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Saturday, 31 March 2012

A post I never wanted to find myself writing :(

I am so upset to be writing this, on Monday we found out my cat had got run over just 5 weeks after moving to our new house, it's only been 7mths since our other cat got run over at our old house (that post was HERE), I really wish people would take more care on the road, neither of our houses were on main roads, I put him out last Sunday morning, a decision I regret so much but it was such a warm sunny day and he had been cooped up indoors all night so I wanted to let him enjoy a little play in the sun, when I called him in he never returned so I thought he had gone futher afield to explore but unfortunatley after 2 days of searching for him we found out a local vets had him after some nice person took him there after him having the accident.

It's a few weeks before my baby is born and this has really put a downer on my last few weeks of pregnancy he was only 7mths old, we only got him the end of Oct (you might remember me blogging about him HERE and in my last post I only just uploaded some gorgeous pics of him)

He was such a lovely and very active, playful cat who loved his hugs but loved to explore and not sit still so I hope he is having plenty of fun exploring and going wherever he wants now, RIP my little man x

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Professional Pregnancy Images at 30 weeks

I had professional pics done at the weekend to document this special time in my life and so I would always have the memories of this lovely bump....long after it has gone!

Here are a few favourites :)
Vikki xxx

Monday, 12 March 2012

Im still HERE!

Reading your blogs even though not been commenting as much! I just was shocked to see I hadn't done a post since end of January so thought I would update, I know I keep promising to do more posts and laziness keeps getting the better of me, plus my whole life revolves around baby stuff right now and we moved house last month so internet wasn't sorted and things are all over, I do want to get my blogging mojo back but I can't find it! As i've said before I rarely buy make up now a days, hopefully when baby is here I can get my mojo for blogging back! I am now nearly 8mths pregnant and more uncomfortable every day......enough moaning as I do have some pics to share :)
My cat 'Tiger' with his paws looking after bump :)
Me and my furry baby
Big bump now :)
Big bump again!
My first and only maternity tshirt 'hands off the bump' LOL

My cat also become a momma to 6 kittens, 3 weeks ago......2 tabby, 3 all black and 1 grey one, unfortunately one of the tabbys died a day after the birth so there is just 5, but they are the cutest things EVER I wish we could keep them all, going to be so sad to see them go when they are ready :( Here is the grey one which is the fattest and my favourite!

Vikki xoxo