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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Modelling/Make Up

Today I have spent sooooooooo long going through hundreds of new images I just got from a shoot I did a few weekends ago loving the images but it is such a long process anyway I though I'd post a few up as I did all the make up my self and its mostly the same products and similar looks I tend to show on my blog it's just my camera never picks up that well and obviously with this been a professional camera you can actually see the make up! Obviously it's nothing special or out there but it is my 'look' really as I don't generally change my make up for pictures compared to if im just going out or whatever I usually just wear abit more converage and maybe everything abit heavier, Sooooo these are all from that same shoot the full list of products I used is after the photos! :)

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation - 'Shade 200'
  • Collection 2000 face powder - 'Medium'
  • Sunshimmer bronzer - 'Medium Matte'
  • Collection 2000 blush - 'Trouble'
  • Benefit IT stick
  • Rimmel Professional eyebrow pencil - black/brown

  • Benefit Lemon Aid eye primer
  • Maybelline mono shadow - 'Golden Sand' All over eye
  • Rimmel Glam eyes 'Precious Rose' to highlight
  • Rimmel eyeshadow - 'Dusk'
  • Collection 2000 black felt tip 24hr liner
  • Barry M kohl black pencil for waterline
  • Black Models Own mascara

  • Rimmel 1000 kisses lipliner 'Tiramisu'
  • MUA lipstick shade 12
  • Rimmel 'Birthday suit' over the top of the MUA one

  • MUA nail polish shade 12 
These aren't edited shots or anything they are just a few of the general images, you can see a couple more modelling pics in the 'About me' page of my blog HERE or feel free to add me on facebook to see my photo albums HERE or there is a facebook profile badge at the sidebar you can click to take you straight to my profile

 Vikki xoxoxo

FREE Lipgloss in COSMOPOLITAN MAG plus a few random NOTDs.....with a HOTD (hair of the day!)

So to start off firstly I bought Cosmo today as it was £3.50 (UK) and had a free Missguided lipsplash in worth £5 I love Cosmo mag anyway as most girls do lol so this was a bonus,they previously have given away Missguided nail colours which I loved so was excited for this, they were doing it in 3 colours, Caramel the nude colour I got, Chill Red a vibrant looking red and a Clear, I have so many reds right now and really thought clear was quite pointless as I have clear gloss and theres only one shade of clear right?! LOL so opted for nude, plus the other half was in the supermarket with me and he gets annoyed at my indecisiveness so I was hurrying! 

Anyway all in all the Caramel one is abit pointless it goes on practically invisible although it does feel nice, really soft and non sticky and smells divine, if you're after a subtle hint then maybe you will dig it, im thinking maybe I should of got the Chill Red as it may have been more intensley pigmented but I dont think so for some reason, They are available HERE at £5 or 4 for £12 (the 3 i mentioned and an additional watermelon shade) I have also seen alot of these knocking around on ebay now for a couple of quid BUUT if you're in the UK you might aswell get the mag it's available for another week I think, anddddd beyonces on the cover WOOO :-)

Next up a HOTD (hair of the day) a style im sure you all know as I've mentioned it before but I am loooooooving as it is so simple and easy to do the 'Top Bun' I usually wear this messy but for the first time wanted it more structured as I had a girlie feathery top on and thought it would look quite cool ballet style I did pull a few strands out to relax it a little though,

I do recommend using a 'hair doughnut' to give the bun more oooomph and to structure it as my hair is quite long as its halfway down my back and fairly thick and on its own when I do a bun it's still quite a small crappy one LOL so yep you can pick these up for under £5 in superdrug/bodycare/wikinsons even pharmacies, My top which im in love with right now is from Primark its a light grey which I love for spring and has these cute fluffy/feathery shoulders they also had it in a pinky colour and it was around £6, 
 I teamed it with darker slate colour leggings and ugg boots with a denim jacket as it was quite cold today and rainy and also used my favourite flesh coloured bag at the moment which again is primark and was around £9
Next because I haven't done any in a while some random NOTD's I have been rocking the past weeks, first is the Revlon Rock one which I mentioned in my latest haul vid and post this was a lovely deep colour but chipped pretty easy so not a fan now LOL

And next the Stargazer Cerise colour is 162 and then a random Saffron gold particle polish over the top, I picked this up at a market stall for a pound if you google them you can find them for £2ish on ebay etc this one is quite sparse with the particles and really long to dry BUT then I got a normal just coral colour one and it was great coverage and colour so I will try more out fromm Saffron just maybe not the glitter ones

