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Monday, 28 March 2011

Easy to do neutral/natural make-up look.....Jessica Burciaga inspired-ish!

So today I decided to do a 'Neutral post' this is something I love to wear on a day to day basis, a while back I said I might do a Jessica Burciaga make up look (the playboy model) and whilst this isn't exactly a tutorial or specific look to do with her it is very similar to the look she regularly wears

 (http://www.myspace.com/jessieburciaga/blog) if you go to her myspace blog towards the bottom you will see her speak about make up and the specific products she uses,

Heres the full look I did -

They're abit crap quality as I quickly snapped them on my blackberry as I didn't really intend on doing a blog on my make up today but then when I had finished I thought for a neutral look it looked fairly nice, can I also express my major relief at the fact my eyebrows are finally looking decent again after I went abit OTT on plucking last month never again ha ha

All I used was various bronzed and brown shades, particularly on my eyes which I used the Manly 120 pallette to do, I just started with a light shimmer beige on the inner corners, going with a medium brown on the middle of my lids and then a darker brown on the outer corners, so it was basically my eyeshadow just getting a darker shade of browns as it blended out, also instead of liquid liner or any sort of actual eyeliner on my eyes I just used a black eyeshadow as eyeliner and applied with an angled brush to the top and bottom waterline, I then used a nudey shimmer to highlight which is from my highlighter pallette, I also just had on a bronzer with no blush and a medium brown lipstick with a nude lipliner.

Now as I said it is nowhere near exactly like Jessica Burciagas but thats why this isn't a tutorial LOL, It is just vaguely inspired she is obviously much more tan than me awhich on her blog she says is down to tanning beds (which I never use as i'm so scared of damaging my skin and skin cancer)

Anyway the full list of products I used is:

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation
  • Rimmel Recover Concealer
  • Manly 120 pallette for all eye shades
  • Sleek Glo Highlighter pallette in Peach Shimmer for over my bronzer and to highlight my browbone
  • Rimmel Sunshimmer Bronzer in Medium matte

  • Manly 120 pallette
  • Sleek Glo highlighter for browbone
  • Maybelline Mono in Golden Sand as a base all over eye
  • ModelCo Lashcara
  • Black shadow from Sleek original pallette to line/define with angled brush

  • Rimmel 1000 kisses in Tiramisu
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish in Birthday suit

Lastly I also thought id also incorporate a little NOTD lol this is StarGazer (available from New Look) its official shade number is 157 and online the name varies from vampire purple/rainbow/blue it's a chromey metallic one and such an unusual colour I love it it's not much of a summery one though so I might put it away for a few months now I love Stargazer my other fave is shade 162 a fuschia colour I mentioned these in my top 10 favourite nail polishes on youtube as I thought this blue was a dupe for China Glaze Avalanche which it actually wasn't lol, and I have a red glitter one I still need to try out anyway you can check that video out HERE

Im going to do a post of a few random NOTDs soon!

P.S this is my 100th post ooooooooooooooooooooh exciting LOL!

Vikki xoxox


  1. The look are fabulous, great for everyday

    i follow you and hope u can do the same


  2. Very pretty love the cheeks! I have been on a neutral kick lately this def works for me.

  3. Wow great look! Love the neutrals! Very beautiful!

  4. That is a great look! I love it! Please look at my blog and follow! http://styleitgirl.blogspot.com/ I love yours!

  5. your eyes look gorgeous! x

  6. i love the neutral colors on you sooo pretty!

    <33 Sharlene

  7. ooo i love your nails!!! you're beautiful :))


  8. Like your blog! Please follow me!!!!!!! Im following you!


  9. Lovely look! I like how you make it so clear what you did :)
    Following your lovely blog now :)


  10. beautiful look!

    i also love that nail polish - i may have to try and get my hands on it :)

    check out our blog at call-me-candi.blogspot.com

    new follower!

  11. beautiful look :)

    i also love that nail polish - i may have to try and get my hands on it!

    check out our brand new blog, call-me-candi.blogspot.com...we would love to hear your opinion/feedback!

    new follower, by the way. :) looking forward to more posts!

  12. hey super blogger...i have changed my blog address http://dtrh-stateofmind.blogspot.com/

  13. Adore the eye make up-you look gorgeous!xxx

  14. she really looks sexy n pretty

  15. you done an amazing job :) i'm going to pick up the lip products! what shade is on your nails? I love it! xxx

  16. @adrienne thanks its Stargazer 157 its from New look I think they sell it online though too its only like £2-£3!


  17. Hey,
    Great blog this post is amazing!
    I love your makeup....you are so talented at applying it too....makeup artist or what? Your so pretty :-)
    Keep up the great work on your blog....please come and check out mine! I'd love it if you decided to comment and follow!

  18. she is so hot! sadly she is a playmate


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