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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Who wants a gel eyeliner for less than £1!!!!!!!

So you may remember in my ELF brush post HERE I mentioned I had a new BARGAIN gel eyeliner I was currentley using with my new ELF studio angled liner brush and it has become on of my favourites really fast, I love gel eyeliners as the lasting power and intensity is amazing so when I heard about this one I HAD to try it I first saw it when the lovely Nicoletta did a blog post on bargains she had found and this sounded fab. It is from Ebay (Ebay I know!) and is unbranded the exact link I got mine from is HERE and as it is from Hong Kong they offer worldwide shipping so you can all get your hands on it no matter where you are, and YES you have read correctley this little baby cost me 99p with 29p delivery, YES THATS £1.28 (or for any americans that's just under $2!) The delivery does take a while (mine took about 10 days but thats only a minor issue)

The liner is so creamy and easy to use and boy does it last! It's waterproof so can be abit annoying to budge at night but an oil based eye make up remover worked well, or good old olive oil and water (bit of a DIY tip for you there) It is totally smudge proof so once it's dry it is set for the day, i've also put it on my waterline and it hasn't irritated my eyes (although don't take my word for this as everyone is different) and like I said before it is really dark black in one swipe which is important for me with liners, here are some pics of me wearing it and obviously a swatch!.....

Vikki xoxo

Sunday, 18 September 2011

My boring face LOL

Sooooo I haven't done a FOTD for a while and the truth is *confession time* I have been so freaking boring alately with my make up.....it seriously is 'different day...same crap' haha. Sooo I thought I would share with you what I lovingly call my 'boring face' and it comes with a pact that this week I will make a special effort to inject some colour and vibrancy into my face! I just love looks like this as I can do it in like 10mins and it's fresh, simple, easy, goes with everything..etc etc..you get my drift!


So the boring 'classic FOTD' basically consists of a brown-y/bronz-y/neutral sort of look. I used MAC Ever hip lipstick and 2 shadows from the 'Urban Decay Preen Shadow Box' which is an old palette although still available in places I love the colours in this they are all ideal for me, -

The shadows I used were 'Toasted' the bottom left one all over the lid (after using primer potion) and then 'Smog' it's friend to the side in the outer corners, I was using the top colour 'Snatch' to highlight but it has quite chunky bits of glitter in which fall all over my face! Grr! 

I have been abit Urban Decay crazy at the minute and recentley bought the Naked palette (59years after everyone *yawn* haha), The Book Of Shadows Vol III, and the Deluxe Shadow Box. Soooooo there is some beautiful colours in them that I will be abusing shortly!

Hope you are all having/had a fab weekend! 

Vikki xoxo

Thursday, 15 September 2011

ELF Brushes - Studio and Basic

 So yesterdays post was a basic VS studio E.L.F blush post and today carrying on the ELF theme (LOL) I have 2 basic ELF brushes and 2 studio ones to review, I was careful about the ones I picked as the basic ones are notoriously not that amazing apart from the odd few, most people also seem to have hit and misses with the same brushes, it's like they get manufactured different each time, I always read reviews on 'Makeupalley' to decide if a product is worth buying particulary with stuff from ELF as in the UK it's only available online and hard to see true swatches and get correct information. 

This is the basic 'Eye Crease Brush' (£1.50) it's great for getting colour right in the crease and for blending the colours from your lid upto your crease, it's soft and domed to a slight point, it's also really soft and doesn't shed, the basic line are white and don't look as sophisticated as the black studio ones but for the price it's great, I also like the brush for getting shadow under my lashline. I would definatley re-purchase it's a good brush BUT you could live without it.

