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Thursday, 11 November 2010

sleek online 50% off sale......until midnight :-)

So from 12midday-12midnight sleek are offering 50% off everything on their website,  and also launching the new make up brush set which i've heard costs (£80/$120) and doing a special of 10 eyedusts for £10. Now as expected the site is majorly messing up!! Orders not been taken, carts emptying, not registering, not loading, etc! I've been on the site since 1pm managed to register and pop a mascara in my basket.....yes thats it ONE mascara lol! But I do feel for sleek who are getting quite a lot of abuse from their supposed fans who aren't happy!! I think everyone needs to chill out, im not happy but I still love sleek and understand it is not their fault, just poor servers, go like the facebook fan page for 'Sleek Makeup' and under the notes tab are all the discount codes for different parts of the world,

EDIT: The sale will be extended for 24hrs due to the problems that have occured, the site is currently down now (18.00GMT ) but a notice on fbook says it should be back up soon and all the glitches should be ironed out and we should finally be able to view the new brush set and eyedust offer!! Yaay!! 

The note from their facebook fan page reads:


Here at Sleek MakeUP in under 8 months we have gone from 1,000 Likes (or Fans as it used to be called) to more than 21,000.  It’s not half a million but feels like half a billion – it’s that big of a deal to us!!! –Thank you

We have achieved this number mostly organically as we are not huge fans of fad ‘subscribe to us’ type promotions.   In fact we mentioned this 50% off offer only twice, before you all were reminding us of what we had promised a month later, when we had all but forgotten about it (and that’s the truth – shameful I know!)

It’s as a result of you customers who have purchased items from the brand and have provided us with feedback – mostly positive which is really encouraging, and at times in the form of constructive criticism which is just as valuable as it really help us keep our ‘A’ game up, improve products that need improving and strive to deliver to you all products of great quality that won’t break the bank!

We  read every comment on our page, read every blog that mentions Sleek MakeUP that we are alerted of (albeit eventually), watch many Vlogs and try to respond to as many tweets as possible as we value your contribution to the Sleek MakeUP brand highly.

We have listened to your comments and as a result  brow kits, primers, more foundation shades, more lipstick shades, more blush shades, neutral/nude palette i-Divines and more as suggested by you Sleek MakeUP enthusiasts are all items that you will see from Sleek MakeUP in 2011. 

This 50% off is for you who have supported the brand in whatever way...

We salute you....

Thank You
Sleek MakeUP Team x''


  1. Thanks for posting that, I'd never have known other wise! :)
    I'm gonna see if I can get 2 items in basket! lol

    Malisha x

  2. hey its such a nightmare! the site is down now, it says on twitter it should be sorted this eve and all the problems ironed out, so fingers crossed when it comes back online all is working!! Loads of stock is out of stock too which is crap but cant complain for 50% off! xx

  3. I got 2 items in my basket! (yaay!) lol
    that's about as far as I got.. Then I gave up hope.

    Did you manage to get anything??

    Malisha x

  4. Aww I gave up LOL havent tried for a few hours but when I was last on it was soooooo slow, and then i realised i didn't actually want that much! The main thing i wanted were pout polishes and all colours were sold out, I did want to try their ink pot gel liner too but couldn't get my page to load to eyeliners so gave up (and i just got the new collection 2000 extreme felt tip one so shouldn't be wasting more money haha)

    did you get anything exciting? x

  5. I just tried a little while ago and it's the same thing as yesterday :(

    I'm not a big fan of their ink pot gel liner.. the gel is really hard, and it damaged my brush bristles! I'm not sure if all of them are like that or just the one I got :/

    I might invest in Mac's fluidline instead.

    Here's a review I just found on sleek inc pot vs mac fluidline (as it happens my inc pot isn't the only one that's hard)


    malisha x

  6. Aww thats crap so many peopl were complaining yesterday on their fbook page, And yep I've heard the mac on is so much better but I wanted to save some pennies haha looks like that idea won't be happening!! I think I will deffo give it a miss after that! xx


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