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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow and River Island!

So as it's all snowy here its a day in with a cup of tea and daytime TV lol, heres the view from my living room window
Soooo I do not want to go out in this, BUT I have been having a browse on RiverIsland.com I LOVE River Island so much, I picked out a few bits to share with you, All pics are courtesy of the River Island website.

 Love this pink leopard purse £12.99

This is the matching bag which is £46.99 and perfect for brightening up the cold grey winter weather!

I love feathers at the moment as I have mentioned before and these unique peacock earrings are so eyecatching, they are rather big but with a little black dress they would look great or even with a dressed down outfit to add some glamour they can be yours for £12.99

I am so in love with these beige wedge shoes, they have a zip at the back and are upper leather, the best bit is these are sale so may not be plenty available they went from £54 to £25 and now to £20!!!!!!! Such a good price, the black are also in sale but for £30

This gold coloured snake style watch is next, I love all the diamantes and the serpent style is really unique and very glam, its much more of a 'night' watch as would be abit too much for the daytime, this is £39.99

This red cropped leather jacket is sooo cute, it's not too good for this weather but would be good to wear on a night out and would still keep you reasonably warm and look good without the need of taking a big massive coat along! It is £130 but it is real leather and red is such a stand out and fab colour.

This jumper is navy but it looked black at first to me, I think the mesh effect is gorgeous and I love anything with hearts on, it also is cropped which can make it easy to wear on a night but then layered up to keep warm during the day its £32.99

Now for this faux fur bag, I love fur (always fake never real!) and it looks so good on acessories such as bags, coats look great too, this is a lovely wintery cream colour and the gold hooks etc really glam it up, It is very versatile too and would look good at glamming jeans up it's £39.99,

Lastly I featured these boots before at full price in a very early blog post now they are on sale!!! Also in black but I like this neautral effect as they will last through to spring and even some summer days, the peep toe is flattering and makes them more girlie, plus I love the buckle effect and heel, they are half price now from £79.99 to £40.00 what a great deal!!!!!!!

Thats all for me I could list all the River Island stuff to be honest but im trying to cut back on buying for myself until after xmas!

Vikki xoxoxoxo

Monday, 29 November 2010

Soooooo.......Manchester with the ladies!

Well after much looking forward to Manchester with the girls.....it came....on the SAME day snow did and on the same night it was the coldest in 47years!

Still armed with my coat (bleurgh I hate coats) we still went!

Thought I would share some pics, we will next be roadtrippin in Jan as its mine, my friend ena and my friend nicole's bdays all in Jan (mine 15th, ena's 20th, and nicole 25th - how random!! I'll be 22, Ena the big 21 and Nicole 25, we all dont look a day over 19 haha)

We spent most the night in BOUTIQUE nightclub (http://www.boutiqueclub.co.uk/) if you're in manchester ever on a Sat night and really like your RnB, Hip-Hop, Funky house and more urban music I would definatley recommend, it was really busy too but be warned its quite expensive (well compared to my town Entry was free for ladies before 11pm but £10 after which we had to pay and then the drinks were still expensive like medium glasses of rose wine £5 each which only cost like £2.50 if that at most places around here) But you only live once (says the girl that didn't buy one drink all night just stayed thirsty hahahahaha for a FIVER I can buy a bottle thanks LOL)

Anywaaaaaaaaay now for the piccies (as with all pics click for full size)......

Me, Ena, Sarah
Zoe, me and Nesta
 Me and Sarah in the club!
 Nicole, Ena and me
 Me posing beforehand
 Zoe & Catherine (what makes me laugh about this photo is me posing in the background and Ena taking the pic! Lovely photo of the ladies though!

All 8 of us are all pictured at some point in these pics I couldn't leave anyone out LOL! We unfortunatley didn't get one together the taxi man was meant to take one but we all got so tired, and most these photos are prob Nesta's as I got like 5 pics, im THEE worst photographer ever haha

For our bday celebrations I will deffo get lots of pics of the clubs....once we decide a destination!

Hope everyone else has had a good weekend too

Vikki xoxoxox

Friday, 26 November 2010

O.M.G Early Xmas Present....

