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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Things I am LOVING

Things I am loving at the moment:

*SLEEK MAKE-UP...I don't know where I have been hiding the last how long but I only bought my first sleek products a few month back (Started off with 'Bare' Nail polish and the Original Eye Pallette) my collection is now bordering on obsessive

*CHEAP MAKE-UP...Such as the fact my local poundland and poundworld are now stocking the odd bits and bats of makeup (for £1 obvs LOL) such as Rimmel eyeshadows/nail polishes/lipglosses aswell as a few bits of maybelline and N.Y.C yes theres not many colours and yes it's nothing overly exciting usually but its make-up for a POUND! Plus M.U.A @ Superdrug, ok the nail polishes I have a love/hate relationship with and only like 2-3 colours and the eyeshadows are pigmented ok but yes always break for some reason but the lipsticks for a pound I cannot complain, I just bought 2 new ones which i'm going to try out later and bought a powder so we shall see what they are saying!

*WINTER....Ok not the cold weather but omg we get to wear uggs (how cosy and comfy!?) and them adorable knitted headbands primark  have started doing. Plus theres the cutest gloves and scarves and hats around at the moment, and finally I also have THEE cutest chihuahua motif jumper to wear in winter.

*TEA....cup of good old tea with 3 sugars warms you right up in this horrible chilly weather

*HAIR....and the fact like a handful of people have recently asked if mines extensions proving its finally grown to a long decent length! (I got the pob or the 'Rihanna cut' from when she had bobbed hair in the umberella-elle-ella-eh days about 2-3yrs ago and loved it at the time then got sick of it being short and hard to handle)

*LEGGINGS....ok so I have been loving leggings for a long time but seriously what did people wear before these? I LIVE in them, from cropped, shiny, wetlook, flowery, studded, sequinned, diff coloured, jean types I have all styles it's crazy I just seen knitted ones so erm yep watch this space!!

*MUSIC....Nelly, Tinchy Stryder and Kanye West all have new albums out! Not to mention still loving my Giggs and Drake albums, I really cannot wait until Nicki Minaj brings out Pink Friday <3

*PHOTOS....I lost my camera for quite a while, thought i'd never see it again, then got it back and then nearly lost it again! I am  now cherishing it with my life and taking lots of piccies to put up on my blog so you don't all have to hear me go on and on like you are doing now with no interesting pics!

I think thats it right now!! Until next time, xoxoxox

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  1. hello gabriella..çok harika blog.süpper:)thank you /turkey


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