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Monday, 27 June 2011

A Rimmel Post - Moisture Renew Lipsticks and Lycra Pro Nail Polish

So today is abit of a Rimmel post these are new products and as they are all Rimmel I thought it would be an idea to pop them all in one post, First up I have 2 lipsticks - Moisture Renew I also did a post on one of these in a Red colour called 'Rose Passion' a while back you can see that one HERE I loved the packagimg that had it was purple metallic and these are the same collection but the packaging is metallic bronze,
The two shades I have are 'Rose Bikini' and 'Summer Angel'

Rose Bikini is a shimmery coral shade with golden flecks that would look absoloutley great with a tan, and the next shade 'Summer Angel' is a very subtle but sheen-y nude beige shade again something that would look great in summer more than the winter months.
I will be wearing these on holiday when I want a natural sheer look and because they are very moisturising and light they are perfect instead of wearing a heavy lipstick that is melting down your face in the sun LOL!

Next up are 2 Rimmel Lycra Pro Nail Colours, I got 'Orange Bliss' and 'Beige Babe' I chose the orange because I have some pastel peach shades and corals but not one BRIGHT  orange now as the last one I had was a really old 'Gallery' one you might have seen a while back in my nail polish collection post and it has since gone abit gloopy so I was in need of a new orange especially as Summer is coming up, I had this on my fingers for 4 days and it rarely chipped and it's still on my toes a week on, The Next one 'Beige Babe' I picked because I love neutral/natural shades and didn't have a medium brown like this, I had alot of really nude colours but I think this is a really sophisticated colour which looks great on a night out, or even will look good in the workplace as its one of those 'safe' colours and it's not really a summer colour for me although im wearing it now, I just think I will get so much wear out of it in Autumn/Winter.

The thing I like best about these polishes and that will make me definatley be purchasing more are
  • great staying power
  • lovely glossy finish with no top coat
  • good coverage only needed 2 coats
  • applied smoothly
  • fast drying
  • has a big oval flat brush that made application so easy
Rimmel has great prices for everything and these are in lots of stores so easy to get hold of their RRP is around the £4 mark in stores like Boots/Superdrug but you can ger hold of them even cheaper if you look around online

p.s sorry I didn't get no pics of these on my lips or nails but I took these pics and then my camera went missing, i've just found it so will put these up in some NOTD (Nail of the day) and FOTD Face of the day) posts soon :-)

Vikki xoxox


  1. I really want to try some of these lipsticks, are they really moisturizing? I have dry lips ):

  2. @gaby hi yep they are really glossy and silky they dont drag at all x

  3. Love the lipstick shades, hun! Looking forward to your NOTD and FOTD post :) xoxo

  4. such a great review..i cant wait to try the lycra polish!



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