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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Choosing a dress for Liverpool!

Ok so I am going blog happy today!! But its the weekend soon and I shall be resting LOL! Anyway tomorrow me and ash are going on a night out in Liverpool, its a coach trip with like 40 people all from our hometown that we got invited to by a lovely friend we know lynz who's bday it was this week, I don't know many people but sure I will recognise most seen as its so small around here! Anyway either way it should be a good night, I've been to Liverpool a few times before for shoots and stuff but not on a night out!

Soooooooo as this is a late thing and I only got told of it yesterday I wanted a special dress AKA something new, any excuse I know, I do have a few new stuff, but nothing 'liverpool' style hahahah, I shall take lots of pics but the dress dilemma was something me and my mum solved in town earlier

 As with all my pics click to enlarge

1) This chiffony pale pink tiered dress I loved! It was just slightly baggy at the back and ash hated it! Men and fashion LOL! It was a bargain £10 in the sale at a UK clothes shop called magenta, think they have a website

2)The lovely leopard print was what I loved most, it was £15 also from magenta the only problem was the straps felt like seatbelts and were quite uncomfortable plus it was abit short

3)I BOUGHT!!!!!! I LOVE IT! This dress is Parisian Limited Edition and I wanted it last year when it was slightly different and salmon pink for £25 but then they sold out and now months later if not a year later its back on omg LOVEEEE!! I can't wait to wear it with big bouncy hair, smokey eyed makeup and sky high shoes! I feel like a princess with all the sequinned bra bit it really is so much more pretty in real life, I am so happy! Bargain too

4)This red number was £12.99 I love bargain shopping it was actually nice, nothing to complain over, it just wasn't proper WOW! I'd wear it happily for a night out though and would wear it and feel good in it, it fit quite nice this was from a clothes shop called Missy which is an independent store but alot of independent retailers do this dress I have noticed, think its a River Island dupe from what I was told!

Anyway thought I would share my outfit choice before my night out tomorrow, going to charge my camera to make sure I can fill you all in on the coach trip and night out action! Big yaaay

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