This is the Studio Stipple Brush (£3.50) It is alot more softer and not as dense as I thought it isn't that sturdy (some would call it flimsy) but it works suprisingly well, I apply my foundation with my hands or with my Sigma F80 flat top kabuki so I haven't tried applying foundation with this and although it is recommended for all face products I can imagine it would be TOO soft and like I said it's nowhere near dense enough so I wouldn't buy it for that reason, for blush though it is great, cream blushes are harder to work with as again the flimsiness but powder blush and even powders like MSFs I would recommend using this with, I don't regret buying it but not sure if I would again! P.S It has the pink on the tip as thats my MAC blush it doesn't come coloured pink it's just black and white ha ha!

This is the 'Blending Eye' basic brush apparentley the poor man's version of MAC's 217 but I don't have that for a blending brush it's not as fluffy as some are and it does take abit of work to actually get it to do it's job but then how can you complain for the price, I don't end up really using this though as I have better brushes so maybe for beginners to make up or people just wanting a few basic brushes it would be good but it will probabaly stay at the bottom of my drawer.

Lastly this is the Studio Small Angled Brush, I use this for gel eyeliner and for applying coloured eyeshadows as eyeliners, when working with eyeliner I find angled brushes like this so much easier, I have just got a bargain new gel eyeliner that I LOVE and doing a post on in the next few days using this so you will be able to see it's effective-ness it picks up a good amount of colour and it is sturdy and creates a good line, perfect for doing 'cat eyes' eyeliner, this is one of my faves (along with the mineral small face kabuki brush - more on that in a second) I would definatley buy this again and again, and need a back up as I had a little heart attack when I lost it for a few mins this morning LOL.

I also did get the Mineral small face kabuki you might remember been pictured in the haul (click to go to) I did photograph it but it was full of mineral foundation so didn't look photogenic and now I don't have time to wash and photograph it as the light has gone :( BUT I will say that with the angled brush is my favourite, I tried it with mineral foundation and use it for applying pressed powder and it works well for both, it's sooo tiny and cute and it very soft I highly recommend, it also doesn't shed and even though it costs abit more (£5) it is really worth it! 

What other ELF brushes do I need or do you recommend? As im sure there is more than these I would possibly like!

p.s I really wanted to try and do an 'eye of the day' look with the ELF plum eyeliner I got but like the silly billy I am I have gone and lost it....before even using it haha. I will get another and get that done!
Vikki xoxo

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

E.L.F Basic Blush VS Studio Blush

I got two ELF blushes in my last haul - Basic blush in Flushed (£1.50) and Studio Blush in Blushing Rose (£3.50)

The packaging is the major difference, the basic is clear, cheap looking and you slide it down to open which can be abit awkward, whereas the studio blush is sturdier, a proper compact and includes a mirror (very similar to NARS blush packaging)
Basic 'Flushed'
Studio 'Blushed Rose'
Blushing Rose is the left swatch and Flushed is on the right
The basic one is also alot less pigmented, less long lasting and more chalky, Flushed is one of the more pigmented ones from what I have seen the rest in the basic line are very sheer, but the studio ones seem to vary, Blushed Rose isn't one of the more popular studio shades but probably due to the swatch on the ELF site which looks nothing like it does in real life and doesn't do it justice. I think Blushed Rose will be a great winter blush as it's slightly red/brown toned and is shimmery without been OTT and noticeable, it gives a fantastic glowy look on and although it doesn't last forever it has reasonable lasting time. I do love the colour of Flushed it's such a pretty and unusual berry toned fuchsia but it's a shame it doesn't last or is as good as the studio one, It gorgeous when first on though.

Who else has any ELF blush recommendations for me? I have a few ELF blushes to review for tomorrows post and thats most my ELF stuff done ALTHOUGH I might just have to buy more as they are doing free shipping for UK/European customers (minimum spend £10 just use code QZXUK (UK customers) QZXEU (European customers) and QZXIT (Italian customers)

Vikki xxxx

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Little update

Sorry for the lack of posts, I haven't been feeling my best the last few days - back ache, sicky and sooooooooo tired! *yaawnnnnn*

I will get onto doing some posts tomorrow, and hope all your gorgeous dolls are good and well!!

