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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A RANT! About pretty much yesterdays post!

Yesterday if you read I did a post on my new aviator jacket which is this post http://vikki-gabrielleworld.blogspot.com/2010/12/my-50p-and-25-bargain-lol-plus-festive.html

Well to cut a long story short today I wore my jacket and the boots I mentioned in that above post that I said went with it to go shopping in another town, so starting with the coat, it started off well kept me warm, looked nice and then as I was paying for something I went to open my bag and WHAT THE HELL is on my bag, why is it all dirty?!!?! No no no thats not dirt thats DYE!!!! Yes you guessed it.....from my new avaiator jacket :-(

My bag looks ok from the front (click all pics to enlarge):

 This is just a random bag i've had a few years but I always really liked it as it is made out of a sort of alligator feeling material and it goes with alot and it is actually beige not pale cream or white like the pic thats just the flash washing it out......

Now this is the damage:

Thats the back where it's been on my shoulder and rubbing on my side as I walked

and then:

where i've circled in red (even though im sure you can see) is the underside of the strap where it has stained a bluey colour! It wasn't even wet or raining or anything for the dye to transfer, The only thing I am happy about is I was actually going to take another beige bag I had which is a Fiorelli one and cost me like £60 this bag above cost less than £10 i think and i've had this ages whereas the other I haven't had as long but STILL!!!!! I am so not happy with this, I am actually wishing I never bought the coat now even though I do like it.

And onto the boots, these are the actual boots as i didn't put a pic in yesterday but just taken one,

 I wanted some flat boots to wear with leggings and to be COMFORTABLE not in heels (ha how ironic as you will soon see!) and these were only like £15 and liked the chain detailing, so I wore these from my house to an appointment I had before I went shopping (a walk that took me like 20min) then when I was sat in my appointment for about 25mins even though I was sat down I could feel these were very uncomfortable and rubbing me, then I went to the train station like a 10min walk away feet still hurting, and got off did my shopping and could handle them been uncomfortable just thought it was due to it been the 2nd time i wore them (the first they weren't on long at all) but after about 2hrs I gave in as I could barely walk anymore and went to buy some more shoes, I had finished my shopping in Primark the hour before but went back as that was the cheapest place I could think of and I was kinda glad they hurt my feet as I went back and got a bargain for £4 some funky wedge shoe/boots type things:

BARGAIN £4!! Reduced from £15 I saw these a few week ago and liked them too but didn't obvs get them, well I wore these for like the remaining time and after changing into them saw 2 nice big blisters on the back of my heels but at least the heel was cut out of these so could let my blistered heels breathe (hope no-one was watching my heels though ewww LOL) and so off I skipped in comfort.........well so I thought by the time I got the train home a couple of hours later I again could barely walk! Worse this time cos these also had a wedge and open peep toe to go with it, so took them off ASAP when I got home and I now have a total of 4 blisters - the 2 original ones on my heels, and 2 on my little toes and side of my foot from where the sides of the peep toe part on these have rubbed me :- (

I am FED UP! I kinda don't blame the shoes as both were new an I was doing alot of walking being the shopaholic I am LOL but the jacket and my poor bag has made me soooooo MAD! GRRRRRRRR, Do I just need to stop shopping at Primark?!

Vikki xoxoxo

EDIT: I actually ended up complaining to Primark a week after this post(my mum did on my behalf actually LOL) and they gave me a full refund for my coat and let me choose a bag of theres for free which was very good of them as I didn't expect it at all! I was just going to keep the jacket but my mum knows me too well and knows i would have probabaly never worn it again and just wasted the money so yaaaay for my mum! They are also going to investigate why it leaked the dye so we shall see what they say! And no I haven't wore either shoes again yet im too scared ha ha ha.


  1. I was close to buying that jacket a few days ago! so glad i didnt! i hope your bags okay! I also have them boots in brown, i find that wearing thick socks with them helps ") especially in the winter!!..

    Check out my blog ")

    Love & Kisses
    Sugar Beauty xox

  2. I wish I hadn't so badly! what a waste of time, will just have to team it with a black bag next time I guess LOL. Think my bags ruined going to try scrub it off, im not too bothered as it was abit old and was cheap but it's just the principle of it! And ooh I shall try that next time once my feet recover from the pain :-)

  3. OMG! What a day you had!! I hope your feet are feeling a bit better! Good luck with cleaning your purse! That really sucks that the dye rubbed off on it! =(

  4. I know :-( hope tomorrow I have no bad luck LOL x

  5. very like ur blog <3
    amazing !

    if u want follow me and write comment ;*

  6. lol oh wow.. i just had the same experience with uncomfortable shoes! haha beauty hurts! cuz my shoes were soooo cute but sooooooo painful to walk in!! lol anyway love your blog! just found it! :)
    you can check mine out if u like at



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