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Monday, 28 November 2011

Carmex moisture plus and a bit of baby bumpage!!

 Before I start the picture of me has nothing to do with this blog post...I have been in all day today and was going to spend my time doing a make up look, which I did, but it was a total FAIL, so it's ended up in my recycle bin which is where it is staying, thankfully it doesn't look too bad on that pic as i'd changed the lipcolor and then put the pink carmex im about to talk about over the top (so it kind of relates a little bit i guess haha) but I still couldn't salvage it enough for it to be a full FOTD post!

Anyway todays post is about the above - Carmex moisture plus lipbalms, I just wanted to put up a quick review of these as I won them the other day in the lovely Kaushal's recent blog competition, I won all 3 shades they have - pink, peach and clear and was so excited as i've been wanting to get these for so long but never seen them in shops near me and was so close to ordering them from ASOS (rrp £4.99 each and I think in the US they are around $3 from the reviews i've read on makeupalley)


 I only swatched the pink one as my battery then died on me you can see it's sheer, BUT the peach one is abit more pigmented not enough for it to be like a full lipcolour and the clear is errrm clear LOL!
They are just as moistourising as the regular carmex pots which I swear by the cherry has always been my fave but these have a vanilla scent which I must say is even better, I will be keeping the clear one by my bed to use on a night and before i put my make up on in the morning then will be making use of the peach and pink during the day and won't even have to worry about lip colour touch ups!

The lipstick like packaging makes them feel alot more sophisticated than your average balm and something you would even be good with taking on a night out, Who else has tried these? or if not what's your fave balm for the chapped lips winter loves to bring us?!

P.S I can't go without a bump pic also taken today (excuse my dusty mirror and the necklace hanging over haha) 
 Keep checking my pregnancy diary www.victoriaspregnancydiary.blogspot.com

Until next time! xxx

Sunday, 27 November 2011

All I want for christmas isssssssssssss......

So as it's 4 weeks til the big day.....Christmas, I thought I would do a little wish list, I had a hard time thinking of things and it's still very limited so I will be updating this but I just do not know what I want this year! I already know a few things Ash bought me some camel ugg boots yesterday and my mum has bought me a new camera but apart from them 2 things I....A)Know nothing else I have (probabaly as I don't have nothing else yet haha) and B)Haven't the foggiest idea what the hell I want!

There is a few random stuff I have seen like shoes/clothes that I couldn't find online, and clothes and shoes are my fave things but with this ever expanding preggo waistline of mine it is becoming increasingly hard to find nice clothes that are going to fit, asking for maternity wear for xmas seems wrong (as it's all drab and boring!) ANYWAY enough rambling here's a few things I DO want!
I love Mariah Carey so her fragrance is on my wishlist

Also love this perfume so that's definatley a yes

NARS 'Schiap' lipstick the most beautiful matte fuchsia EVER

YSL rouge volupte lipstick (haven't picked a shade yet) I also want MAC 'Impassioned' but forgot to add a pic

I got the pandora bracelet for my 21st birthday (or possibly 22nd I can't remember!) but now I need more charms to go on it so would love some pandora charms

Shamballa bracelet, wasn't fussed by these at first now I really want one.....a bracelet of sparkly gorgeous balls....what's not to love ha ha

My names Vikki.....I am a bling addict LOL, men take note you can NEVER go wrong with diamonds :-p

Pauls Boutque diamante bag

I would get this myself but it's sold out.....so hoping santas saved one for me! Bargain at £8 for 24 eyeshadows and MUA is amazing quality for the price.
And that's it!! I really have nothing in mind I want, I love surprises anyway and never really have got presents I didn't like so I will leave it up to my loved ones to choose :)

p.s everything is good with me......15weeks pregnant now and getting bigger by the day :) Hope all my lovely and loyal readers are doing well, I am getting my blogging bug back xxx

Monday, 14 November 2011

Update on my baby's ultrasound earlier! & Visit my new pregnancy blog

 Im going to try refrain from keep writing on here about my pregnancy apart from a few important stuff like this one (LOL) as I have done a pregnancy blog for the last few months I just haven't shared it but now I will.....it's http://victoriaspregnancydiary.blogspot.com

So I had my scan today everything was AMAZING, I am 13wks and 4 days now! Baby was moving around so much, It was honestley one of the happiest times of my life I wish I could feel like that everyday! My baby seems to love moving its arms about everywhere and rolling over, s/he give it's mummy & daddy a big wave and even rolled over and showed us it's spine and then turned face on to the scan probe, I could really talk about it all day it was that fab,

I am sooo excited for when he or she is here now and it's starting to feel very real, She also put my estimated due date at 17th may 2012 now so 2 days earlier than I thought which is good, I will be 14wks at the end of this week aswell so in that 2nd trimester finally,

Still no sickness again which is great hoping it's gone for good, I can have my anamoly scan (20wks) anytime from 22nd dec onwards but the scan clinic is so busy I have to wait until 3rd jan, I was really hoping we would find out before xmas or before Ash's birthday on new years eve but no we have to wait! I am so excited to find out what sex it is, and I will say this now - I am placing my bets on us been team blue! I just have a feeling it's a boy but we will soon find out if im right!

and I know I keep saying this but normal blogging will be resuming ASAP!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Where is Vikki!?!?!

Im here!!! Still, haha, it feels forever since I blogged and I am so disappointed at how i've let my blog slip it's just I have had 1001 things going on and my blogging mojo went abit, firstly since you all know i'm currentley pregnant and have been so horribly sick that I have rarely gone into town to buy anything new to blog about, secondly I have missed lots of work because of this and with xmas and said baby coming up am on a tight budget so make up and beauty stuff are at the bottom of my 'things to buy' list right now which makes me extremely sad but got to be done *sigh* instead of the mountains of make up I used to buy in it's place now is an impressive collection of baby stuff/babygrows/bibs etc so that's what my moneys going on instead of fun make up roll on santa coming and hopefully I will get some treats of my own haha

THEN when I got my blogging mojo back last week I lost my camera, what a fail, it was found later in Ashs glove compartment so TOMORROW it is my mission to photograph lots of things and schedule some daily or every other day posts so I can get my blog back on the go, thanks to everyone that's still following me and bearing with me,

next up I have a new kitty (yes that makes 3 now as I speak the new one is cosied up with my other young one it's the cutest thing ever he seems to think she's his momma!) Ash got him as a surprise (I returned the surprise when I informed him he would be cleaning the litter tray as pregnant people aren't allowed near cat faeces! LOL)

Sorry for the crap picture but this was from the 'I-lost-my-camera' week so done on the crap piece of technology that is  my blackberry
He's called Tiger and sooooooooooo small and cute
So that is a little update from me, I have another scan on Monday I can't wait to share the picture with you all hopefully it will look alot bigger than the last scan where it was teeny weeny, I will then link the pregnancy blog I have been working on abit for any other mums-to-be or people planning babies out there,

Hope all you lovelies are well, I have still been tweeted so if you want to follow me @vikki_model I follow back all my lovely readers xx