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Friday, 26 November 2010

O.M.G Early Xmas Present....

Well you might remember me doing  a Christmas wishlist post last week I think it was and mentioning I wanted another cat but said there wasn't a chance of it happening (Ash my Mr said no all year when i've nagged for one) so then today he hints I might be getting an early xmas present, im baffled...So then he said hes 'going to the corner shop' which is just up the road so he comes back with her -

A NEW BABY!!!!!!!! Awwww she is apparently around 8 weeks but she looks so much smaller than when we got our big cat (called baby or babies as he answers to LOL) and he was only 9 or 10 wks........I am so in love with her, And no he didn't get her from the local corner shop haha he was picking her up from someone who had dropped her off, Baby is abit jealous at the moment I think, hes just getting used to having someone new around and having a lil moan about it, I've been giving him treats to sweeten him up haha!

And the new baby we are calling Kyla so now we have 2 babies Baby + Kyla! I am so so so surprised and so happy with Ash he's in the good books for been the best in the world LOL!!!

Heres Baby and Kyla -

The difference in size is amazing, I never realised how heavy Baby was, Kyla feels like a feather, she actually fits into Ashs shoe!!!

Awww have a good weekend people, tomorrow is Manchester WOOO and im at a photoshoot during the day working,

P.S - I also put a few festive window stickers and tinsel up last night a whole MONTH early hehehe here they are -


  1. ou, I like nike <3
    my favourite!

    follow me and write comment if you want ;*

  2. what a fab gift! I lovecats too bad I'm allergic, def a cutie.

  3. aw thanks guys she is a cutie very fiesty though LOL x


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