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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Nails of the day NOTD - China Glaze (Avalanche)

Soooo I had to take this on my phone camera as I didn't have my digi cam to hand, Its China Glaze Nail polish in 'Avalanche' The outer 2 and obviously mine and the middle which is how this would be if it had a goddamn flash lol is courtesy of google, This is my first China Glaze nail polish and I was fairly impressed, I wanted this colour after seeing it on another blog and it dries metallic silber which I love im so sad the pics don't do it justice but if you google it for some images you can see, It also looks great when you add some black stripes as you can do a sort of a metallic zebra effect (I saw that on google images too haha)

It contains nail hardeners which is great as my nails definatley feel better and so strong, It did take 2 coats and it did come out abit runny but nothing to major, these R.R.P at £5.99 but you can definatley tell they are salon professional polishes, I have often looked at the china glaze range and don't know why it took me so long to try one out, (prob because im used to the £2.89 wonders of Barry M :-P)

Someone on another blog compared the metallic-ness of this polish to having minx nails done and in certain light it does seem like that and really metallic, so overall I highly recommend its a nice dark wintery shade perfect to match the grey rainy days we are currently having over here!

Vikki xoxox


  1. thank u! im so dissapointed that this photo really doesnt do it justice its so much nicer x

  2. You have really nice nails! Love the colour.. I might have to buy it!

    Sriya xx

  3. thanks LOL they need to grow haha, yep the polish itself is good too as it was my first china glaze so I will definatley try more xxx

  4. I have this colour!! It's gorgeous right? :)

    Kaushal xx

  5. Kaushal it was your blog I saw it on originally! As soon as I saw your review I was like right I am breaking my china glaze virginity LOL xx


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