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Friday, 5 November 2010

Some of my personal pics

I thought well I have babbled on for how long and not got many personal pics apart from a few modelling ones of me on my very first post and as this blog is meant to be also about my world in general and not just beauty and make up and all that jazz I would post a few pics of fun times I have had and my friends!

This is me and my lovely friend Linda who is from Latvia and now moved to another town but we still are going to have some nights out, the first was taken at the beginning of the year sometime, my first time managing to get false lashes on, Linda is legendary at individual eyelashes im useless and the second was about a year ago not long after we first met when we both worked at Boots!

Next photo is from Summer this year at a BBQ my friend Adam had at his house, which was a good fun night,I was so cold I had adams coat on whilst Ash is next to me all warm in his LOL (he wasn't offering that!!) Please don't judge my headband ha ha ha.

I love this above picture Me and my 1 Girlie ENA!!!!! The crazy bosnian (don't let the yorkshire accent fool u ha ha ha) <3

Neeext is one of my fave pics as it as all of me and my girls in (bouncer took it LOL) from L-R there is me, nicole, ena, kim and kirsty - all GORGEOUSNESS!!

This one us having so much jokes with a moet bottle LOL was at Oracle in Leeds at the bacardi white party, (clues in the title you wear white but i bought a RED dress without thinking and on the day it clicked and I had to run around the shops last minute hahaha) I liked my white dress better in the end, this is me and adam

Then me and Ash, this is the same party where Tinchy Stryder and Professor Green were out partying as we were VIPs due to one of the modelling agencies I am with, (theres a pic of us with the lovely tinchy on my first blog post)

This is me at a Recent photoshoot in Kent which has the most amazing shoe closet EVERRRRRRRR they were all gorgeous oh my god I wanted to live there haha

Next a major throwback picture look  how short my hair was (never again although I loved it then LOL) this was summer of 2007 so over 3years ago now, can't believe I was only 18 then it feels a lifetime ago now.

Lastly me on Valentines day this year with my bear which now lives in my bedroom which matches the red colour theme!! A great day :-)

So hope you have enjoyed a few of my piccies, This year has been great for modelling and everything and I have loads of amazing modelling pics to share soon but theres nothing better than personal pics that are memories of important days or fun nights that you can never replace or get back! Cherish your friends and family you never know whats around the corner. I LOVE you all my friends and fam!

Vikki xoxoxoxox


  1. Love your striped dress, you look so good in it! Yup, I WILL have a shoe closet like that someday!

  2. Aw thank you hun, it was a bargain £12 from Miss Selfrige, they did it in loadsa colours and plain ones was good for summer cos so comfy and stretchy and so easy to wear! Ahh roll on next summer!


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