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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hello Hello Hello....it's been a long while

It has been forever since I posted in fact I posted and said i was leaving this blog, but starting a new blog didn't feel as right as I thought it would, I got inspired earlier by a beautiful blogging fellow hot mama and I had a pang of *cries* 'I want my blog baaaaaaaaaaaaaack'

So here i am begging for forgiveness that I deserted you all!

So here is my hello.....I hope you all remember me and don't think who the EFF is this haha!

I did originally get lazy with blogging when I found out I was pregnant in Sept 2011, been sick 24/7 is no fun., blogging was the last thing on my mind, make up went out the window and I lost my mojo

Then along came my precious baby girl miss Kyla Sophia in May 2012, the last 8mths have been a whirlwind, sometimes I don't know if its monday or sunday (or tues, weds etc....haha!)

But I need some ME time, so all you followers I used to love so much I hope im welcomed back with open arms.....I can show you cute baby pics and show you how i attempt (but probably fail) most days on how to be a yummy mummy!

Lots of love, Vikki

Can anyone see this! please comment!

Just want to see if this shows up on peoples dashboards have been having issues before! What do we think of starting my blog up? i miss you all!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Goodbye Blog....

After much thought I have decided to shut this blog down, for the last 9mths I have barely posted on it with my pregnancy taking over and i haven't felt inspired to blog but I want to get the passion back as I used to LOVE blogging so much so I have decided to have a fresh start, all my followers on here aren't getting notifications of my posts anyway so the posts aren't really going anywhere and although this blog has some fab memories it also has a lot of bad ones, when I set this up just under 2 years ago I wasn't at a happy place and I didn't feel happy, looking back through this blog and the posts and pictures throughout remind me of that and remind me of them times and that girl I WAS and I don't want to be constantly reminded of that unhappy place when my life has now changed so much. After I have got my new blog sorted I will put the new link in a post on here and  I also am going to set up a new TUMBLR and YOUTUBE to start doing my tutorials and vlogs again but this will be over the next coming weeks I want to concentrate on my new blog firstly.

Throughout the last year my life has changed so much, I am at such a good place right now and I finally feel content and truly happy, after many ups and downs im where I want to be, I have the most beautiful baby girl in the world and I love Ashley more than ever and I have the amazing family I always wanted.

I hope you all follow me to my new blog, if not I have enjoyed coming across so many amazing people through blogging and big hugs and kisses to you all.

Vikki xoxoxo

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My baby is here - Kyla Sophia

For everyone that didn't know my baby girl was born a massive 11 days late on mon 28th may at 12.46pm weighing exactly 7lb she is amazing and the most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my life. 

Me and her daddy are so in love with her. xxxx

I will share more on my pregnancy blog soon www.victoriaspregnancydiary.blogspot.com


Monday, 16 April 2012

Rita Ora inspired look

So I got the blogging urge back today, mainly as I got some inspiration from my favourite song right now - R.I.P by Tinie Tempah and Rita Ora 

I LOVE Rita Ora! Loved the last track she was featured on 'Hot right now' aswell, She has this really cool look going on of these wild blonde curls, feline lined eyes and a trademark red pout!

I am really not into red lipstick on myself, don't get me wrong I LOVE red lips but I never seem to wear it as it's too much effort for my 9mths pregnant self so these days abit of pink gloss is as glamourous as I get but today I thought id put the effort in so I could blog!

The red lipstick I used is Rimmel Moisture Renew in 'Rose Passion' I did a blog on it soooo long ago HERE

And I have to say I will be doing this look much more as I liked the outcome, the full items I used -
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation (shade 201)
  • Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil (black/brown)
  • ELF Eyeshadow Primer
  • MUA Heaven and Earth palette (just for an all over lid neutral shade)
  • L'oreal Telescopic mascara (black)
  • Sleek 'Bad Gal' palette (the shade 'Noir' to line my eyes with an angled eyeliner brush)
  • Rimmel Kohl Pencil (to line my waterline)
  • Rimmel Sunshimmer Bronzer
  • NYX Long Lip pencil to line my lips

I want to try do a part 2 look with maybe a tutorial on her hair so going to have a go at that later this week hopefully 

ALSO can't leave without a bump pic, My baby is due exactly a month tomorrow - 17th may! Eeeeeek how time has flown (been updating my preggo blog too click the link on the sidebar) can't wait to meet her finally :)

Vikki xoxo