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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

NEW TREND: Goodbye shatter polish & Hello Magent pattern nails!

So if like me you never really have liked the shatter polish trend, there's a new trend in town - Magnet patterned nails!

How does this work I hear you ask.....well what you do is paint the nail polish on as normal, then hold a magnet (that you buy with the polish not just any old magnet LOL) which pushes tiny metal particles/powders thats in the polish away to create a different pattern over each nail....like magic! The geek in me finds these extremley interesting!

LCN at BeautyConcepts.co.uk do a range available now from £8.65 for the polish (8 different shades you can see HERE) and £7.55 for the magnets, which are 2 different designs - 'star' or 'diagnonal' you can see them HERE, OR if you're really into it you can buy the full start set for £67.15 which includes the magnets and all 8 shades of polish although this is currentley sold out so alot of people have obviously jumped the bandwagon already.

Also from mid sept Nails Inc Magnetic polish will be launching (rrp £12) these will be in shades - 'Big Ben' - A metallic gold, 'Trafalgar Square' - A metallic silver/chrome and 'Houses of Parliament' - A metallic purple/blue....what fantastic london themed names! PLUS Nails inc will have the magnet concealed in the lid of the polishes so you won't need to purchase a seperate one (and for all you drugstore/bargain lovers word is Revlon also are developing a line)

Who's going to be trying their hands at this? Before I try these my next task is 'water marbling' something I saw on Maryam Maquillage's blog...Check out that post on this pretty trend HERE. How fantastic is her 'Strawberry Love Swirls Forever' water marbling post! I pray mine turn out as fab!

Vikki xoxox

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

MAC Cremeblend Blush - ''So Sweet, So Easy''

Hi its been a few days since i've posted as had a busy week with some appointments etc, sooooo i'll be doing a few posts this week now i've got some time, First up I thought i'd do a review on this MAC Cremeblend blush, its the first i've tried and I got it from the lovely Maria's Blog Sale a couple of week ago although you can buy it online or from MAC for £17.00.

It's a lovely girlie pink, perfect for adding abit of colour without it screaming 'im wearing blush' too much LOL. It is pigmented but goes on quite sheer so its a nice natural finish.

I love the glowy, radiant look that cream blushes give, the only problem I have is when I apply this the rest of my foundation decides to play patchy, so instead of this blending in it rubs my foundation off when been rubbed in, oh gosh am I even making sense haha! I don't know if this is the brush im using, or if its my foundation, I have tried primer before that makes no difference, I have just ordered the Elf Studio Stipple brush which is meant to be good for cream blushes so im hoping this might help as I really LOVE this shade and everything else about it!

I tried to get a pic of me wearing it but the lighting wouldn't show the pinkiness of the colour up properly. Do not mind the rest of my make up I literally just applied the blush after i'd had this make up on for hours for example purposes but you kind of get an idea of the sheen and radiance....I hope!
Any tips would be appreciated! 

Vikki xoxo

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Winner of the Sigma F80 Brush - Congrats Ada.A!!!!!!!!

 Ada.A you are the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please email me your details (within 24hrs or I will have to re-draw) to victoria@victoria-gabrielle.com so I can pass them on to Sigma who will ship  your brush out to you, 

Thanks to everyone that entered there were over 200 with all the additional entries and I wish I could give you all one :( BUT never fear as I will be having my own giveaway with some fab make up and beauty bits at 500 followers and I think I will do 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes so that more people can win something.....keep watching this space as hopefully that won't be too far away!
Vikki xoxo

Friday, 26 August 2011

a £1.99 Benefit High Beam DUPE!

Look familiar? First thoughts? Benefit High Beam sorry Technic High Lights......I see a lawsuit coming haha joking, I first saw this on Nicolettas blog and bought it after then...a mere £1.99 compared to the £18.50 price tag for Benefit., I bought it in Bodycare and usually stick my nose up at the Technic stuff as it seems like make up i'd have bought at 12 when I didn't know better but I was wrong! Also a quick search in google shows you can purchase High Lights online at various other stores.