Well you might remember me doing  a Christmas wishlist post last week I think it was and mentioning I wanted another cat but said there wasn't a chance of it happening (Ash my Mr said no all year when i've nagged for one) so then today he hints I might be getting an early xmas present, im baffled...So then he said hes 'going to the corner shop' which is just up the road so he comes back with her -

A NEW BABY!!!!!!!! Awwww she is apparently around 8 weeks but she looks so much smaller than when we got our big cat (called baby or babies as he answers to LOL) and he was only 9 or 10 wks........I am so in love with her, And no he didn't get her from the local corner shop haha he was picking her up from someone who had dropped her off, Baby is abit jealous at the moment I think, hes just getting used to having someone new around and having a lil moan about it, I've been giving him treats to sweeten him up haha!

And the new baby we are calling Kyla so now we have 2 babies Baby + Kyla! I am so so so surprised and so happy with Ash he's in the good books for been the best in the world LOL!!!

Heres Baby and Kyla -

The difference in size is amazing, I never realised how heavy Baby was, Kyla feels like a feather, she actually fits into Ashs shoe!!!

Awww have a good weekend people, tomorrow is Manchester WOOO and im at a photoshoot during the day working,

P.S - I also put a few festive window stickers and tinsel up last night a whole MONTH early hehehe here they are -

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The worlds most expensive nail polish courtesy of Models Own

The usually reasonabaly priced Models Own brand has brought out THE worlds most expensive nail polish retailing at a magnificent £83,000!! Yes EIGHTY THREE THOUSAND GREAT BRITAIN POUND lol!!

Wow I could buy a house for that!!

The Models Own Website says (pics courtesy of Models Own site too) -

''When painted on it looks like gold leaf – it glistens, glimmers and actually sparkles like tiny diamonds (yet is absolutely smooth to the touch).
Models Own – Gold Rush
This exclusive bottle, currently available to view and order from Frost of London, has an exquisite lid which has been carefully hand-crafted from yellow gold and has a total of 1,118 diamonds inlaid. It costs a whopping £83,000 – an ideal gift for the woman who has everything! If your budget doesn’t quite stretch that far –  fear not! We are also releasing a ready to wear version (£5) online and in Boots.
Gold Rush couture is available to view and order from today at Frost of London (108 New Bond Street, London, W1). Gold Rush ready to wear will be available at www.modelsownit.com from mid December and at Boots from 23rd February''

 WOW! I actually could never spend that much on a Nail Polish theres too much starving children and third world countries waaaaay more in need of 83,000 than a Nail Polish, imagine how many families you could feed with that much money, I would feel way too guilty spending that amount, wonder how many it will actually sell in the end?!?! I look forward to seeing the Gold Rush replica though for a more purse friendly fiver!!

Vikki xoxoxo

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Partying in Manchester this Sat night OUTFIT!

So me and the ladies are off to manchester this sat (its about 45mins away from our town) so 8 of us have got a minibus and we are off!! Cant wait as I have only ever been to manchester on a night out once about 2-3yrs ago and it was really good!

So been struggling for an outfit but managed to find one now!

This black and leopard print bodycon dress from the Petite range at Miss Selfridge, it was in the sale and the last one and a perfect fit! my lucky day LOL. It has lace around the black bit at the top and  is silky and really cute thin straps

I am teaming it with some of these -
Over the Knee socks!!! I love these but could never find a time or outfit to wear them with and saw Pixie Lott in some at the T4 Stars of 2010 show that was on last Sunday and yay finally found an outfit to incorporate them into!

Lastly -
These New Look suede black wedge shoes, these look abit blah on the photo but in real life they do look good plus they're going to be very comfy I actually bought them just to wear on a daytime basis with leggings and stuff instead of being stuck in uggs and other boots LOL but then I tried them on with my dress and the over knee socks and they kind of ended up making it look like I had thigh high boots on! My dress is quite detailed and the socks are abit of a statement so didn't want to go to awkward with shoes so decided to stay simple and wear these.

Here it is on me (all other images are from Google search)

Couldnt take a decent pic myself hahaha so settled for this!

I will acessories with my crocodile print plain black clutch bag and maybe some gold bangles and just some simple or no earrings as don't want to go too OTT!

Roll on Saturday yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay xx

update on mac's Nicki lipstick

Its official!! As  I mentioned in the blog before that Nicki was teaming up with MAC it is all now launched!