BeautyUK is next this is Smokey Lilac, I love beauty UK they do sometimes chip fairly east depending on shade but out of all mine this is long lasting which is strange LOL, I have the Sleek Lilac one which is quite bright and pigmented this is more grey and subtle and I love it, a bargain £1.99

I really am lacking on inspiration with nail colours at the moment so feel free to tell me what you're loving, I am wanting to get the Barry M coloured crackle ones and been eyeing up some summery China Glaze colours, and of course more BeautyUK and Stargazer as stargazer has amazing staying power mines stayed chip free for 4days at the moment!
Vikki xoxoxo

Monday, 28 March 2011

Easy to do neutral/natural make-up look.....Jessica Burciaga inspired-ish!

So today I decided to do a 'Neutral post' this is something I love to wear on a day to day basis, a while back I said I might do a Jessica Burciaga make up look (the playboy model) and whilst this isn't exactly a tutorial or specific look to do with her it is very similar to the look she regularly wears

 (http://www.myspace.com/jessieburciaga/blog) if you go to her myspace blog towards the bottom you will see her speak about make up and the specific products she uses,

Heres the full look I did -

They're abit crap quality as I quickly snapped them on my blackberry as I didn't really intend on doing a blog on my make up today but then when I had finished I thought for a neutral look it looked fairly nice, can I also express my major relief at the fact my eyebrows are finally looking decent again after I went abit OTT on plucking last month never again ha ha

All I used was various bronzed and brown shades, particularly on my eyes which I used the Manly 120 pallette to do, I just started with a light shimmer beige on the inner corners, going with a medium brown on the middle of my lids and then a darker brown on the outer corners, so it was basically my eyeshadow just getting a darker shade of browns as it blended out, also instead of liquid liner or any sort of actual eyeliner on my eyes I just used a black eyeshadow as eyeliner and applied with an angled brush to the top and bottom waterline, I then used a nudey shimmer to highlight which is from my highlighter pallette, I also just had on a bronzer with no blush and a medium brown lipstick with a nude lipliner.

Now as I said it is nowhere near exactly like Jessica Burciagas but thats why this isn't a tutorial LOL, It is just vaguely inspired she is obviously much more tan than me awhich on her blog she says is down to tanning beds (which I never use as i'm so scared of damaging my skin and skin cancer)

Anyway the full list of products I used is:

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation
  • Rimmel Recover Concealer
  • Manly 120 pallette for all eye shades
  • Sleek Glo Highlighter pallette in Peach Shimmer for over my bronzer and to highlight my browbone
  • Rimmel Sunshimmer Bronzer in Medium matte

  • Manly 120 pallette
  • Sleek Glo highlighter for browbone
  • Maybelline Mono in Golden Sand as a base all over eye
  • ModelCo Lashcara
  • Black shadow from Sleek original pallette to line/define with angled brush

  • Rimmel 1000 kisses in Tiramisu
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish in Birthday suit

Lastly I also thought id also incorporate a little NOTD lol this is StarGazer (available from New Look) its official shade number is 157 and online the name varies from vampire purple/rainbow/blue it's a chromey metallic one and such an unusual colour I love it it's not much of a summery one though so I might put it away for a few months now I love Stargazer my other fave is shade 162 a fuschia colour I mentioned these in my top 10 favourite nail polishes on youtube as I thought this blue was a dupe for China Glaze Avalanche which it actually wasn't lol, and I have a red glitter one I still need to try out anyway you can check that video out HERE

Im going to do a post of a few random NOTDs soon!

P.S this is my 100th post ooooooooooooooooooooh exciting LOL!

Vikki xoxox

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Spring Trend: Green Eyeshadow

Green eyeshadow is a trend i'm loving at the moment and its perfect for spring/summer, alot of people seem quite wary of green as its one of them colours that can go wrong but I actually think it's pretty versatile.

