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Friday, 24 June 2011

Kaoir lipsticks - beware of the brights!!!

Todays post is on some new and VERY colourful lipsticks.....by a new brand called 'Kaoir' they have been created by american model, stylist, and actress Keyshia Dior (you may have seen her in Timberland/Gucci Mane/Young Jeezy videos she also styled Lil Wayne and Drake in the 'Bedrock' music video) 
click all pics to enlarge.

Keyshia above is sporting some of the extradoniary bright colours, she is so stunning and pulls them off amazingly well, 
I love the hot pink on the first model in this promo photo and Keyshia is in the middle rocking the DiorDoll blue.
These are the full range of 20 lipsticks, most are priced at $14.99 except the blue 'Dior Doll' which is the last one and the gold and silver glitter ones which are priced at $17.99 and 'Keyshia Dior' a limited edition nude shade at $19.99

GLITZ - Dazzling, Gold Glittery Lipstick
DIAMONDS - Platinum, Silver Glittery Lipstick
14K - Rich 14k Gold Lipstick
BANANA MILKSHAKE - Milky Bright Yellow Lipstick
JAMAICA - Tropical, Bright Green Lipstick
RUDE GIRL - Deep Bright Purple Lipstick
SADE-RACQUEL - Sweet, Soft Lilac Purple Lipstick
BABY BLEU - Cotton Candy, Light Baby Bleu Lipstick
NIGHT - Sexy Black Kitten Lipstick
PLATINUM - Luxurious, Brilliant Silver Lipstick
VIRGIN - Silky-Smooth White Lipstick
SEX - Naughty, Deep Cranberry Plum Red Lipstick
RED ROSES - Sexy Bright Red Lipstick
MISTRESS - Sultry Deep Pink Lipstick
GORGEOUS - Hot, Bright Magenta Pink Lipstick
OOH LA-LA - Vibrant, Juicy, Bright Orange Lipstick
WIFEY - Beautiful Soft Pink Lipstick
NUDITY - Yummy, Natural, Naked, Nude Lipstick
KEYSHIA DIOR - Clean, Fresh Baby Pinkish, Peachy Lipstick
#DIORDOLL -  Extremely Bright Blue Lipstick

These are the full shades I tried to put them in order going from L-R with the corresponding ones in the pic and I think most are correct for full colour guide check out the site http://www.kaoir.com also in the pic above I picked out my fave picks which were - Keyshia Dior, Gorgeous, Rude Girl, Mistress Sex. I have no idea when and wear I would wear Rude Girl but it is such a pretty shade!

They also have  aline of Lip-Pop glosses 
After shipping & tax the price for one of the $14.99 lipsticks is around $20 for US customers and for us UK customers the price is around £16 that is on the provision your buying one lipstick obviously you won't have to pay more shipping and tax for more.

Who would be daring enough to wear these?
Vikki xoxo

disclaimer - all images not copyright of me they have just been used for promotional purposes from the site www.kaoir.com


  1. I'm a fan of bright colours, but I don't know if I could go that bright for my lips! Maybe I'd rock these for Halloween, so I can get away with it lmao. But Wifey, Nudity, and Keyshia Dior are my favourite from the line.

  2. I agree i like the more wearable ones, the others are a nice idea but i just couldnt rock them i dont think!! x

  3. this looks so cool and daring

  4. Wow, those are some really bright lippies!

  5. I'd love to be able to pull these off, but don't think I could.. maybe the more wearable colours! But she sure does look hot in them!



  6. definitely dont think i could pull these off but these would be great in a makeup kit!

  7. The colors are so vibrant and bold - but also intimidating lol. They'd be perfect for a photo shoot though!






  9. they look fab for promo pics but i dont think the wild shades would translate well in real life. That beings said the wearable shades look fab! x

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