Nicki Minaj took over the Times Square MAC Store for the launch of her lipstick “Pink 4 Friday”. The new lipstick will be available on Black Friday (November 26th) and will be available for the next four Fridays only (while supplies last)

It is on the site  now but obvs not for sale yet i'm not too fond of the colour I don't think.....arggh I don't know decision decisions :-)

Heres a pic from the launch with Nicki and lipstick wow look at the hair!

Vikki xoxox

Monday, 22 November 2010

Me and My fall out with my Babyliss Curling Wand

Sooooo I love this little beauty I really do....

All shiny and red (image courtsey of google) the only time I have ever been annoyed with it is when I saw it being sold for half of what I paid for it (which was only about £25 LOL) So I quickly let by-gones be by-gones and forgave!

It makes my hair all nice and pretty like this

So last night after not using it for about 2 or 3 months thought ohh i'll go curly tonight, so proceed to curl la la la la.......OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I burnt my neck :-(

I think I must have been so DIM in a) Even burning my neck and b) The 10 seconds it took for the pain to set in and realise crap im burning my neck move the curling wand NOW!

Now I have this nice souvenier -

Yes it is as big as it looks, it blistered and had all that watery fluid in (cos you wanted to know that) and now it hurts even more :-(

I did carry on curling my hair as obviously half a head of curls instead of a full head would have just added to my misery

So now I have this battle wound to show for my vanity.....and im going on abig girls night out in Manchester in 6 days and will prob still have this burn *oh deeeeeeear*

Oh well we live and we learn......I've made friends with it again as it really is a fabulous curler, great for creating glam wave like curls and heats up really hot and fast too its the best I have ever used! So I do recommend just don't get too wild like me haha!

Vikki xoxoxo

Sunday, 21 November 2010

EYEKO!! Use my code for a free gift

Hi guys if you use my code you now get a free gift when shopping on www.eyeko.com if you are a newbie to Eyeko you need to get to know!! Founded in 2000 it is a UK (London) based company

(Taken from their site) ''Eyeko means LOVE in Japanese and is the brainchild of beauty innovators Max and Nina Leykind. Born in London in 2000, Eyeko has become the go-to-brand for the latest in make-up must haves. Part Brit girl, part Tokyo cutie - Eyeko offers WOW products that define sweet London style.

Coveted by girls of all ages, Eyeko has quickly become a beauty staple for celebrity devotees Courtney Cox Arquette, Emma Bunton, Sophie Dahl and Emma Roberts featuring regularly in top titles like Cosmopolitan, Elle and Marie Claire across the globe.'')

They also do regular offers of the week and it is FREE UK and EUROPE SHIPPING!!! YAAAY! Also on WORLDWIDE shipping thats free to on orders OVER £35/$55

The Eyeko brand is so kitsch and funky I heart it seriously, I am a newbie myself but am going to be trying out more and more and reviewing them right here!

Heres the code i'll also post it as part of my layout

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Nails of the day NOTD - China Glaze (Avalanche)

Soooo I had to take this on my phone camera as I didn't have my digi cam to hand, Its China Glaze Nail polish in 'Avalanche' The outer 2 and obviously mine and the middle which is how this would be if it had a goddamn flash lol is courtesy of google, This is my first China Glaze nail polish and I was fairly impressed, I wanted this colour after seeing it on another blog and it dries metallic silber which I love im so sad the pics don't do it justice but if you google it for some images you can see, It also looks great when you add some black stripes as you can do a sort of a metallic zebra effect (I saw that on google images too haha)

It contains nail hardeners which is great as my nails definatley feel better and so strong, It did take 2 coats and it did come out abit runny but nothing to major, these R.R.P at £5.99 but you can definatley tell they are salon professional polishes, I have often looked at the china glaze range and don't know why it took me so long to try one out, (prob because im used to the £2.89 wonders of Barry M :-P)

Someone on another blog compared the metallic-ness of this polish to having minx nails done and in certain light it does seem like that and really metallic, so overall I highly recommend its a nice dark wintery shade perfect to match the grey rainy days we are currently having over here!

Vikki xoxox

Thursday, 18 November 2010

MAC's Nicki Minaj 'Pink Friday' Lipstick launching tomorrow!