In my opinion I think lighter greens and limes look fantastic on blonde hair/light eyes, whereas on dark hair/brown eyes and particularly olive skins more turquoisey or olive toned deep greens look best
As you can see from this picture above the blondes keep the look more neutral whereas on Thandie Newtons olive skin and dark hair the darker green pops alot more,

Then really dramatic looks can be created with greens but it is quite daring and I think something that is abit hit or miss depending on how good you are at make-up and blending, Im not the best at really dramatic looks as i'm trying to master blending skills and practise so I wouldn't go for a look like this myself as I would probabaly end up looking like a clown LOL! But in the pic above Chanel Iman looks stunning,

The one tip I would say it to team greens with fairly neutral lips, and stick with 'Earthy shades' for the rest of your make up (browny/gold blushes/highligher and as an alternative to black with this look even a brown mascara works well)

If the whole green trend isn't for you why not try a funky look using just green eyeliner, I think on nights out this would look fab and very eyecatching, Leona Lewis' green liner look on the red carpet below is stunning, this also means you can wear more colour on the lips as you haven't made the eyes too much of a main feauture, I love the coral lip colour  Leona is wearing,

So will you be trying out the green for spring or are you already a fan?
With dark eyes and hair I have often wore greens, the look I have below which isn't that clear unfortunatley I created using just the green's from the Sleek's ORIGINAL pallette the 2 greens (6th and 12th colours) are my faves of all time and this pallette is also my must have the colours/pigmentation are beautiful and I could use this everyday


For some reason my look is looking abit on the blue side but in real life it was definatley green LOL....I used a liquid liner over and peach blush (Bourjois little blush pots - Lilas D'or) and then used a Barry M baby pink gloss for a neutral look I can't find the lipgloss now for the exact shade but any baby pink/beige neutral shade would world.
Please note the celebrity pictures and the Sleek pallette are from Google images

Vikki xoxox

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Ever remember an old favourite...... Superdrug 2True liquid liner

I came across the above pictures both from about 4yrs ago when I was about 18 and LOVED my eyeliner (can't believe how short my hair was), Yes I know it looks like standard eyeliner and I can't believe im envious of myself 4yrs back ha ha but me and eyeliner are not getting on right now I don't know if my hands have got unsteady as i've got older but the line always looks too thick which make me look like Amy Winehouse LOL soooooooooo I realised back then I used to swear by 2True's liquid liner (available at superdrug for £1.99)  it is very similar to MAC's liquid liner (Boot black) as it has the same rigid and hard tip instead of a flexi-brush and  can be used to create a sultry eye but smudging out but then left it dries matte and lasts all day

I used this on a daily practically and remember buying it....again...and again and again and then I think I got complacent and bored of it....and thought there was better out there so I have tried ALOT now for kohl pencils (rimmel/sleek/bourjois/barry m) other liquid liners (bourjois clubbing/rimmel exagerate) and felt tip liners (collection 2000) and the one I have been sticking with is the Collection 2000 felt tip liner which don't get me wrong is a strong good colour and easy-ish to use it just makes a bumpy line for me half the time, which I have to go over with a kohl pencil to blend it straight if that makes sense

Rimmel Exxagerate I heard so many good things but the line on me is almost grey and translucent you have to re-apply again and again and yep not very good.

Then like it was like something clicked in my head and i've realsied what i've been missing LOL I have just gone to order some online now YOU CAN BUY IT HERE (click link)

What old favourites have you got? or recent re-discovered products you always go back to? This definatley has to be my main one along with Rimmel lasting finish foundation which works so well for me better than any high end brand

Vikki xoxoxo

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Rimmel Crush Lipstick/Calvin Klein Eyebrow Definer and a random Bronzed FOTD

Hi so I didn't really want to call this a FOTD post as the pics are quite poor but it is my FOTD lol, I mentioned in my last blog a few haul things I had got including Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Crush and Calvin Klein Eyebrow Definer and today was the first time using both of these,

I know in the video I also expressed how much I loved Rimmel's eyebrow pencil and how I was quite adamant I would ever get used to another but I actually really do like the Calvin Klein one, It has no brush at the end like the Rimmel one but thats not an issue really it also does come boxed with the little CK sharpener and I have worn it all day and it definatley is smudge-proof and natual looking, unlike others that can be abit too harsh and so I do take back what I said!

Next thing the Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick, now I love this range of lipsticks as it is I have previously spoke about others I have including 'Birthday Suit' 'Candy' and 'Coral in Gold' the orange-y one I did my orange lipstick post about a while back. But I have to say 'Crush' could be my favourite it is a sheeny nude/coral one nowhere near as bright or orange toned as coral in gold it is more on the browny-nude side and this stayed on me for at least 3-4hrs before I touched it up and even then it hadn't disappeared completeley, it is a colour that will look even more amazing with a tan so I can imagine me getting alot of wear out of it in summer especially as it has the sheen so just looks glossy and summery,

You can't really see my full look but you can see how my eyebrows look with the Calvin Klein definer and the the lipcolour, I did a soft brown eye look with flicked liquid liner and then used no blush but quite a bit of bronzer and the Sleek Glo Highlighter which I love putting on my eyes over eyeshadow especially just under my brow bone.

