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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle

New shampoo for me is a rarity LOL I went back to using L'oreal elvive which has been my holy grail for the last 18mths (in between I had ai disastorous experience with GUM shampoo and conditioner I hated them) I recentley changed Pantene pro-V ice shine which I thought was quite good actually BUT then I had an epiphany 5years after everyone else discovered Aussie I have finally started using it (I had tried sachets of the 3 minute miracle every blue moon that was it) If you have been living in the dark like me and still not discovered Aussie you can check out there story from their UK site HERE it is available in most Chemists, Boots, Superdrug, Online, etc

I got The miracle moist shampoo and 3 minute miracle reconstructor -

The shampoo contains Queensland Macadamia Nut extract, this helps smooth hair my hair as it's quite thick and if not straightened or curled it is hard to manage and abit coarse soI LOVE anything that promises to moistourise it, and this is great as I also love macadamia treatments, my hair dye (as im naturally very dark brown I just like black better on me so dye it every few months) comes with a sachet of a macadamia treatment that literally makes my hair feel like silk.

Then the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor is a deep conditioning treatment again for dry and damaged hair because of heat styling and colouring my hair this is great to keep it in tip top condition my mum also uses this on her light hair to repair bleach damage and finds it great plus I am really bad at getting my hair cut as I hate having any length cut off it as I am still trying to grow it even though it is long and it's over halway down my back now BUT I seriously wont be happy until it's 'Kardashian length' LOL so this is great for looking after the ends

My hair does feel alot smoother and after straightening it looked alot better and shinier I instantaly noticed the difference plus they smell GORGEOUS! The Aussie shampoo's have  a great reputation and are about £4 each I need the miracle moist conditioner as these were on offer 2 for £6 in Boots at the moment so I just used some Elvive conditioner I already had but if im using the reconstructor which I usually do at least once a week im not using conditioner, I just shampoo/rinse and apply that (usually longer than the 3mins it says aswell LOL) 

What other Aussie products should I try? and who else is a fan? 
 P.S check out Aussies website HERE

Vikki xoxox


  1. i'm trying to grow my hair too and i love aussie! the best brand i've tried :) xx

  2. i love aussie and their products smell lush i have been using a leave in conditioner by aussie for years not sure what it does exactely but it work miracles and my hair feel great :)

  3. hello phone cover twin :P i love love love aussie shampoos and my good 3 min miracle has saved me many a time, great review chica! You have gorge hair you dont need kardashian hair they dont even have kardasian hair its comes from a packet haha! xxx

  4. i need to try this- i love how affordable aussie products are! Great post!!! thanks for reviewing!

  5. sounds great. I'll check this website.

  6. @jess i know! cant believe im so late trying it LOL

    @barbie_dolly they're lovely arent they my hair still smells gorgeous

    @adrienne haha i am gonna put my cover bk on in honor of u now LOL and hahaha i know they fake it but i just want bum length hair LOL it will never happen though my hair gets to a point and wont grow futher so annoying!

    @honey B - theyre fab prices arent they im sure u will love them!

    @rakhshanda yep definatley do they're great products


  7. I've never tried Aussie but would love to grab my mitts over their products xoxo

  8. I've tried aussie products before but I've never seen this one... thanks for the tip!! ox

  9. @maryam maybe theyre new or just different here in the UK? keep your eye out cos they are really good x


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