If you don't follow me on twitter make sure you go do it :) @vikki_model x

Mwah xxxxxx

Friday, 9 September 2011

The using my Blush as a lipstick experiment........

Hi everyone I did a post not long back featuring one of the MAC Cremeblend blushes 'So Sweet So Easy' HERE and the lovely Alexis was curious as to see what the shade looked like as a lip color, as it is such a soft and pretty pink, I had actually never thought of doing it but OMG I LOVE IT!!!! What a fantastic idea, I mentioned in the other post I had difficulty and I still just can't get it to work as a blush.....everytime I apply it it goes patchy which im sad about as I love it, i've tried it with my fingers/blush brushes/stipple brush even my Sigma F80 flat top kabuki but still to no avail.

Sooo I am very happy that it's working for me as a lip colour at least! It actually had pretty good lasting power and was quite moistourising, I will be trying this on more cream blushes, here's some pics -
 I wasn't in a creative or bright make up mood today so the natural finish fitted in nicely, I was just off to do some work so I just did a neutral eye with thick liner to glam up abit but kept the rest of my make up simple, I didn't even use blush today just my w7 Honolulu bronzer.

I love little tips like this so a big thanks to Alexis I now have a great new way to wear this and not waste it!

Also thought i'd share these 2 funny pics of the week seen as its friday haha -
This is a portrait of this man done with bricks!! Imagine having that at the side of your house, how cool though! Was a quick blackberry snap whilst I was in a taxi at the traffic lights LOL
& My rescue cat I blogged about before George, we've had him for about 5wks now! Here is in the garden earlier sticking his tongue out hahaha how cheeky!
 Happy weekend dolls! xoxoxo

p.s I will get the swatches up from my E.L.F haul at the beginning of the week ASAP I haven't forgotten as I know a few people wanted to see the blushes in more detail.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Impulse for Lipsy 'Very Pink Dress' and 'Very Pink Body Spray'

This is a great post for me because A) It feautures Impulse (I LOVE impulse sprays! You may remember when I blogged about their Barry M collaboration I posted back HERE) and B) It feautures Lipsy one of my favourite stores ever, So the reason for this post is that Impulse has teamed up with hot fashion brand, Lipsy, to create a limited edition, exclusive dress to celebrate Impulse's latest fragrance: ‘Very Pink’.

The two top brands have paired up to offer a stunning off the shoulder Very Pink dress with a delicate drape sleeve and charming embellishment at the waist. Guaranteed to ensure you dazzle whether you’re on a romantic date or a night out with the girls.
Only available from www.lipsy.co.uk the ‘Impulse for Lipsy Very Pink dress’ can be ordered from 19th August (RRP £65) BUT as a special offer for Impulse fans, from Monday 5th September to Sunday 11th September the dress is available half price, whilst stocks last at the following Lipsy stores: 
  • 22 – 26 Cameron Walk, Metro Centre, Gateshead, NE11 9ER
  • 82-88 Queens Street, Cardiff, CF10 2GR
  • Westfield, Ariel Way, London, W12 7GA
  • 122 Regents Crescent, The Trafford Centre, Manchester, M17 8AA
All you have to do is show your can of Very Pink (RRP at a bargain £1.99) to the cashier to get 50% off the dress. Hurry, this hot dress is going to fly off the shelves!
Impulse Very Pink is available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco and Asda stores today, It smells absoloutley amazing and is perfect to have in your handbag at all times! That's this weekends outfit sorted with this collaboration you will be looking AND smelling good! Click the links to view and zoom in on the dress on the Lipsy site, it's even more stunning up close

Vikki xoxo

Sunday, 4 September 2011

My little E.L.F Cosmetics Haul

 Brightening Eyeliner in 'Plum' I thought a purple eyeliner would be cool to have for a autumn/winter look from the £1.50 basic line

Nail Polish in 'Desert Haze' my new fave, only needs 2-3 coats and it a lovely neutral colour, am wearing it as we speak and also just put it on my mum she loves it too! From the basic £1.50 line

'Metal madness' nail polish, a lovely black with shimmer/glitter, not yet tried this out but seen it on some other peoples blogs and it looks lovely, I love black nails so this will be abit different, from the basic £1.50 line

 Blush in 'Blushing Rose' from the Studio £3.50 line swatches to come, quite a deep pink/red shade.