It looks abit like a nail polish and has the same type brush, I would actually recommend buying it instore if you can as the first one I got the brush was all messed up and squashed and bent so I took it back, she gave me a new one....opened it SAME ISSUE! Soooooo she went to get another......opened it SAME ISSUE, that was 3 all with a crappy brush, so she went to get another........opened it SAME ISSUE! Well to be fair it was the best of the lot and not as bent but still not perfect, then finally the 5th bottle has a decent-ish brush but what the hell really! Not something that would happen at Benefit I tell ya!

I like to use it on my cheekbones for sheen, or under my browbone, also it can be mixed in with your foundation for a dewy look (Got this tip from Adrienne's blog on her Ashley and Mary Kate make up post check it out HERE) I don't have high beam that I can compare it to but I have used high beam before and it is a good dupe!

Then here it is blended my camera didn't pick it up majorly well but you can see the sheen-y effect

Whilst there I spotted another Technic dupe 'Prime It' (Face Primer) incredibly similar to 'That Gal' from Benefit....I swatched instore but it was only a tester so they must be flying off the shelves it was really illuminating and looked pretty good I definatley will be trying it soon.
What other dupes do I need?

Vikki xoxo
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Monday, 22 August 2011

Keepin it Casual.....Outfit Of The Day and a little Face Of The Day

So I thought i'd do a 'Casual outfit of the day' as I rarely do daytime OOTD posts, i've done night/party ones a few times and I think the reason for this is my style if you can call it that LOL is really simple......jeans/vest and heels simple, I love casual but glam wear so I might dress casual but for example to be glam always wear heels, I'm just more of a make-up/shoes and handbag obsessive than a fashionista, don't get me wrong I like clothes but I like to get dressed up for occasions and just simply wearing heels makes me feel glam, plus to be honest half the time I think the 'in trend' and 'fashion-y' stuff aren't nice or flattering! So this will be one of few OOTDs but I will try get more as I like to see them on blogs so assuming my readers might too.

Sorry for the crap middle image thats so dark someone *cough cough* Ash my bf didn't put the flash on and it was the only front facing one I had to had to be put on here! Grr LOL.
So yep I was just going to do some shopping in Leeds (didn't get much but might do a haul of the H&M stuff I got this week) So I wore a simple orange cropped tee, black skinnies (I could live in these! So easy to dress up or down and go with everything!) and my canvas wedges.....AAAND my favourite - The furry bag! I also took a denim jacket thanks to the upredictable UK weather!
  • Top - Primark
  • Jeans - New Look
  • Wedges - Primark
  • Handbag - River Island
 I love this bag, the studded handle and the soft fur (FAUX FUR obviously!) but I have barely used it since getting it for xmas as I haven't felt it goes with much but then found it added some pizazz to a plain outfit The only thing i'm abit pissed about it some of the black dye from my jeans transferred onto the back of my bag from it rubbing against my leg.....so not happy I got most of it off and you can barely tell now, but still....my poor furry baby.

Jewellery wise....big gold earrings and one of my fave bangles the snake one -

And lastly my 'Face Of The Day' - Easy peasy neutral lined eyes with a coral/orange lip:
(hahaha this pic makes me laugh taking a pic of myself like a poser when Ash is on the phone in the background LOL)
  • Rimmel 25hr foundation (shade 201)
  • Wet N Wild Natural Powder (Ivory)
  • Rimmel Professional eyebrow pencil (black/brown)
  • Clinique High impact mascara
  • 2True liquid liner
  • MUA Heaven and Earth palette
  • Rimmel Sunshimmer (medium matte) bronzer
  • Bourjois little blush pots (Lilas D'or)
  • Rimmel 1000 kisses lipliner (Tiramisu)
  • Rimmel lasting finish lipstick (Coral in Gold)
  • Sleek Glo Face & Body highlighter on browbone and cheeks (Peach shimmer) 
Do not ask what was going on with my hair, it's naturally on the wavy side like that so I didn't use no heat on it just some volumising mousse and abit of salt spray.....in the words of Ash 'Could have brushed your hair man' hahahahah charming, got to love men, I was going for the Sufer Chic look gosh!
Vikki xoxo
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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Amazing Bargain - MUA Eye Dust's......

