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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Maternity clothes/Haul

Because my bump is the size of a small house (LOL) my clothes no longer fit! This is the joy of been 6mths pregnant I guess (along with having NO social life of course! Although I had a fun filled time at my friends Ann Summers party the other day and a lovely family time at bowling yesterday with Ash, his little sis and our niece) Soooo I have put on over a stone in weight I will say it must all be belly as everything else on me seems to have remained the same, from the back I don't even look pregnant but from the front boy am I carrying big! Here is my 6mths pregnant bump n all it's glory -

I love my baby so therefore I love this bump! I refuse to dress in big frumpy baggy things to hide it, i also refuse to pay ridiculous prices for maternity wear that I will not be wearing again after this pregnancy for a long while! So as I have only put weight on where my bump is im quite lucky as it means that alot of bottoms I can fit into still and I also have started LIVING in leggings.....well actually I always have but now they're so comfy too, so all I am doing is that for the bottom half, for the top half I have got some new tops, my criteria is stretchy and still 'me' everything I wear now I would have worn before pregnancy and will wear after, I know most will stretch and lose their shape so I have bought quite a few basic bits from cheap places like primark, anyway here's the pics of the haul -

cream knit jumper dress from a small shop in manchester forgot the name also have the exact one in black ash bought me both these
cream lace and bead detail vest from primark
red crochet back vest from primark
gold jumper from new look
LOVE jumper - ash bought me
sequin tiger jumper - ash bought me too
striped and lace long top, from everything5pounds.com (BARGAIN!)
striped sheer top primark I LOVE these sooooo loose and comfy
Same as the striped one above just a really bright pink
Jewel neck top, i bought this (actually sorry my mum bought it for me!) for when i have somewhere more formal and special to go as the jewel detailing is very glam and it skims over my bump nicely
I think when I get bigger I might need some more clothes but for now these and the stuff I already had are doing fine, it's weird as I really don't want to buy anything for me now im pregnant I just want to spend all my money on baby things, I am actually having to force myself to buy some foundation tomorrow as all the ones I currently have I hate, even tried a new max factor one on sunday and nearly cried i hated it that much.....i'll do a post on that actually! So now im vowing I will only wear Rimmel lasting finish 25hr or the old 16hr one, my face really does not agree with anything but that and it's been my fave for years I don't know why I stray from it, gosh what has happened to the beauty and make up addict in me! My make up look has become so boring too, to be honest the whole moving house and trying to get everything ready for baby is quite stressful so I have just been wearing minimal/plain make up unless I have gone out somewhere, I will start getting some make up looks back up on here though but everything is all a mess at the moment until I move and unpack it all, BUT coming up this week I DO have: 2 perfume reviews, face mask reviews, and my top nail polishes I am using right now for winter so look out for those also check out my most recent updates and follow my pregnancy blog if you haven't already www.victoriaspregnancydiary.blogspot.com

Vikki xoxo

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My birthday.....

Just checking in with everyone again! Sunday 15th was my birthday (23!) I had a truly amazing day, it's also my mums on the same day so I spent some time with her and having Sunday lunch together then Ash picked me up and surprised me with a big 'Me 2 U' bear, another teddy and a Hello Kitty cake that was so yum, he got me the sweetest card from the baby that nearly made me cry it was so lovely, he also kindly gave me some money to treat myself as I haven't had much treats since been pregnant (everything i buy is for baby hence the lack of any beauty/fashion posts!) I am so blessed to be having this beautiful baby girl with such an amazing person, I love you ash :)

I mentioned last time we were moving, but due to people been timewasters that fell through which is SO disappointing so we are back at square one but hopefully that might change with abit of luck this week, so it's a stressful time, I am now nearly 6mths pregnant baby is more active than ever, she spends most of the day kicking me and doing backflips, I love the feeling though!

I will hopefully be back to show you some new purchases with my birthday money soon! My mum gave me money for my hair styling/cutting so expect a 'before and after' post later this week! For now I will leave you with some pics :)

Me, BUMP, and Ash when we ventured out New Years Eve :)
My big lovely Me to U bear :)
My other bear and bear mug AWW

Baby on Board me to you bear especially for our car!!

My Hello Kitty cake THE yummiest cake ever! FACT!
Me and my cake and presents! I look very make up free aka washed out hahahah
 Vikki xoxo

Monday, 16 January 2012

Baby Gender

It's a baby GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so shocked, so so so so so shocked, I would have put money on it been a boy, all the old wives tales/gender theories/etc pointed to baby been a boy, I just felt it was a boy 'mothers intuition' i said psssh what do I know haha I sure proved wrong!

I am so excited to be having a baby daughter, the above pic is from my 20wks scan which was actually done 2wks ago now everything looks healthy and perfect which is the main thing I was bothered about, I would have been as happy if it was a boy I honestly wasn't fussed, I am 23 weeks in 3 days so the countdown is on! 

Lots of pretty pink clothing and cute outfits have now been bought and baby is wriggling around like mad as I type this.....she obviously knows she is been talked (or wrote!) about!

I feel amazing apart from backache constantly, everyone can tell im pregnant now as my bump is unmistakeable and it's all slowly dawning on me that in 17weeks I will have a beautiful baby in my arms, I am so impatient to meet her and so excited

This pregnancy period has been the best time of my life, don't forget to see more of my baby  journey on my baby blog www.victoriaspregnancydiary.blogspot.com x