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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Face of the Day using 2 NEW N.Y.C products - Eye Quad/Lip Slider AND new shoes!!

So the pic above is todays FOTD (more pics of it down the page) and its created using 2 new N.Y.C (New York Color) products, it was quite warm today and I was just having a day out shopping so didn't want to be too overdone, anyway the products - First is this eyeshadow quad which is shade 'LEXINGTON LUXURY' a natural smokey set of colours, It has a handy little sheet to tell you which colour is for doing what with as you can see -
The colours are very pigmented (swatched with no primer and one swipe) for a bargain brand like NYC and I think I will get alot of wear out of this, they last quite a while even without primer and I definatley want to pick up some more shades the little quad is perfect for shoving in your bag on a night out and you can create different looks with it, I love the highlight (last swatch) and all over lid colour (first swatch) especially, these were swatched just with my finger and no base. These are available in Superdrug currentley reduced from £4.09 to £2.99.

Next up is this NYC lip slider in 'Sugar Kiss' I wanted something I could use as a lipbalm but with a tint so it's not too plain and these are quite similar to Sleek's 'Pout Polish' but they are abit stickier, I do love these though they are very sheer and im guessing most shades are like this but they do tone down quite red lips and give a nice subtle bit of colour, they smell soooo nice just like sugar and sweets plus they are really moistourising and good for just applying in between lipstick applications to keep lips looking glossy and nice these RRP at around £2.99 also.
 Whos tried these or what other NYC products do you rate apparentley theres some NYC products and bronzer in poundland (UK) so im going to hunt them down!

Heres some more pics from my FOTD:
Apart from these 2 the other items I used were:
  • L'oreal True Match foundation
  • Rimmel Professional Eyebrow pencil  (Black/Brown)
  • L'oreal Telescopic mascara
  • Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow (Charcoal) used with an angled liner brush as eyeliner on top and bottom lashes
  • Honolulu W7 bronzer
  • Bourjois Little blush pot (Rose Frisson)
  • NYX long lip pencil (Nutmeg)
My hair is abit 'Bedhead' LOL I have been waving it with Jumbo Curling Tongs all week for abit of bounce instead of it been either dead straight or tighter curls like I usually have it, Im liking the middle ground! (full review of the jumbo curlers and 'how to' blog coming soon!)

I also got randomly treated by Ash my lovely partner today, he randomly gave me some money and bought me these gorgeous shoes below, I have had my eye on them for ages and finally they are mine, I am soooo pleased! So big thank you to him, Love him lots :)
Vikki xoxox

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Discounted MAC make up at Fragrance Direct

So whilst having a regular browse on one of my fave sites I buy make up from www.fragrancedirect.co.uk I saw they had some MAC products in stock (link at bottom of post). These are new in from them and were never available before so I thought as alot of people don't know about the site and because it is so fab I would do a post.

I have ordered from them a few times ALWAYS super fast delivery and everything always comes well packaged and in perfect condition plus standard P&P is only £1.99! They do Rimmel lipsticks/eyeshadows from 99p, L'oreal/Maybelline/Max Factor from £1.49 lots of Bourjois and even some NYX products AND even some cheap Urban Decay lipsticks/single eyeshadows the site is literally fantastic, it is primarily a cheap fragrance site and their fragrances look fantastically cheap but im too much of a make up obsessive to spend alot of time and money on perfume I just let others buy me perfume as gifts for birthdays and xmas! One thing I will say about the site is the swatches are quite unclear and usually nowhere near true to life so google about and do your own research.

Anyway theres about 20 different MAC products (unfortunatley no lipsticks boo-hoo!) so yeee I thought I would share a few -
Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation- £14.95 (RRP £19.50) available in 6 shades 
Sheertone Blush £9.99 (RRP £17.00) Only available in shade 'Gingerley' which actually looks lush and they also do the 'Powder Blush' for £9.99 which is available in  4 different shades
Select Sheer Loose Powder £14.95 (RRP £17.50) Available in 10 shades.

