good to go, they dry soooooo fast too which is a bonus an these are also chip resistant, i bought mine from a hair extension store and it cost me £1.99 but i think they retail at more usually as Superdrugs I am sure i saw priced at £2.99ish anyway whatever the price they are worth it you can purchase online at http://www.sleekmakeup.com

4 is MUA the Superdrug brand £1 bargain! MUA is 'make up academy' and only available in a selected 84 superdrug stores suprisingly huddersfield is one! Check it out at http://www.superdrug.com/page/muamakeupacademy MUA sells everything from blusher, mascara, lipstick, gloss, eyeshadow, nail varnish and everything is £1 this one is SHADE 12, the only things i bought from MUA were this and a silver colour (SHADE 11) and a mascara and lipstick, the polishes I kind of liked i favourited this bcause of the colour which i adore, but they do need a few coats and don't give the best finish but for £1 I will be trying a few more shade 11 the silver i didn't like as much it seemed shimmery and looked cheap, they don't chip so easily either but the mascara i bought did NOTHING! nada! I might aswell have put water on my eyelashes for a better effect to be honest, however the lipstick I do like too I got a pink in SHADE 4 it goes on really nice and adds moisture but it is quite sheer so i do mix it up and add others on top, like i said though it does feel nice and for £1 can't complain this is actually the lipstick sorry im breaking off! As you can see it isn't much of a difference but i am going to try some brighter colours i just like pinky nudes like this one

5 is the LILAC SLEEK nailed I mentioned before but I did a test for you on this so you can see it on my nails I love this, im not a lilac fan truth be told in anything - clothes, wallpaint, but  thanks to this nail polish i am making an exception, I saw lilac was making a comeback and i have heard rave reviews over this and as I am so sleek obsessed (dont even get me started on the eye pallettes that i am so in love with) I thought i would give it a try so i did and wow lilac was my new best friend! 

6 is Barry M in MINT GREEN and i've spoke all about Barry M so won't bore you but this is such a, well, mint lovely green so nice for summer, now its coming winter im going to have to say goodbye unfortunatley don't think it will fit in well nomore :-(

7 lastly is collection 2000 Hot looks nail polish in WHAM this dries in less than a minute, it has such a nice glossy finish and the colours in the range are great, i need to try more collection 2000, this did require a few coats but for a bargain range is fabulous and the colours are named so funky......SWIZZLES, HOOLA HOOP, BONGO BEAT, FRUIT SALAD all look great.....in fact I want them all! check them all out at

So for my bargain NAILS there you go! No OPI, Nails INC, etc, etc in that just straight up budget trendy nails! 

Whats your favourite bargain brands? or colours from any of the ranges i mentioned?

Vikki xoxoxoxo