The full list of products I used is:

  • NYC concealer cover stick
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr foundation in 'shade 201'
  • Random face powder (so old the writings wore off LOL I am sure it's an old Avon one)
  • Rimmel SunShimmer Bronzer - Medium Matte
  • Sleek Glo Face and Body Highlighter in 'Peach Shimmer'

  • W7 Eye stix eye shadow pen in 'White Pearl' to prime my eyes with
  • Collection 2000 Dazzle Dust in 'Paradise' (a golden shimmer colour) blended all over the eye
  • Rimmel Mono Eyeshadow in 'Dusk' (A dark brown) on the outer corners and crease to define
  • Sleek Glo Highlighter as mentioned above on my brow bone
  • Collection 2000 felt tip liquid liner in Black
  • Barry M Kohl Eye Pencil in black on waterline
  • L'Oreal Telescopic Black Mascara

  • Rimmel 1000 kisses Lipliner in 'Tiramisu 050'
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 'Crush'

Im also loving the fact the SUN was out today to match my bronzer summery look! (us people in England actually forget what sunshine looks like these days so today is a rare day ha ha!)

Vikki xoxo

P.S I will be ending my giveaway before the end of the week last chance to enter HERE  PLEAAAASE remember you must follow my blog using google friend connect otherwise you can't enter and I am obviously going to check all entries to verify this!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Mini Haul (NEW VIDEO)

Firstly let me apologise of the fact the video is like 18min long it got rejected by youtube as they apparentley have a 15min limit like what the hell i see loads of vids on there longer than that omggggggg anyway please feel free to skip through I get so carried away talking LOL and im not good at editing to shorten my vids LOL *my bad* haha. Sooo to cut a long story short I had to upload it to tinypic which is a shame as now not many subs on youtube will get to see it :(

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Tresemme Dry Shampoo
Calvin Klein Eyebrow Definer (Jet Black)
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick (Crush)
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipliner (050 Tiramisu)
Rimmel Mono Eyeshadow (Dusk)
Revlon Nail Varnish (Rock)
Ciate Underwear base coat
Ciate Nail Varnish Remover
W7 eyeshadow stick (White)
Collection 2000 dazzle dust (Paradise)

Also video includes a few stuff that i've already spoke about before - Batiste dry shampoo/Benefit eye primer/MUA glitter liners/etc

All the ones in bold I purchased from fragrance direct the site if you want to go check them out they are fab prices and yes I paid for them im not affiliated I just genuinely love the site LOL!

Although readers of my blog and youtube subs do get a 5% discount code if you want me to email it to you just leave me your email addy

Also heres a few still shots from after I filmed the video you can't really see my make up but I had a shoot today and have a brown smokey eye I did with my manly 120 pallette and teamed it with baby pink Barry M gloss I put over a red/brown Clinique lipstick (the one from GLAMOUR magazine I mention in the video LOL)  I have no blusher on just SunShimmer Rimmel bronzer and my usual Rimmel Lasting finish foundation with ModelCo Lashcara on my lashes and used Revlon 'Charcoal' eyeshadow with an angled make up brush as a bottom and top lid liner.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

SLEEK Avoir la peche

(Please note all images are courtesy of google by the way, I looked today and these products weren't yet in Superdrug so im guessing maybe tomorrow but I have seen swatches of them on a few blogs so maybe they are in certain bigger stores)

Anyhoo here we have a new sleek collection 'Avoir La Peche' (Peche is peach in french and coral/orange/peaches are spring/summers hottest colours) It feautures a 12 eyeshadow pallette, a Pout Polish and a blush.

Blush £4.29 (Pan-Tao)
Pout Polish £4.29 (Sugar May)
i-DIVINE palette £6.49

The eyeshadow pallette I don't think I will be buying orange shade shadows and the colours in this are just not that wearable in my opinion, don't get me wrong its pretty to look at but from a makeup point of view I wouldn't use it pretty or not! I still actually want to try the primer pallette from Sleek I don't know why I haven't yet im just torn but the reviews LOL.

