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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

To fringe or to not?!

Well when I was younger I always had a fringe that I hated as this was the day before flat irons, and all the other styling tools and my thick hair was a nightmare!! I grew it out when I was about 13 and always had a sort of side fringe and then it kept growing and growing and grew out, occassionally I trimmed the sides so it would be a long side fringe again but then a few months back I hacked away bored one day and turned it into a full fringe, not a very thick one but still a real one LOL, Its now started growing so i've pushed it to the side and its a side fringe once again but at abit of an awkward stage as its not long enough to stay out my face completely and is driving me mad!

I cant decided whether to leave it and let it grow more......leave it let it grow abit more and then keep it trimmed as a side fringe.......or go for it and trim it all and put the full fringe back in?

Decisions decisions!!!

So you can see the first image is me with my hair clipped up at the back but with the 'side long fringe', the middle image is a cropped modelling pic with 'no fringe' and the 3rd last image is me the day after I cut the 'full fringe' in with my baby LOL who seems unimpressed by me haha!!

So now im stuck :-s HELP!


  1. good luck in my giveaway and thanks for following!

    Now back OT...you are SO lucky to have a face that suits all 3 styles :O ! I'm loving the full on fringe, very rock chick. You remind me of a singer called zaho in that last pic. With the side fringe you change completely to 'girl next door' like butter wouldn't melt haha Oooo decisions decisions *ponders* I'd say go for the full on fringe :]

    whats your ethnic background if you don't mind me askin? You look tropical lol xx

  2. hey hun, thanks! I love your blog read through it the other day, you're very talented and have such lovely eyes!

    And yeeee I was thinking full on fringe too, it covers bad eyebrow days haha

    And im white/asian my mums white and my dads from pakistan

    Hope you're well anyways xxx

  3. You pull off all three really well!

    I'd say full fringe, you have the perfect features to pull it off..
    And you look like Kim K with the full fringe..

    Malisha x


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