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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Designer Nail wraps from Nail Rock - NAILS OF THE DAY (NOTD)

You may remember I did a post a while back on 'Nail Rock' nail wraps HERE (check it out for all the details of prices, retailers, designs, etc) 

Well I 'Nail Rocked' finally, the 2 packs I have are the White Dots on Red and Purple Leopard skin

I chose to do the purple leopard ones first and in each pack you get 24 stickers (12 toes and 12 fingers) I just did my nails for now.

The whole concept of them is easy you just buff all your nails to remove shine, place the wrap at your cuticle, with a hairdryer warm up the wrap so its mouldable and then you stick it down to your nail, add abit more heat and firmly press down for a few seconds, then you just file off the excess and you're done.

To be honest my first hand looks pretty good the second is abit blah! That is because I got bored as it took longer than I thought and I have the attention span of a fly so I started to rush them, they still turned out ok though and that isn't a reflection on the product,


I have had them on 3days and they are still going strong, so im sure they will definatley last the full 7days as Nail Rock say, (upto 8weeks on toes apparentley! YES 2 months!) 

I do want to take them off now though as im slightly bored and miss painting my nails already! These would be perfect for holidays as they are funky and cool and you don't have to worry about taking nail polishes, they also look fab for special events because of the unique designs.

I will be trying more and think they are a fab do-it-yourself at home alternative to minx nails quite a few companies such as Sally Hansen do these now aswell but I have yet to try other brands.

RRP £6.65 from selected Topshop, Bank, Lipsy, River Island, New look, Miss Selfridge, aswell as online at ASOS, Miss Guided and the Official Nail Rock site HERE
 Vikki xoxo
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Thursday, 28 July 2011

2 New Products from BeautyUK - Lip Lust & Pearl Eyeliner

I just this morning recieved 2 BeautyUK products from their new range (Thank you to Viki @ BeautyUK for sending me these) and literally had to share! I love BeautyUK it is so affordable and has fantatic quality products (as well as not testing on animals which is always gets companies in my good books!). I have an eyeshadow palette and some of their nail polishes already all of which I can't say a bad word about. The 2 new products I have are the Lip Lust in 'Moulin Rouge' and Pearl Eyeliner in 'Eclipse'.

Moulin Rouge is a lovely red, I saw it had some shimmer/glitter in which I don't normally go for in lip colours but on the lips it didn't show up in a bad way it just made the shine more extreme and dazzling so I loved tha, I so find some shades of red hard to wear but this was a beautiful shade that will look amazing in autumn/winter, The Lip Lusts are pigmented, slightly scented lip glosses (with either Mint, Papaya or Strawberry depending on shade) but its not overpowering at all,  I was pleasantly surprised as I was expecting these to be quite heavy but they were amazingly light and the best bit? Not one bit of stickiness! I hate sticky lipgloss with a passion and these feel moistourising whilst delivering a really bold colour and a small amount goes far, 

They are in a squeeze tube and have a soft applicator which makes them really easy to apply, 

There is 11 shades alltogether - Barbie Girl, Cocktail, Date Night, Diamond, Envy, Office Chic, Oh Baby, Playboy, St Tropez, Sweet Sixteen I am lusting after 'Envy' which is a rich berry, 'Oh baby' which is a baby pink and 'Cocktail' which is a coral, just added them to my mental shopping list! These are also a bargain price of £2.99! You can check them all out HERE. My verdict is - I am really impressed, I don't wear gloss that much these days but these will definatley be changing that, I cannot wait to try some more and the lasting power by the way is also fantastic, I reapplied once or twice in the day that was just because I liked the feel of them so much.  

Next is the Pearl Eyeliner, I love eyeliners and when I used to work in Internacionale when I was at college about 3-4yrs back the BeautyUK glitter eyeliners used to sell so well and I loved them for glamming up on a night out but I hadn't tried none of their other eyeliner, They have just brought out the Pearl ones, these aren't glittery but they are pearlescent and more metallic, These retail for £3.49. 'Eclipse' is a deep midnight blue there is 7 other shades - Stardust, Sphinx, Purple Haze, Sorceress, Rich Mahgany, Blue Lagoon and Oceania. You can check these out HERE. I think 'Sphinx' which is a gold copper, 'Sorceress' which is a deep purple and 'Oceania' which is a turqouise would suit my eye colour so they are also on that mental shopping list LOL (Love the cheap prices of BeautyUK otherwise i'd be bankrupt at this rate!)

The applicator is a sturdy point and not a flimsy brush unlike some I hate that as I find it so much easier to work with when it's a thicker tip aswell, Eclipse wasn't super pigmented so I had to apply 2 coats and you do need to let it dry inbetween coats but this isn't a problem as such, I will definatley recommend and be trying more colours these will look fantastic on an evening, and something usual from the plain black eyeliner I usually wear.

I am now also dribbling over the baked eyeshadows and blushes they have released, by the way you can check out the new line of stuff HERE

 You can buy BeautyUK directly online (they ship international), aswell as in Superdrug/Internacionale/Select stores. Also don't forget to follow them on twitter @beautyUKtweets

What other BeautyUK products do you girls recommend?
Vikki xoxox

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disclaimer-I was sent these products free of charge for promotional/review purposes but have not been paid for this review and I will always give an honest opinion no matter what, if I don't like it will say and if I do I will say regardless.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

((((....NOW CLOSED....)))) GIVEAWAY!!! Sigma Make-up F80 Brush.

Hi guys I recentley became a Sigma Affiliate and as part of this got sent a Sigma F80 brush which I will be reviewing soon, the lovely people over at Sigma are also offering the chance of one of my readers to also get this fantastic brush!

