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Sunday, 2 October 2011

YSL Arty ring DUPE!!! For less than £2

Who doesn't love a good dupe! I know normally dupes are for make up but today I have for you the dupe YSL 'Arty Ring' the ring im sure you have all seen that retails for £140, now it's nice but from my point of view I don't wear jewellery often enough to spend £140 on a dress ring (especialIy a gold plated one at that #JustSaying) This is the 'real' one -

Then onto my dupe one....I got this baby for $2.99 which is about £1.92 including free worldwide delivery! It is from Hong Kong so does take a while but that's so worth it in my opinion!

 Sorry the pics have abit of a pink tinge I had to use artifical light the ebay seller has some clear pics, it is also available in different colour stones this is Turquoise even though it looks a green shade thanks to that stupid lighting! I thought it would be flimsy and feel cheap but it feels quite heavy and as good quality as most other high street dress jewellery but even on the high street you wouldn't get a price like this! The fitting is quite small though so bear that in mind.

HERE is the seller and if you look at all their items they are sooooo nice and all so cheap i'll be buying more, I think they only have this ring with the turquoise like mine and the black stone in stock at the moment but they did used to have red and a few other colours but im sure they will get some more in and in no way am I affiliated with them (I paid my £1.92 thank you very much ha ha) I just thought I would share a bargain with my lovelies!

Vikki xoxo


  1. Wow, total bargain! I've seen lots of these dupe rings on blogs, very pretty x

  2. Ooooooh will need to get my hands on the faux arty ring! thanks for posting lovely! xxx

  3. @gaby it's a steal! x

    @halima definatley do, they're fab quality! x

  4. To be honest, I don't think i've ever seen one of these before. But they are amazing! Especially the purple! :)

  5. Bought it!! haha thanks for sharing :) Got the red, they only had red and black in stock!

    The Deer Head


  6. @kayla yep it's pretty!

    @lowri yay and ooh did they the red is stunning x

  7. Love love love this, such a great dupe im going to go and order it right now !!

  8. loooooove that ring!!! aren't cheap finds simply the best?? :)))

  9. I've loved the YSl ring since I first saw it, but couldn't justify the price ... love this little knock off one! Thanks for sharing where you got it.

  10. hey :)
    i saw your post and want to buy the ring as well now. what about the size, they say it's 1,6mm which sounds pretty small. i have thin fingers but nevertheless i'm a little worried. would you say it's very small?

    Bests from Germany :)

  11. Hi it is small fitting but my fingers aren't really thin, I am probabaly a size 'K' on the finger i wear it on, its really cheap anyway so just try it out and then you could just resell it on ebay if it doesnt fit you x

  12. thanks for your fast answer :)
    i'm going to order the black one, i think it's perfect for fall and winter!

  13. Hey :)
    I saw your post and would like to buy the ring as well! I can't seem to find turquoise coloured ring from the seller. Is the Blue Stone Classic Gold Color European Retro Ring from the list equivalent to the ring you bought?

  14. wat size ring are you?

  15. probabaly around a size K-L thats UK sizing :)


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