I didn't know this was even coming?!! How behind am I LOL. It's to coincide with the Pink Friday album release, apparently it is the plain black packaging though? Even Lady Gaga's MAC lipstick wasn't plain, that doesn't fit in with Nicki's larger than life persona well but oh well

I love Nicki Minaj SOOOOOOOOOOOO much,

whos getting this lipstick?

The album is going to be on the top my playlist  <3


My Christmas Wishlist

(images courtesy of google search)

I can only think of a few specifics......but i'll be back updating this LOL

Vera Wang Princess

Pandora Charms

Louis Vuitton Bag

Betsey Johnson Bow Bag

Angel by Thierry Mugler

Chihuahua or Dalmation (not a chance)

another kitty (not a chance LOL)

I wont post nomore animals....you get the idea (not a chance)

MORE make-up LOL

Rae Morris Book - Makeup the ultimate guide

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Animal Testing

Taken from the PETA website 

As you read this, hundreds of mice, rats, cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, monkeys, and other animals are dying in cruel and unnecessary medical and product-testing experiments. In fact, 219 animals are killed every minute in a U.S. lab. They die in pain, alone, without a gentle touch or a soothing voice. Animal studies teach us nothing about the health of humans because animals of different species absorb, metabolize, and eliminate substances differently than humans do. The truth is that testing on animals is bad science: It is unreliable and unnecessary.
You can keep the pressure on those responsible for these cruel tests by signing this petition: http://shopcrueltyfree.peta2.com/cruelty_free_companies_search.aspx?Donottest=-1&Product=0&Dotest=8

The companies on the "Do Test" which can be found in the below link list manufacture products that are tested on animals. Listed in parentheses are examples of products manufactured by either the company listed or its parent company. For a complete listing of products manufactured by a company on this list, please visit the company's Web site or contact the company directly for more information. Companies on this list may manufacture individual lines of products without animal testing (e.g., Clairol claims that its Herbal Essences line is not animal-tested), but have not, however, eliminated animal testing from their entire line. http://shopcrueltyfree.peta2.com/cruelty_free_companies_search.aspx?Donottest=-1&Product=0&Dotest=8

Whilst on that there is also the option to view the companies that DO NOT test on animals if you can't find a brand it may not be found because it has a parent company that tests on animals, because we have no information on its policies, or because it claims to be cruelty-free but has not yet signed our statement of assurance (this must be done in order to be listed). You can inquire with us regarding companies not listed or write to them directly and ask.

I am shocked and dissapointd at many as I am a big animal lover and thought I would post that as im glad it was brought to my attention as I will now no longer buy or support these brands

Can I say a few companies I have found that DONT that are popular are bobbi brown, mac, barry m, sleek and body shop are a few, feel free to add anymore in the comments section that DO or DON'T it will be good to know as im going to be doing some more research!

''What im using right now'' fill in and pass on!

I saw this and stole if off someone elses blog and thought we could all pass it along if you havent done already!
Please note I use so much stuff daily that I did this based on what I have mainly used over the last week or so!!

Shampoo: Gum Hair Salon Expertise double cream shampoo

Conditioner:  Gum Hair Salon Expertise double cream conditioner

Shower gel:  A mix of a coconut one with exfoloiating beads, dove soap, and a imperial leather cream one that I forgot the name of!

Styling products: Im so bad I use nothing on my hair! I  need some heat protector spray ideally I just hate the feeling of product in my hair! When i curl it or blow dry it use Lee Stafford Big hair volumising mousse and sometimes the Lee Stafford Salt spray to scrunch it

Body moisturiser: Cocoa Butter

Deodorant: Dove Roll on, Sure Girl in my handbag and Radox Daily Elements, i love the Sure Natural ones though!

Fake Tan: Swapped Fake bake for St Moritz now tan-free for abit

Foundation:. Rimmel 16hr Lasting Finish

Powder: Stopped using this for abit just got an M.U.A one to review

Concealer: Rimmel and sometime mixed with a Benefit one

Blush: Collection 2000 in Trouble

Bronzer: my broken mosiac number 7 one!

