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Monday, 28 February 2011

Random BLAH day LOL

Yesterday I plucked my eyebrows took too much off now they're shorter than I like and me and ash have had a good laugh about it (ha frickin ha!) he finds it immensely hilarious I find it devastating to the point of I want to hide under the duvet but I got my eyebrow pencil out and soldiered  so glad I can fill my eyebrows in decently hahahahahah I need to laugh otherwise i'll cry

I then was going to do a gold eye and red lip tutorial I should have known it was jinxed when my camera fell over 5mins into the first attempt and I had to start again, 11mins later the video looks shit with a capital S, I know my videos aren't the best at the moment as im new but this was an exception, so I hit the delete button for that and resisted the urge to go back to bed LOL.

In other news I had a fab weekend but im going to do a seperate post on that when I get the pics off my friends as im too useless to actually ever pull my camera out my bag!

At the moment im loving the high top bun look....Lauren Conrad I need your hair.....thanks, I also stole your pose to match :-) 

After taking my bun down I had a slightly wavy high ponytail which I actually also quite liked too

I have also decided to get fit (saying this less than a hour after I just got a big tin of Roses chocolates) and going healthy so first thing to go was white bread! See ya white bad bread and hello wholegrain good bread! I want a belly like this again:

Not that im saying im fat as I in no way think that, im not one of them girls with major body issues partly because a) It doesn't change them and b) Everyone has bits they don't like you just have to learn to love them, believe me theres plenty of imperfections on me but I am thankful enough that im just happy and healthy so I don't dwell, I used to when I was much younger then I met Ash and he made me realise body image really isn't that major! People love you because of you as a person not your weight or looks! I never diet because I don't necessarily want to lose weight I just want to tone my abs and stop the bloat I always seem to get after eating stuff like bread and carbs.

See it's all about LOVE!

My random post has come to an end. Enjoy! xoxox

Friday, 25 February 2011

Giveaway UPDATE and Orange Lipstick TUTORIAL to match previous blog post

So this morning you will know I did the orange lipstick blog post and pics HERE (click) and then I thought well I might aswell do an accompanying video to match so here I did an everyday look on how to wear orange lipstick!

So here is the video ENJOY! For some reason it goes slightly out of focus at points DAMN YOU CAMERA LOL!

I also afterwards filmed a video for my giveaway as the previous post wasn't clear enough so if you follow me please do enter and watch the video for a clear idea of what the items are LOL you can enter the giveaway here HERE (click) and heres the video!

P.S tonight I am going out for a meal and then partying with Ash, our friend Adam and his girlfriend so eeeek should be good hope you all have a fab weekend

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Orange Lipstick

So as Summer fast approaches one of the new trends is orange/coral lips! Alot of celebs have already been wearing it inc Sarah Harding, Megan Fox and Jessica Szoh (images courtesy of google images)

 I have had my orange lipstick since about December so I wasn't even thinking of summer, I just wanted something abit different to red which I can find hard to pull off with my skintone and dark hair

The one I have is Rimmel Lasting Finish 'CORAL IN GOLD 210' these have a RRP of around £4.99, this isn't a total neon bright orange so it's quite a safe colour as it will suit most skin tones and it's orange, with a slight brow/red tinge so it doesn't look too over the top or unnatural

Sorry for the half pics I was having one of them days were I could not take a decent full picture of my face LOL, Colours like this are best really with neutral colours I teamed it with winged black liner but alot of the make up artist tips I read through online did say to just use a brown shadow.

So lets get our brights out as the sun will soon be here! xoxo

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Guess whos baaaaaaack!!!! My B-day night out look!

Yay im back properley from now!! I have so much to catch up on like SO SO SO much so I really don't know where to start I thought i'll get the hello's out the way and then I need to blog about my 100 follower giveaway which I think i'll photograph tonight and post up tomorrow,

whats new with me you ask......well  I have lots of new stuff to blog about including the new Rimmel 25hr lasting finish foundation which I am loving! I am gonna try not overload you all so thought maybe a blog a day will be ok to get me back on top of things!

So in the 6wks thats gone its been.....My 22nd birthday and birthday night in town (Jan 15th).....My 22nd and Nicoles 25th bday night in manchester (22nd Jan) and Valentines day! So here goes!