 Blush in 'Flushed' from the basic £1.50 line swatches to come, from what I have read its one of the more pigmented basic ones as most are sheer, it looks a lovely raspberry shade.

 Stipple Brush hopefully good for my cream blushes, abit peeved that it arrived all squashed and bent but going to wash and re-shape it! Really soft, not sure if it will be TOO soft though, from the studio range £3.50

 Kabuki Face Brush, alot smaller than I thought but its cute and it is really soft and great for mineral foundations/powders its from the mineral line £5

 Blending eye brush from the basic £1.50 line, heard lots of great things about this but not yet tried it

 Small Angled Brush I got this for Gel liner as I fined angled liner brushes easy to work with, from the studio £3.50 range

 Eye crease brush from the basic line, again heard good things about this and its £1.50 from the basic line

Finally eyelid primer from the basic £1.50 line, im sure you all know this is one of ELFs more famous products LOL I want a change from my Benefit Lemon Aid eyelid primer and thought I would try this before splashing out on Urban Decay PP/Too Faced shadow insurance.

So there you have it a little ELF haul, if you haven't already make sure you go like their facebook (UK Site) page as they regularly post offers up, I got this all on a 50% off offer so came to really cheap, but the postage and packaging is like £3, I haven't tried most as you can see but over the next few days I will be and posting more swatches and reviews on the brushes.

Let me know if you have any questions on any of the products or what you think of them

Hope you're all having great weekends 

Vikki xoxox

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Quick FOTD! Natural 'Brown/Green eye' and MAC 'Ever Hip'

Today I decided to do a 'natural look' but added green as thats quite a natural colour although I know when I think of the word 'natural' for make up I think Naked Palette and Too Faced's Natural eye Palette which are browns!

My MAC Ever Hip lipstick came today sooooooooooooo excited it is so pretty, both these pics look the same I need a new pose goddammit!

I actually used a mid olive green from the Manly 120 palette and the brown was actually a copper dazzle dust by Barry M, this amazing colour -

To be honest I don't LOVE how it turned out, but I liked the colours and concepts, I think I should have used a black liner, but to keep with the natural theme I used brown but on the pics it just looks part of the eyeshadow, 

From as soon as I tried Ever hip today I loved it as much as I thought I would it's been sold out which I was gutted about but then the lovely Ashlie held a giveaway as she had a spare and I won! It's a lovely soft coral with more pink undertones than orange which make it an extremely wearable colour for all skin tones, I think even in winter it will look great, and I thought i'd be retiring coral lips as winter comes but with this I definatley wont.

I didn't get a lip swatch but I will get one up cos I then put a NYX lip gloss in 'Sugar Pie' over the top, which slightly lightened it and gave it an extra glossy shine and I have to say this is one of my fave lip concoctions! 

This may sound weird but I really feel I 'need' black eyeliner otherwise I feel something just doesn't look right with my face.....am I insane or do other people have a staple they feel they must always use? LOL.

The full list of items I used is:
  • Wet N Wild Concealer (ivory)
  • Rimmel 25hr foundation (201)
  • Honolulu w7 bronzer 
  • Benefit Lemon Aid eye primer
  • Almay dial up mascara 
  • Green from Manly 120 palette
  • Copper shade Barry M dazzle dust
  • NYX brown eyeliner
  • Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil
  • NYX long lip pencil (natural)
  • MAC Ever Hip
  • NYX Gloss (Sugar Pie)

Vikki xoxox