Tinted Lipglass £8.95 (RRP £12.50) Available in 6 shades 
Eye Kohl Pencil £8.95 (RP £13) Available in 3 shades
Mono Eyeshadow £8.95 (RRP £11.50) Available in nearly 50 shades!
Superglass Brilliant £12.99 (RRP £16.00) Available in 9 shades.
Other items include: LIMITED EDITION EYESHADOWS - Semi Precious/A Wish Come True/Glamora Castle/Follow Your Fantasy (all priced at £14.99)

Aswell as 'Bronzing powder', 'Beauty Powder Blush', 'Mineralize Blush', 'Bronzing Powder Blush', 'Crush Metal Stacked Pigments', 'MSF natural powder', 'Lip Pencil', 'Grey Pro Palette Quad', 'Cream Color Base' and 'Studio Fix Fluid Foundation' (only shade NW50)

 Now im no MAC expert but I know alot of these will be less popular shades/discountinued/limited edition products from old collections etc but I still think they will be of interest for alot of people! Myself included seeing these made my day I even let out a little squeal of joy *sad I know*


 Also I don't think Fragrance Direct ship worldwide unfortunatley if you search them on facebook they have a page that usually has offer codes on so be sure to find and 'like' that
Vikki xoxo

 Disclaimer - I am in no way affiliated with fragrance direct or been paid for or asked to do this review I have done it purely off my own back! All images were sourced from the Fragrance Direct Website and used purely for promotional purposes.

Monday, 27 June 2011

A Rimmel Post - Moisture Renew Lipsticks and Lycra Pro Nail Polish

So today is abit of a Rimmel post these are new products and as they are all Rimmel I thought it would be an idea to pop them all in one post, First up I have 2 lipsticks - Moisture Renew I also did a post on one of these in a Red colour called 'Rose Passion' a while back you can see that one HERE I loved the packagimg that had it was purple metallic and these are the same collection but the packaging is metallic bronze,
The two shades I have are 'Rose Bikini' and 'Summer Angel'

Rose Bikini is a shimmery coral shade with golden flecks that would look absoloutley great with a tan, and the next shade 'Summer Angel' is a very subtle but sheen-y nude beige shade again something that would look great in summer more than the winter months.
I will be wearing these on holiday when I want a natural sheer look and because they are very moisturising and light they are perfect instead of wearing a heavy lipstick that is melting down your face in the sun LOL!

Next up are 2 Rimmel Lycra Pro Nail Colours, I got 'Orange Bliss' and 'Beige Babe' I chose the orange because I have some pastel peach shades and corals but not one BRIGHT  orange now as the last one I had was a really old 'Gallery' one you might have seen a while back in my nail polish collection post and it has since gone abit gloopy so I was in need of a new orange especially as Summer is coming up, I had this on my fingers for 4 days and it rarely chipped and it's still on my toes a week on, The Next one 'Beige Babe' I picked because I love neutral/natural shades and didn't have a medium brown like this, I had alot of really nude colours but I think this is a really sophisticated colour which looks great on a night out, or even will look good in the workplace as its one of those 'safe' colours and it's not really a summer colour for me although im wearing it now, I just think I will get so much wear out of it in Autumn/Winter.

The thing I like best about these polishes and that will make me definatley be purchasing more are
  • great staying power
  • lovely glossy finish with no top coat
  • good coverage only needed 2 coats
  • applied smoothly
  • fast drying
  • has a big oval flat brush that made application so easy
Rimmel has great prices for everything and these are in lots of stores so easy to get hold of their RRP is around the £4 mark in stores like Boots/Superdrug but you can ger hold of them even cheaper if you look around online

p.s sorry I didn't get no pics of these on my lips or nails but I took these pics and then my camera went missing, i've just found it so will put these up in some NOTD (Nail of the day) and FOTD Face of the day) posts soon :-)

Vikki xoxox

Friday, 24 June 2011

Kaoir lipsticks - beware of the brights!!!

Todays post is on some new and VERY colourful lipsticks.....by a new brand called 'Kaoir' they have been created by american model, stylist, and actress Keyshia Dior (you may have seen her in Timberland/Gucci Mane/Young Jeezy videos she also styled Lil Wayne and Drake in the 'Bedrock' music video) 
click all pics to enlarge.