I had a great birthday my main presents were some boots and 2 dresses which I LOVE so much (and still haven't got to wear one of them its my friend Zoes birthday this weekend so going to do a post about my make up and this dress then) and Me, Ash and my girls all went out to town for the night, nothing too fancy as it was the big night out the following Saturday so I wore one of my new dresses from my mum, I did very smokey eyes and pinky rose lips, I don't know why I decided on red lips when I was wearing purple but I like to be random LOL

I got tipsy on champage so it was good times :) Next was the Manchester night out I commited a bad crime.....I was an 'OUTFIT REPEATER' hahahah basically I wore the same dress I wore to Liverpool a few months ago becasue the dress I planned was at my mums and I didn't have time to go pick it up, I don't think its that bad to wear something twice seriously though lol, here I curled my hair with the babyliss curling wand and did a very dark look on my eyes and a bright pink Barry M lipgloss on my lips,

I look so bewildered in the last pic and that drunken pout in the 2nd pic *SMH*

Then finally Valentines we have a Red Lip look using Barry M lipstick, which is abit too much of a harsh red I think for me but I have a new Wet and Wild lipstick in red I want to try, I got a lovely red top with lace detailing down but the pic does not do it justice at all!! my bad phone taking rubbish pics as usual and also got a lovely big bear with a gorgeous lilac rose! LOVE IT!

My kitten so did not want to be in the pic LOL

So thats the quick round up sorry it's so pic heavy LOL now I need to get photographing the giveaway whos excited?!!! LOL

Vikki xoxoxo

Monday, 7 February 2011

Im Reading.....(plus i'll be back properley on the 18th YAY!)

My internet order is now confirmed for the 18th so I will be back blogging then, didnt think it would take as long as this but thats the earliest date it could be sorted for :-(

I haven't time to write much more now or reply to the comments i've got since last been online but I promise from 18th it will be buisness as usual!!!

Thanks to everyone thats still checking out my posts and leaving comments very much appreciated :-)

See you in 11 days LOL

And in Blue Peter style heres a quick blog I prepared earlier LOL enjoy!

Im Reading.....

 So I bought two new books yesterday as I love reading I always have been the bookworm of my family, I used to beg my mum when I was little to take me to the library on a weekend and getting 5-6 books out at a time used to be so exciting for me! And I have read quite a few books since I grew up but focused more on celeb autobiographies or magazines, such as gossip rags and whatever else and they're all cool and juicy and stuff but I wanted to read a few books (although I did recently read one called HEART TO HEART by Pea Horsley about a lady that's like a real life Animal communicator if you're an animal lover like me you will love it and full of different stories and it made me cry so much, theres stories on here curing animals, finding them by connecting with them when they have gone missing and can also connect with them once they have passed away, I know this may sound slightly crazy as when I told Ash he thought I was talking nonsense but im really into spiritual stuff like this she also runs workshops check out her site http://www.animalthoughts.com/.) Anyway back to the point the new books I got yesterday are 'Lessons of a lipstick Queen' by Poppy King and 'Pop Tart' By Kira Coplin and Julianne Kaye.

Lessons of a lipstick queen is basically about an entrepeneur named Poppy King who created her own lipstick brand at the age of 18 called poppy industries and this book is sort of her adventure and and kind of a motivational type of book with lots of tips for people who are wanting to maybe do something similar or just improve and be a better buisness person in general one of the main statements is ''IF AN EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD GIRLS SEARCH FOR THE IDEAL MATTE LIPSTICK CAN TURN INTO A MULTIMILLION DOLLAR COMPANY, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE'' and I love that! I mean all us beauty bloggers can relate to this as how many 'ideal' products have you wanted and not been able to find? Well she turned that into her fortune and this book like I said follows that so I am definatley looking forward to reading it her site by the way is http://lipstickqueen.com/ and her line of lipsticks is available in places like Barneys in the US and quite a few more places and in the UK in Space NK, you can find all this out on the site, they definatley look fabulous and its an adorable site! I might have to try one, People in the US you can shop online too (there is lipstick and lipgloss around $18-$20 USD)

Next up we have the 'Pop Tart' one this is about a young make up artist (Jackie) that has always dreamed of making it big in Hollywood then she meets a 16year old pop starlet called Brooke (who is apparently loosely based on Britney Spears) and basically gets her wish until she sees fame has its downside when Brooke starts to rebel and begins to fall apart (like how Britneys career did) taking Jackie with her and its basically Jackies friendship with Brooke put to the test, can Jackie save them both or will she be just another casualty of Brooke's insatiable appetite for fame? This apparently will captivate fans of 'The devil wears prada' and I adored that book and film so had to check this out, it is also similar to the fictional books Lauren Conrad writes which I STILL need to check out!

Both of these books are available on places like Ebay or Amazon theres lots of info on google, I bought mine both on sale in a random bookshop in my town.

Once I read them I will do an updated post and let you all know how I got on!