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Friday, 12 November 2010

Easy but glam daytime look in a hurry!!!

BEFORE WE START I AM NOT THIS PALE HAHA!! I hate my blackberry camera so much"

Anyway look past the ghostly paleness. This was my daytime look today for a shopping trip!!

It is my most frequent look too, it takes you from day to night too

Firstly the full product list I used:

*Rimmel 16hr Lasting Finish foundation (200 soft beige)
*Carmex Cherry Lipbalm
*Rimmer Recover Anti Fatigue Concealer
*Maybelline ExpertWear Mono Eyeshadow (Golden Sand)
*Sleek 'Original' Eye Shadow Pallette 
*Rimmel kohl eyeliner pencil (Black)
*Collection 2000 Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Liner (Black)
*Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil (Black/Brown)
*W7 Big Lash Mascara (Black)
*Sleek Twist Up Lip Pencil (654 Pink Rose)
*Playboy Lipgloss (Playboy Pink)
*Collection 2000 Blush (04 Trouble)

First of all I applied concealer and foundation to even out all my skin, then I applied the maybelline golden sand colour which is a neutral matt colour all over my eyelid right up to the brow again to even skin out, and filled in my eyebrows with the Rimmel brow pencil. I used no tools for the eye make up in this look so using my finger loaded up the black colour in the Original Sleek pallette and smudged it to the outer corner of my eye as you spread it the colour smokily fades anyway as your using the product up so it should just be darker at the outer corners, add a bit more just 'dabbing' on if its not dark enough and smudge and blend with your finger again.

 Next pretty simple just use the Collection 2000 extreme felt tip liner and flick slightly out, I left the waterline make up free, for a more smoky look you could though, It was my first time using the felt tip liner, I really liked it though it as great staying power and went on fairly easy but it was a bit shaky so I went over it with my pencil black kohl liner from Rimmel just to neaten it up, then add a few coats of mascara the W7 one I used is really cheap but actually pretty good, I particularly love the animal print packaging!

 Moving onto lips I moisturised them with my favourtie Carmex lipbalm (the cherry one) then I lined them with the Sleek Lip Liner, then to fill in I used the Playboy Gloss not sure where you can get this now, I just thought it was so cute it has a mini playboy bunny on the top of the wand, and I got it in a discount makeup store.

 For my cheeks I used the Collection 2000 blush in 'Trouble' a lovely coral bronzy colour, it has quite a sheey coverage as this photo doesn't necessarily pick it up but I likey!

Easy done!!! No tools apart from my blush brush for the blusher and good old fingers LOL

Vikki xoxoxox


  1. I love you look very simple. but girl.


  2. hi thank you,

    It is a really basic and easy look, good for looking glam in a hurry LOL x


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