Keyshia above is sporting some of the extradoniary bright colours, she is so stunning and pulls them off amazingly well, 
I love the hot pink on the first model in this promo photo and Keyshia is in the middle rocking the DiorDoll blue.
These are the full range of 20 lipsticks, most are priced at $14.99 except the blue 'Dior Doll' which is the last one and the gold and silver glitter ones which are priced at $17.99 and 'Keyshia Dior' a limited edition nude shade at $19.99

GLITZ - Dazzling, Gold Glittery Lipstick
DIAMONDS - Platinum, Silver Glittery Lipstick
14K - Rich 14k Gold Lipstick
BANANA MILKSHAKE - Milky Bright Yellow Lipstick
JAMAICA - Tropical, Bright Green Lipstick
RUDE GIRL - Deep Bright Purple Lipstick
SADE-RACQUEL - Sweet, Soft Lilac Purple Lipstick
BABY BLEU - Cotton Candy, Light Baby Bleu Lipstick
NIGHT - Sexy Black Kitten Lipstick
PLATINUM - Luxurious, Brilliant Silver Lipstick
VIRGIN - Silky-Smooth White Lipstick
SEX - Naughty, Deep Cranberry Plum Red Lipstick
RED ROSES - Sexy Bright Red Lipstick
MISTRESS - Sultry Deep Pink Lipstick
GORGEOUS - Hot, Bright Magenta Pink Lipstick
OOH LA-LA - Vibrant, Juicy, Bright Orange Lipstick
WIFEY - Beautiful Soft Pink Lipstick
NUDITY - Yummy, Natural, Naked, Nude Lipstick
KEYSHIA DIOR - Clean, Fresh Baby Pinkish, Peachy Lipstick
#DIORDOLL -  Extremely Bright Blue Lipstick

These are the full shades I tried to put them in order going from L-R with the corresponding ones in the pic and I think most are correct for full colour guide check out the site http://www.kaoir.com also in the pic above I picked out my fave picks which were - Keyshia Dior, Gorgeous, Rude Girl, Mistress Sex. I have no idea when and wear I would wear Rude Girl but it is such a pretty shade!

They also have  aline of Lip-Pop glosses 
After shipping & tax the price for one of the $14.99 lipsticks is around $20 for US customers and for us UK customers the price is around £16 that is on the provision your buying one lipstick obviously you won't have to pay more shipping and tax for more.

Who would be daring enough to wear these?
Vikki xoxo

disclaimer - all images not copyright of me they have just been used for promotional purposes from the site www.kaoir.com

Monday, 20 June 2011

False Eyelashes/KK Center HK REVIEW

So today I was sent some eyelashes to review from http://kkcenterhk.com which is a great site that does fabulous and cheap products from wigs, make up/make up palettes, nails, brushes, etc. They do a range of lashes from bright fancy dress style ones to natural ones and in lots of range of different lengths and thickness, aswell as also bottom lashes.

The ones I got are - '10 Pair Clear Band Dense Fake Lashes' which are type 'A111' you can view these exact ones HERE these cost $8 which is around £5 and I am amazed how cheap they are but fantatsic quality, usually you spend that amount on one pair but with these you get 10! Shipping is worldwide but pricing depends on where and what type of shipping, as these are shipped from Hong Kong, mine got here really fast I think it was about 3-4 days which is great.
I chose to get the clear band dense ones as I love long lashes but don't like them too thick or heavy as they can weigh my eyes down so these were ideal as they were long but not too thick I also thought the clear band would look more natural. They were really easy to apply and normally some lashes can be 'stiff' and hard to apply but these were easy to work with,

 The back of the box also came with instructions and a little diagram if you're totally new to applying lashes
The only thing these lashes don't come with is glue but that is not a problem as I tend to use 'Duo glue' or the 'Ardell Lash Grip' one as these always work better than the glue you get with normal lashes anyway.

