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Sunday, 14 November 2010

LIVERPOOL!!! @ Zoo Club

So last night was liverpool night we had a amaz-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiing time! Everyone was in a really party and good mood and we only ended up in one place as the music was soooooo good we stayed there the whole night!

I got some photos of me in my dress and the makeup i was quite proud of LOL! Theres a few more but I will add them later for now CLICK TO ENLARGE AS WITH ALL PICS -

I basically did my make up how i did a few posts back in the 'easy but glam daytime look in a hurry' post although took more time! Plus instead of using the Sleek Original pallette I used the 'Bad Girl' one and used the smoky grey colours then blended and added the noir colour in the outer corners, I also lined my lower lids with a eyeliner pencil and joined with the top line for a darker smokier look, The lips look lighter which is because i put a pinky lipstick on over the other products mentioned in that other post (using MUA lipstick in shade4 a baby pink colour)

I loved my dress soooooo much and wasn't as cold as I thought although my hair got nicely ruined thanks to the rain! haha oh well and for the first time ever I went out with no clutch bag!!!! I forgot to buy a matching one and none of mine went so I had Ash carry my cards, money and one lipstick hahaha can't believe i survived, I had to dance around my camera with no bag!! :-)

We hope to go out of town partying again soon so any recommendations in the UK let me know!!

Vikki xoxoxo


  1. You look stunning :) love the look.

  2. Love the dress! And you look gorgeous : )

    love the eye makeup..

    Malisha x

  3. gabriella love love love süpper:) blogun çok güzell.tebrikler.thank you..beatiful:)

  4. You're very pretty & I love that dress on you! New follower :)

  5. aw thanks hun so ar you,

    thanks for following im trying to follow you but its not letting me :-( i will keep trying xx

  6. that dress is gorgeous! and your makeup looks great



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