Im sure you have heard before of my love of alot of the MUA (Make Up Academy) Cosmetics, that have a standard line sold in Superdrug stores and online for £1 (They have now brought out the pro range which is all under £5) But anyway I was going through my make up and I bought these a while back but never posted about them so I took a photo of them the other day when I did the BarryM lipstick post and thought I would share!
First one is this amazing smokey purple colour (shade 6)
And the other is this amazing khaki/gold shade how pretty are these!
They come with an opening like this just with some cellophane over that you have to break to get the product out the little hole so they can get abit messy, I usually just tap abit into the lid and use that.
This above was from the tiniest bit of product and once spread out look at the amazing pigmentation, and all the shades in the range are sooo lovely, this is great for nightime looks, I really like purples and blues to do smokey eye looks with,

The khaki I have been wearing alot during the day as it's glam without been over the top, they blend like a dream. As with similar products like these (Barry M dazzle dusts/MAC pigments etc) they do have abit of fallout as pigment type products do get messy but the intensity makes up for it so just go carefully.

I am definatley going to be stocking up on more shades very soon
Who else has tried these?

Vikki xoxo
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Friday, 19 August 2011

Barry M lipsticks - Shade 121 (Red Shade) and a little mention of the infamous horror that is shade 101 (Nude Shade)

Barry M....What can I say I LOVE their nail polishes, truly. So when I bought some of their lipsticks to try it I figured it would be a love situation too. They come in quite a nice sleek black casing with BarryM embossed in gold on the top, pretty nice BUT ohh have I been wrong so far, When I got 2 they were on special offer 2 for £6 I think or possibly 2 for £5, and I also got the well known 101/Marshmallow AKA Concealer lips lip colour - not a good look. I got a red because I didn't have a good red at the time as I did get these a while back, and I got the other marshmallow shade *cough cough* concealer lipstick because I wanted a good nude (this was before I got Sleek's True Colour 'BabyDoll') Well I haven't even bothered to photograph the 101 nude as it's gone missing, can't say im too upset over that.

I tried 101 Marshmallow the nude first OMG that was seriously DRYING, even with lipbalm/vaseline and the shade - horrendous. Way too white toned I really would mistake it for a concealer if I didn't know better but I let that pass and thought it might just be me or 101......So I tried this baby - shade 121 (it's a bit worn apologies!)
Looks a pretty decent red, cool toned, and I liked when swatched in store, god knows what possessed me, I blame the lighting in store, it's the only explanation!It really isn't much different to 101 apart form colour, it has the same awful drying tendency, it's waxy, hard to apply as it drags and it felt like it took any moisture out of my lips all together even though I a) Don't have dry lips and b) Had carmex and vaseline on them before applying......PLUS the red is really not flattering on me, it makes me look pale and I definatley suit warmed toned reds, or reds that lean abit more to pink, I have tried with this lipstick, really I have, I even wore it on a night out and felt dreadful in it, and c'mon girls we don't go to the effort of wearing makeup to feel dreadful do we!
It doesn't look so bad in the picture but in real life teamed with the dryness and the awful heavy feeling it's a no-no, I will be sticking with my Rimmel Moisture extreme red I love or I have heard good things about MUA's red lipstick and I do love their lipsticks in general (and for a bargain £1!)

I don't think i'll be trying any Barry M lipsticks in the future even though they have some really cool shades, these really disappointed me....unless any of you lovely ladies have had a good experience with other Barry M lippies?
Oh well Barry M you will always be my nail polish prince - forever! LOL

Vikki xoxoxo

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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sigma Make-Up F80 brush review

So as you may no I have a Sigma F80 Brush giveaway at the moment you can enter that HERE
 I also have my own Sigma F80 brush that I recieved from been part of Sigma's Affiliate program, and I thought I would do a review.