The blush looks very orange and btw this launches around March 16th for about 4 weeks as its all limited edition as I said they didn't have it in my local superdrug yet but did have testers of all 3 items and the promo materials ready for it, now the blush looks orange, very orange, BUT when swatched it was quite a light finish it's not highly pigmented so I can imagine it to be quite flattering and not as OTT as it does initially look,

My fave item has to be the Pout Polish now I love these as it is, but this one is a really light caramely burnt orange colour I freaking LOOOOOVE it, can't wait to buy that & as summer approaches it has a SPF15 which we all know is VERY necessary! The pout polish also has Jojoba, Avocado and Sweet Almond Oil which will work FAB in summer for moistourising and keeping lips soft.

I remember when Sleek Pallettes were £4.99 *sigh* Some say the RRP of this is £6.99 but im so sure the promo material in superdrug said £6.49. Ah well, it also should be available on Sleeks website soon but I couldn't see it on there just yet!

So that just leaves the question on who likes this? and whos buying what? Just the pout polish for me....maybe the blush at a push once I have a 2nd swatch

Vikki xoxoxo

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Ok so my facebook account has been randomly disabled *sigh* this happened to my old one I had for years like a year ago and I lost everyone then I made this one in April last year and just under a year later it has the same fate!

Last time I got no warning at all and because I didn't have access to the email account I registered it with I couldn't get it back, this time I got a few photo warnings

NOW can I just point out facebook photo warnings are meant to be for violating the rules with pics of NUDITY/OBSCENITY/ basically offensive stuff now I don't understand this as I certainly would hardly have naked images or explicit images on facebook and I am the most inoffensive person ever, now with models and photographers a common occurence is they get accounts deleted and photo warnings quite alot due to facebook seemingly seeing PROFESSIONAL lingerie/bikini images as offensive! As when people have these images up if they're on holiday inn a bikini they don't get deleted why should I just because mine are professional images? Nowhere in the terms/conditions does it say anything about certain images just nudity/obscentiy and seriously in 2011 is bikini wear NUDITY or OBSCENITY? Hell no.

A main reason why you get these warning is because someone has clicked on the report button so one of my 'friends' has clearly reported 8 of my pictures (like i said I dont even have ONE naked/obscene/offensive image never mind EIGHT!) and subsequetley my account has gone!

When this happened last time I won't lie I found the person dealing with my emails really rude, one of them 'Our-answer-is-final' type of people and they wouldn't explain or listen as to why their rules and the deleting of my account made no sense whatsoever so im dreading having to email them again to try get this account back, I have nearly 1500 friends alot mainly contacts such as photographers, so if I have to start again I will lose a big proportion as my memory isn't freakin magic!

I am soooooooooooooo annoyed that someone would have had to be on my friends list to obviously report my pics as otherwise you can't see them I mean WTF who is sad/pathetic/hateful enough to do that!

All I have to say is what goes around comes aroud......you do bad things > u give off bad energy > it comes back 10x on you

So if that person happens to ever check my blog I hope they see and realise that!

Anywaaaaaaaaaay went to see about a HD camcorder today so I can start filming proper youtube vids instead of just tryna use my computer and webcam which to be fair is a good quality expensive one but never the less when recording its still clearly a webcam and just makes filming difficult, so the one I got isn't anything majorly fancy or special its a 'Flip Ultra HD' I have seen lots of demos of this and heard so many reviews and seen other youtubers use it so im really looking forward to getting started with it! You will have to bear with me as I have a busy week so prob won't get to play until the weekend

Anywaaaaaaay the point of this ridic long post it to basically say to any followers who have me on facebook I haven't deleted you or anything fingers crossed I will be back on the same account I will let you know and in the meantime TWITTER ME

Hope everyone has a fab week. Much love

Vikki xoxo

EDIT: im back now they thankfully reactivated me add me at: http://www.facebook.com/vikkiholt89

Monday, 14 March 2011

Christian Louboutin LIPSPIKES and the cheaper COPY of them - I need you! NOW

Ok don't all rush at once but who wants to give me these bad boys.....I am in LOVE (and proper love not the puppy kind haha)

Meet Christian Louboutin LIPSPIKES now these aren't new you have probabaly seen them allllllllllllllll over already but I was browsing the site looking at things I can't afford because I clearly like to depress myself and these were my faves so y'know I thought they were blog worthy! Not because I don't have £1000-something I just have to weep :'-(

I also need BOTH as I can't decide which I am in love with more! I do love the silver shoe version they do aswell, and I was looking at the 'Toundra' fur boots (google it to see they are gorge) but they are made from coyote fur and im not down with that!