Highlighter: Sleek Glo face and body in peach shimmer

Eyeshadows: Bad Girl Sleek pallette, Maybelline Golden sand Mono, Sleek original pallette,

Mascara: Lashcara by ModelCo and Big Lash by w7

Lipstick: MUA shad 4

Lipgloss: Playboy Cerise one (playmate pink)

Nail colour: Black with white nail art flowers on thumbs and 4th fingers

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Things I am LOVING

Things I am loving at the moment:

*SLEEK MAKE-UP...I don't know where I have been hiding the last how long but I only bought my first sleek products a few month back (Started off with 'Bare' Nail polish and the Original Eye Pallette) my collection is now bordering on obsessive

*CHEAP MAKE-UP...Such as the fact my local poundland and poundworld are now stocking the odd bits and bats of makeup (for £1 obvs LOL) such as Rimmel eyeshadows/nail polishes/lipglosses aswell as a few bits of maybelline and N.Y.C yes theres not many colours and yes it's nothing overly exciting usually but its make-up for a POUND! Plus M.U.A @ Superdrug, ok the nail polishes I have a love/hate relationship with and only like 2-3 colours and the eyeshadows are pigmented ok but yes always break for some reason but the lipsticks for a pound I cannot complain, I just bought 2 new ones which i'm going to try out later and bought a powder so we shall see what they are saying!

*WINTER....Ok not the cold weather but omg we get to wear uggs (how cosy and comfy!?) and them adorable knitted headbands primark  have started doing. Plus theres the cutest gloves and scarves and hats around at the moment, and finally I also have THEE cutest chihuahua motif jumper to wear in winter.

*TEA....cup of good old tea with 3 sugars warms you right up in this horrible chilly weather

*HAIR....and the fact like a handful of people have recently asked if mines extensions proving its finally grown to a long decent length! (I got the pob or the 'Rihanna cut' from when she had bobbed hair in the umberella-elle-ella-eh days about 2-3yrs ago and loved it at the time then got sick of it being short and hard to handle)

*LEGGINGS....ok so I have been loving leggings for a long time but seriously what did people wear before these? I LIVE in them, from cropped, shiny, wetlook, flowery, studded, sequinned, diff coloured, jean types I have all styles it's crazy I just seen knitted ones so erm yep watch this space!!

*MUSIC....Nelly, Tinchy Stryder and Kanye West all have new albums out! Not to mention still loving my Giggs and Drake albums, I really cannot wait until Nicki Minaj brings out Pink Friday <3

*PHOTOS....I lost my camera for quite a while, thought i'd never see it again, then got it back and then nearly lost it again! I am  now cherishing it with my life and taking lots of piccies to put up on my blog so you don't all have to hear me go on and on like you are doing now with no interesting pics!

I think thats it right now!! Until next time, xoxoxox

Sunday, 14 November 2010

LIVERPOOL!!! @ Zoo Club

So last night was liverpool night we had a amaz-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiing time! Everyone was in a really party and good mood and we only ended up in one place as the music was soooooo good we stayed there the whole night!

I got some photos of me in my dress and the makeup i was quite proud of LOL! Theres a few more but I will add them later for now CLICK TO ENLARGE AS WITH ALL PICS -

I basically did my make up how i did a few posts back in the 'easy but glam daytime look in a hurry' post although took more time! Plus instead of using the Sleek Original pallette I used the 'Bad Girl' one and used the smoky grey colours then blended and added the noir colour in the outer corners, I also lined my lower lids with a eyeliner pencil and joined with the top line for a darker smokier look, The lips look lighter which is because i put a pinky lipstick on over the other products mentioned in that other post (using MUA lipstick in shade4 a baby pink colour)

I loved my dress soooooo much and wasn't as cold as I thought although my hair got nicely ruined thanks to the rain! haha oh well and for the first time ever I went out with no clutch bag!!!! I forgot to buy a matching one and none of mine went so I had Ash carry my cards, money and one lipstick hahaha can't believe i survived, I had to dance around my camera with no bag!! :-)

We hope to go out of town partying again soon so any recommendations in the UK let me know!!

Vikki xoxoxo

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Choosing a dress for Liverpool!

Ok so I am going blog happy today!! But its the weekend soon and I shall be resting LOL! Anyway tomorrow me and ash are going on a night out in Liverpool, its a coach trip with like 40 people all from our hometown that we got invited to by a lovely friend we know lynz who's bday it was this week, I don't know many people but sure I will recognise most seen as its so small around here! Anyway either way it should be a good night, I've been to Liverpool a few times before for shoots and stuff but not on a night out!

