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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

''What im using right now'' fill in and pass on!

I saw this and stole if off someone elses blog and thought we could all pass it along if you havent done already!
Please note I use so much stuff daily that I did this based on what I have mainly used over the last week or so!!

Shampoo: Gum Hair Salon Expertise double cream shampoo

Conditioner:  Gum Hair Salon Expertise double cream conditioner

Shower gel:  A mix of a coconut one with exfoloiating beads, dove soap, and a imperial leather cream one that I forgot the name of!

Styling products: Im so bad I use nothing on my hair! I  need some heat protector spray ideally I just hate the feeling of product in my hair! When i curl it or blow dry it use Lee Stafford Big hair volumising mousse and sometimes the Lee Stafford Salt spray to scrunch it

Body moisturiser: Cocoa Butter

Deodorant: Dove Roll on, Sure Girl in my handbag and Radox Daily Elements, i love the Sure Natural ones though!

Fake Tan: Swapped Fake bake for St Moritz now tan-free for abit

Foundation:. Rimmel 16hr Lasting Finish

Powder: Stopped using this for abit just got an M.U.A one to review

Concealer: Rimmel and sometime mixed with a Benefit one

Blush: Collection 2000 in Trouble

Bronzer: my broken mosiac number 7 one!

Highlighter: Sleek Glo face and body in peach shimmer

Eyeshadows: Bad Girl Sleek pallette, Maybelline Golden sand Mono, Sleek original pallette,

Mascara: Lashcara by ModelCo and Big Lash by w7

Lipstick: MUA shad 4

Lipgloss: Playboy Cerise one (playmate pink)

Nail colour: Black with white nail art flowers on thumbs and 4th fingers


  1. I have not done this tag so I will probably jump on the bandwagon!

    Thanks so much for sharing this list with us.


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