Firstly this is what Sigma say -
''This exclusive flat top synthetic kabuki was designed to deliver a flawless makeup application. The Sigma Makeup F80 is a buffer brush that can be used to blend powder or liquid products. The short and dense bristles make it easy to buff your liquid foundation. The long handle adds comfort to your makeup application. The synthetic fibers are ideal to be used with liquid products and can be easily cleaned. Made of Synthetic Sigmax HD filament''
 As you can see Sigma products come beautifully packaged it comes in a lovely drawstring chiffon type red bag, with a informative leaflet and compliments slip, It also has a cover for the brush when not in use,  and it feels great to hold, it's definatley high quality and made very well, when I have washed it there was no shedding either which is always a plus.

I have been using my brush the last week and for my foundation and the finish it gives after you have used it to buff in your foundation is amazing, I have always preferred putting my foundation on with my fingers but not anymore, I LOVE this brush, and I did also try put my blush on with it which again actually went on great, it's dense shorter hairs pick up product great, It is abit on the small side for all over powder so I will just be sticking with it for foundation purposes really, my usual foundation is liquid which is what I was trying it out with but this morning used a mineral powder and for once got a full and even coverage whilst using this, it retails at $16 HERE and Sigma ship worldwide so I really would recommend buying this, I am compiling a shopping list of all other Sigma brushes I want now!

You can also kind of get an idea of what size it is against my face -
Good luck to everyone that enters the giveaway there is 9 days to go! 
Vikki xoxo

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Face and Outfit of the night! Friday night AKA Party Night :)

Friday night was drinks with the girls, drinks involved us deciding our town was crap and we should go into leeds which is a 20min train away......to go to a club that had seen better days LOL. All in all it was a funny night but going to Leeds wasn't the best plan! Anyway my FOTN and OOTN.....

The make up I used to my FOTN was:

  • Rimmel lasting finish 25hr foundation (shade 201)
  • NYC concealer
  • Rimmel Stay Matte powder
  • Bourjois Blush Pots (Lilas D'or)
  • Rimmel profession eyebrow pencil (black/brown)
  • Benefit Lemon Aid eye primer (See HERE for review)
  • Neutral shade all over the eye (4th shade along on the top row of the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette see HERE)
  • Accessorize Eyeshadow (Platinum see HERE) packed on my lid and then lightly under the browbone and blended
  • Midnight Garden (A Navy shade from the Sleek Monaco Palette see HERE) in the crease and outer V of the eye
  • NYX Long Lipliner (Nutmeg)
  • NYX Round Lipstick (Power - A lilac shade see HERE) MIXED WITH Lip Balm and Clear Gloss as its abit overpowering alone
Because the Accessorize shadow is a metallic strong silver, and I added the definition with the Navy Blue in the crease I wanted to keep my lips simple which is why I choose just a light hand coat of 'Power' it is such a pretty colour you just have to use it with caution!
And some more pics...... :)
My hair was really decided to let me down, and I was going to just go with a really high sleek ponytail but the Mr just looked at me and was like 'No Vikki' Enough said LOL. Ideally I would have curled it or put some bounce in but laziness took over and I was rushing, So I sprayed it with Batiste for abit of va-va-voom and swung it over one side of my shoulder.

Moving onto the Outfit of the night I wore this one sleeve leopard print silver/grey dress from Miso @ Republic I got it about January time and I love it, its a lovely thick material and slightly rouched and the leopard bits are velvety, the sleeve is slightly sheer you can't see the sleeve in the pics but it is a long sleeve

Accessories I had the black bangle with silver flecks on that you can see in the above picture (you can't see my nails but it is Barry M 'Shocking Pink a bright pink which I had on for a day and just kept on (theres that laziness again ha ha ha) and these earrings which are some new favourites I got in primark for a bargain £2.50, they have little grey feathers on which matched my dress perfectly

And to finish off (not including the black tights which are a neccessity in this poor excuse of a summer the UK is having) I wore these silver heels, They have a slightly metallic cracked effect and they are Miss Selfridge
So there you have it an OOTN and FOTN!

Vikki xoxox
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