Soooooooo as this is a late thing and I only got told of it yesterday I wanted a special dress AKA something new, any excuse I know, I do have a few new stuff, but nothing 'liverpool' style hahahah, I shall take lots of pics but the dress dilemma was something me and my mum solved in town earlier

 As with all my pics click to enlarge

1) This chiffony pale pink tiered dress I loved! It was just slightly baggy at the back and ash hated it! Men and fashion LOL! It was a bargain £10 in the sale at a UK clothes shop called magenta, think they have a website

2)The lovely leopard print was what I loved most, it was £15 also from magenta the only problem was the straps felt like seatbelts and were quite uncomfortable plus it was abit short

3)I BOUGHT!!!!!! I LOVE IT! This dress is Parisian Limited Edition and I wanted it last year when it was slightly different and salmon pink for £25 but then they sold out and now months later if not a year later its back on omg LOVEEEE!! I can't wait to wear it with big bouncy hair, smokey eyed makeup and sky high shoes! I feel like a princess with all the sequinned bra bit it really is so much more pretty in real life, I am so happy! Bargain too

4)This red number was £12.99 I love bargain shopping it was actually nice, nothing to complain over, it just wasn't proper WOW! I'd wear it happily for a night out though and would wear it and feel good in it, it fit quite nice this was from a clothes shop called Missy which is an independent store but alot of independent retailers do this dress I have noticed, think its a River Island dupe from what I was told!

Anyway thought I would share my outfit choice before my night out tomorrow, going to charge my camera to make sure I can fill you all in on the coach trip and night out action! Big yaaay

Friday, 12 November 2010

Easy but glam daytime look in a hurry!!!

BEFORE WE START I AM NOT THIS PALE HAHA!! I hate my blackberry camera so much"

Anyway look past the ghostly paleness. This was my daytime look today for a shopping trip!!

It is my most frequent look too, it takes you from day to night too

Firstly the full product list I used:

*Rimmel 16hr Lasting Finish foundation (200 soft beige)
*Carmex Cherry Lipbalm
*Rimmer Recover Anti Fatigue Concealer
*Maybelline ExpertWear Mono Eyeshadow (Golden Sand)
*Sleek 'Original' Eye Shadow Pallette 
*Rimmel kohl eyeliner pencil (Black)
*Collection 2000 Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Liner (Black)
*Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil (Black/Brown)
*W7 Big Lash Mascara (Black)
*Sleek Twist Up Lip Pencil (654 Pink Rose)
*Playboy Lipgloss (Playboy Pink)
*Collection 2000 Blush (04 Trouble)

First of all I applied concealer and foundation to even out all my skin, then I applied the maybelline golden sand colour which is a neutral matt colour all over my eyelid right up to the brow again to even skin out, and filled in my eyebrows with the Rimmel brow pencil. I used no tools for the eye make up in this look so using my finger loaded up the black colour in the Original Sleek pallette and smudged it to the outer corner of my eye as you spread it the colour smokily fades anyway as your using the product up so it should just be darker at the outer corners, add a bit more just 'dabbing' on if its not dark enough and smudge and blend with your finger again.

 Next pretty simple just use the Collection 2000 extreme felt tip liner and flick slightly out, I left the waterline make up free, for a more smoky look you could though, It was my first time using the felt tip liner, I really liked it though it as great staying power and went on fairly easy but it was a bit shaky so I went over it with my pencil black kohl liner from Rimmel just to neaten it up, then add a few coats of mascara the W7 one I used is really cheap but actually pretty good, I particularly love the animal print packaging!

 Moving onto lips I moisturised them with my favourtie Carmex lipbalm (the cherry one) then I lined them with the Sleek Lip Liner, then to fill in I used the Playboy Gloss not sure where you can get this now, I just thought it was so cute it has a mini playboy bunny on the top of the wand, and I got it in a discount makeup store.

 For my cheeks I used the Collection 2000 blush in 'Trouble' a lovely coral bronzy colour, it has quite a sheey coverage as this photo doesn't necessarily pick it up but I likey!

Easy done!!! No tools apart from my blush brush for the blusher and good old fingers LOL

Vikki xoxoxox