Kim K, Janet Jackson and Cheryl Cole I officially warn you to watch out because I am a now a lipspikes fiend and am insanely jealous you have this shoes haha.

If like me you can't afford the real ones there is a COPY! http://celebboutique.com/lipspike-leopard-print-horse-hair-red-sole-studded-booties.html BUT personally for £200 boots i'm still going to pass, Sorry but it's the CL's or nothing! (Sooooo yep looks like nothing!)

And because I love this song and this amazing promo vid and it ties in with the theme....

Sweet Dreams of shoes ladies! xoxo

Friday, 11 March 2011

REVIEW: Benefit Lemon Aid Primer/Concealer

So I recentley purchased this Benefit Lemon Aid eye primer as I wanted a primer and I should have just got UDPP or the Too Faced shadow insurance but no I got this LOL. The packaging says colour correcting eyelid primer

So this basically is a lemon/yellow (clues in the name LOL) cream, its not a soft cream though it is quite hard to get some product on your finger and it is meant to be a cross between a eye concealer and primer

It comes in a cute yellow square box like the pic above and when you take it out its a circle small compact including a mirror which is quite handy like this -
The reviews I have read seem to have RAVED about this being fab for concealing under eye dark circles instead of actually being a good decent primer/eyeshadow base, now I don't have dark circles under my eyes at the moment so cant really test this on that point of view but as I sometimes my eyes can be abit red or darker than the rest of my skin on the lids it is really good for even-ing them out and giving a blank canvas, I've found alot of mixed/asian skin has this problem around the eyes, and because I do have an olive skin with yellow-y undertones so the fact this is lemon probabaly works in favor for me whereas im not sure if lighter and darker skins how this would look, you can see the colour on my finger slightly here -
It says on the back of the box 'Wake up your eyelids with this warm yellow correcting cream. It helps to hide redness and discolouration on your eyelids, In a snap, eyes look refreshed, frisky and ready for fun' and it does say to pat on with fingers and blend which is what I did as I do think a brush would be hard to apply it with

You can wear it alone but the problem is it does tend to crease and can look a slightly odd colour if not worn with eyeshadow over, plus if you have time to put this on you would have time to apply an eyeshadow.

Overall I like it for how it does give eyes a even clean finish and does do what it says in regards to the hiding redness but because like I said it does crease as a primer it is abit pointless, and most people actually have to use a primer under this which seems abit pointless, I want to try the Benefit Bo-ing instead as thats meant to be abit concealer in general and now i'm still going to have to get another goddamn primer grrrrrr!!!

I wouldn't buy this again because the RRP ranges from £16, £16.50 and £16.85 which I think is quite expensive for a product that just covers some redness, my W7 concealer pallette that was like £3 does a similar job LOL but I am going to try it when I get some dark circles and if by some chance it becomes a miracle worker I might just change my mind but I doubt it (and for the record its the most expensive at Boots and cheapest at House of Fraser, it can also be bought at Debenhams and ASOS)

So to end this is me above wearing it, sorry it's not clear and to be honest I look this way everyday so no major difference I thought i'd just throw this in the products i'm wearing apart from this as i've just told you that LOL are:

 Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hrs foundation (with built in primer) (201 classic beige) 
Rimmel Sunshimmer Bronzing Powder Compact (Medium Matte)
Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush (Lilas D'Or)

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil (Black/Brown)
Maybelline Mono Eyeshadow (Golden Sand)
Medium brown shades from Manly 120 pallette (available to buy on ebay just search manly 120 pallette)
Revlon ColorStay eyeshadow used as a liner (99 charcoal)
L'oreal Telescopic clean definition mascara (Black)

Rimmel exaggerate Lipliner (East end snob)
MUA lipstick (shade 11)
L'oreal Glam shine lipgloss (102 always pink - MY FAVE ONE ever!)

P.S I finally got a copy of GLAMOUR mag with the free clinique gift! Travelled everyone they all seemed to have the facial products all I wanted was the lipstick I have pretty much the rest of the stuff and im not cliniques biggest fan or anything!

Anyway its Fridaaaaaay woo have a great weekend xoxoxo