The F80 is a flat top Kabuki that delivers flawless application to all liquid face products.
You can read more and check out the brush on the Sigma Beauty site HERE
This giveaway shall close in exactly a month - {26th August 2011} and this competition is open internationally.


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Good luck EVERYONE!
Vikki xoxo

disclaimer - I am just hosting the giveaway, once a winner is drawn then your details will be passed on to Sigma and the company themselves will dispatch and ship your F80 brush prize.

Another personal post - Fairground and Park Trip

I have had such a fun weekend, this weekend we ventured out for a family meal on Sunday as it's Sulise's birthday this week, then after that we went to the funfair and then today we went to the park, so I am wiped out! Definatley ready for bed but I have had such a lovely few days, I thought i'd share some pics on here as I like to do some personal posts once in a while as abit of an insight into my life,

The fairground was hilarious Ash kept telling me to throw my arms up and I was like nooooooooooo clinging onto the handlebars of the rides for dear life, then on the bumper cars turns out Sulise is the next Lewis Hamilton and drove the bumper car better than I ever have! Because us 3 went straight from the meal to the fair I didn't get changed and had to go in the outfit and heels I was wearing, heels at a fair is a nightmare! Only had camera phones for the fair as someone *cough cough* left the camera at home


 Then the park I think I had more fun in the sandpit area, I got my shoes off and was digging away sandcastles like a big  baby LOL! We also ran through the paddling pool which was absoloutley freezing!!!!! Brrrr!

Hope everyone else has had a fab weekend!!!!! Back to the beauty posts tomorrow! LOL 
Vikki xoxo

Sunday, 24 July 2011


I hate that i'm writing this post, as I had hope in this girl, and I wasn’t going to do this at all, but how can I not pay tribute to one of my fave singers.

I want to start it off by saying YES Amy was troubled, we all know that and she had her vices/addictions and problems, I don’t think that makes her death any more important or less important, at the end of the day addictions are a hard thing to fight and we can’t blame Amy for getting lost and not having the strength to fight, Everyone that knew her always said what a nice, loving and sweet girl she was, and she was an undeniable talent,

I like any Amy fan really hoped she would sort herself out and wow us all with a new album, a big part of me always believed she would.

I think the people making jokes, stupid commenst and everything else are despicable, shes left behind a family that loved her think about them, if one of your family members or friends died through a problem like addiction would you not care as much? NO. It would hurt just as bad, you can’t blame a person for the issues they have.

I have never had any sort of addiction so can’t understand her battle but you can’t judge someone when you have never been in their shoes, millions of addicts die every week and its still sad, just like millions of addicts turn their life around and turn their bad experiences into good ones. I want to start working with people that need help in the near future such as addcits, people dealing with homelessness and abuse so things like this touch me and make me want to help and reach out even more as it hits home.

I watched a program a while back about a ex drug addict, when on drugs he would steal, hurt people and even turned his back on his own children when they needed him, BUT he sorted himself out and from that point on he dedicated his life to helping others in the same situation as him, and now hes been clean for many years and used the bad stuff he did and turned it into a postive, there was no reason why one day Amy couldn’t have done the same.

This is really close to my heart because my uncle (who was on drink not on drugs and dealt with depression) let his troubles get the best of him, and I know what a fantastic life he could have had and what a great person he was, he just wasn’t blessed with the right care, enough love and encountered hearbreaking situations that he wasn’t strong enough to cope with on his own.

“It’s easy to talk about what you think is happening on top of the mountain when you haven’t even started climbing it yet”. (a quote from noel clarke’s tumblr)

We don’t know what was happening in Amys life and love was also a major addiction of hers aswell as the drugs and that was a very destructive time she must have gone through aswell as been hounded awfully by the press and media for years, I can understand why the drugs may have been her escape.

Regardless its a sad time and she will live on forever through her amazing talent, no one can deny that.

I hope her like many other troubled souls are finally at peace. x

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Beyonce 'Best Thing I Never Had' Inspired Face of the Day

So for this FOTD I took a slight inspiration from my new FAVE song 'Beyonce - Best thing I never had' I love the natural but glory bridal look she has going on it honestley is my fave video she has possibly done. How stunning is she!

It is only Beyonce INSPIRED also abit 'wedding look' inspired in general as its abit differnet to hers for a start her eyes in the video are abit more natural whereas I added abit of black as it feel the really natural eyes don't suit me but this would definatley be similar to my chosen wedding look, glowy & glam!

and heres me rocking a wedding dress :) More in my other wedding post I did a while back HERE

The full list of products I used was -

  • L'oreal True match foundation (Golden Beige)
  • W7 concealer palette
  • W7 Honolulu bronzer to contour
  • Bourjois blush pot in (Rose D'or)
  • Sleek Glo Face & Body highlighter (Peach shimmer)
  • Rimmel Glam eyes (Punchy Taupe a shimmery light nude/gold all over the eye)
  • Sleek 'Noir' (just lightly on the outer corners this is found in most the palettes its the black shade I used mine from the Bad Girl palette which seems darker than the shade in the Original palette)
  • Sleek Glo face and body highlighter as used on my face but just under my browbone
  • Clinique High impact mascara
  • Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid liner 
  • Calvin Klein black kohl pencil (originally an eyebrow pencil but the black shade is too dark for me so use it as a eyeliner now)
  • Rimmel pro eyebrow pencil (black/brown)
  • Maybelline Moisture extreme (Anemone)
  • Mixed with Rimmel Lasting Finish (Crush)
  • Rimmel 1000 kisses Lipliner (Tiramisu)
I did my hair with Boots Essentials Jumbo curling tong which I still need to do a review on this is my fave hair tool right now as im loving abit of bounce in my hair without it been majorly curly I think i've said this before but hey ho!

HAD to include the video!