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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Fräulein3°8 Make Up Brushes REVIEW

So for a Christmas stocking filler present from my mum I got a 31 piece brush set from Fräulein3°8 I specifically chose this one as up until now I was a make up with fingers type of girl.....I have a few brushes from Boots no7 and some professional ones I got when I went to Beauty school which aren't branded but were fairly good and I have always preferred using my fingers, but as I have got into blogging and make-up more I have wanted to experiment with wilder styles and colours and dramatical looks so I thought well I will need some brushes, I was going to be Sigma or Crown brushes which I have heard amazing reviews about and also E.L.F ones have had some good reviews but then someone suggested these which were ULTRA cheap so I thought well I can try these out so what types of brushes I prefer and then buy similar brushes from different brands maybe as like I said I am a brush beginner! I got these from http://www.fraulein38.com they are these specific ones http://www.fraulein38.com/Product_Details.asp?ProductID=268   for £16.99 which I think is around $26 according to google LOL so don't blame my currecny coversion skills!

These are my pics you can go on the website links above for a full close up of each brush, etc (click all pics to enlarge)

That is the biggest brush on the front of the case, now don't get me wrong for a BEGINNER these brushes are a bargain, you couldn't really use them professionally or if you're trying to make them compete with better brushes such as MAC etc but for a beginner or to practise with they are pretty much good brushes, they do slightly shed at first and one of the eye ones broke off the handle but the other 30 seem pretty sturdy, the powder and blush brushes are abit fluffy I would like them more if they were 'heavier' if that makes sense as they apply blush and powder really lightly, and I will definatley be investing in more brushes soon but overall I am glad I bought these as for that price you can't go wrong and with 31 (or 30 as like i said one broke) you have a big range of different brush types to mess around with and to experiment with so thats another great point.

Fräulein3°8 seems like a good site as they do the pallettes (similar to the ebay/sedona lace/coastal scent ones which we can't easily get in the UK)

you can get the 120 pallette I reviewed here and a 21 piece brush set for like £25! or just the pallette alone for around £15 they also do other smaller and different pallettes which I might have a look at as I do have abit of a pallette obsession!

So anyway thats all I have to say really on these, if you have any specific questions do leave a comment, I might do some youtube videos soon using these brushes so you can see how they are when in use.

Happy new year all anyway this is my first post of 2011! Yay xoxox


  1. Wow! that is a lot of brushes..lol. I just ordered the Crown Brushes, I hope to get them by next week. Nice blog you have here! Visit and subscribe to my blog.

    Take care!

  2. I know I prob will never get round to using most of them! thanks for the follow and I followed you back, and ooh the crown ones have fab reviews I plan on getting some of those soon


  3. hey chica!!

    ive passed an award to you! :)


  4. wow so many, which is the best for blush?

  5. wow! i love make-ups too and i need those brushes hahah great blog and i'm following you now, hope you can follow me back? you're welcome to visit my blog, kisses and happy newyear!

  6. @jocee411 OMG thank you so much!!!!

    @jean-pierre the best for blush for me in probabaly the one just before the largest brush, as they come in order, on my 3rd picture it's the 2nd to last brush :-)

    @ladawan I have followed you back now happy new year to you too x


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