My routine is pretty much what these instructions say but I thought I will add a few pics as I go along -

So firstly measure them across your eye and cut off any excess line length:
Then apply whatever glue this was a wand type (eyelure) THEN always let your glue go 'tacky' for 10secs or so as this helps them adhere better:
Then with tweezers apply them central to your eye and a slight pressure for a few second:
To show the difference this my naked eye and then the other pic as you can see with the lashes my eyelashes look natural but with great length and so much better

 Also make sure after to line your top lashline with a gel or liquid liner just to blend in the lashes with your own so it's not an obvious 'join'
  Sorry for the blurry side pic but I wanted a profile shot of the length of them, the liner pen I used was Collection 2000 Felt tip 24hr Liner. 

And then the last and final side by side shot of my naked eye VS my fully done up lash eye, my lashes aren't even that short and are quite thick but on this pic I practically look bald thats how much these lashes make your eyes pop.

I would definatley purchase these from KK Center HK again as they have great customer service and they were very polite when emailing and they did so well sending the products out really fast,  on top of that the prices really are fantastic and these lashes are also re-usable you can just clean the glue off with a little eye make up remover and keep them in the packaging. I also wouldn't recommend them to my lovely readers if I didn't believe they were a great site as I am not being paid for this post I got sent these to review in MY opinion and so my opinion is honest as always and I give this company a 10/10 so I recommend you all go check out http://kkcenterhk.com now!

P.S It also sells the Manly 120 palettes that I often use in my make up look and usually are hard to get hold of in the UK you can see a selection of them HERE
Make sure you also like KK Center HK on facebook HERE for details of new products and special offers

I am also going to be doing a Make up look or Face of the day post soon wearing these soon as this is just a more detailed post so wanted to just focus on the lashes and my eye!
Vikki xoxox

Friday, 17 June 2011

Pretty pink OOTN (outfit of the night) & FOTN (face of the night) for my girls birthday

So last Saturday was my girl Kym's 22nd birthday and we had a party, I wore a new dress that i've actually had since I got it off my mum for my birthday in January. I had on Ciate 'Cupcake Queen' paint pots nail colour that I reviewed and did a NOTD post on HERE and it matched my dress exactly, my 'face of the night' was black lined cat-eyeliner eyes and matching fuchsia lips, I kept my hair and jewellery pretty simple just straightened my hair and put in my stud diamond earrings as my dress has jewelled panels and I didn't want to look too OTT, I wore it with some black heels and a black clutch originally I was wearing white and silver but it just looked abit tacky so ditched them and chose black,
My dress was Jane Norman and it was strapless aswell which I LOVE strapless dresses it was abit tight fitting which didn't make it the comfiest lol but it is one of my fave dresses I have,

My specific make up products were -

Face -  
  • NYC concealer (medium)
  • Collection 2000 powder (medium)
  • Honolulu W7 bronzer (to countour with)
  • Sleek face & body GLO highlighter (on my cheeks for extra bronzy shimmer)
  • Benefit Posie Tint (on my cheeks)
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation (shade 201)

Eyes - 
  • Maybelline eyeshadow all over my eye (golden sand)
  • Sleek Original Palette (the pinky-beige metallic colours to highlight and on my lid)
  • Collection 2000 24hr felt tip eyeliner pen (black)
  • Calvin Klein Eyebrow pencil (black - too dark for my eyebrows so I use it as a pencil eyeliner now)
  • L'oreal telescopic mascara (black)
  • Rimmel lasting finish eyebrow pencil (black/brown)

Lips - 
  • L'oreal Glam Shine lipgloss (perfectley pink)
  • Rimmel exxagerate lipliner (eastend snob)
  • Sleek True Colour lipstick (fuschia)

I also fake tanned with St Moritz but you can't see it much on these pics silly me did it on the same evening so it didn't develop as brown as it was the next day!

here's some pics :)

 Silky straight hair!! All thanks to 'Scandalous' hair products (check my previous post to see what I mean!)
 A little make up shot which was as close as I could get with my damn camera grrrr!
 Pink dress....pink lips
My dress :)
 My kym!! aka Burrrrf-day girl!!
 Me and the gorgeous Catherine
 My lovely girl Nicole and Meee
 Catherine and Me again
 Nicole, Me and Kirsty
a little group shot where little old me is getting lost LOL

It was a really fun night and everyone enjoyed themself, first time I had been back out with my friends for a while made me realise how much i've missed these biatches! Love my ladies!

Vikki xoxo