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Sunday, 22 May 2011

My bowling date night FOTD (face) and OOTD (outfit)

So on Weds night me and Ashley (woah I feel like im telling him off when I say 'Ashley' normally it's just 'Ash' LOL) went bowling....best of 3 games as we always do it.....I win 1 and he wins 2 so ultimatley ''wins''.....as always! I ALWAYS win 1 never more and this time it was the first game so I got slightly competitive after that - and lost :(
First pic is me bowling, second is our results and my dreadful score and third is ash, I always make Ash laugh as I find the bowling balls so big for my teeny hands so I never end up bowling the ball really fast or powerful but I still always manage to get decent results so I must be slighly lucky and have a skill just not one good enough to beat him lol!

I didn't get many pics on my camera as the battery went but I did get a few of my make up look on my phone before he came to pick me up as I was visiting my mum, My make up was pretty simple, a winged eye wih natural/brown eyeshadow all over the eye area and then with a pop of slight coral colour on the lips (which is MUA shade 11 lipstick) & bronzed cheeks -

So I wore a black jumper dress it has 2 front pockets and it pretty plain but simple, I long long sleeve dresses and it's quite thin wool material which I love so I wasn't too warm or cold, I teamed it with lace leggings and sandals which you can't see as I had to put on the bowling shoes, I also was having a bad hair day aka my hair needed washing so I put it up in a sleek, smooth ponytail excuse my stupid flash in the first pic and how sexy are those bowling shoes! NOT! ha ha
I love these pretty little flower earrings they matched my gold sandals and tan leopard bag I unfortunatley didn't picture :(

So yes thats our 'date' even though we have lived together for the last few years, have been together for the last 5 and have actually known each other for 7years since I was 15 (im 22 now) we still take time out to go on dates like this, I think it's really important in relationships to do this, even after all these years I still WANT to spend quality time together and COVERSATE with him, I don't ever want to be in one of them stuck-in-a-rut places he makes me laugh and smile everyday and I sound all soppy now but at our age it is unlikely to get couples that stay together for a fair number of years, my advice or thoughts on relationships is give your all to that relationship ALWAY, we are like best friends, we have had the tears, rain, clouds and general bad times because everyone does and will but what's important is working through them together because it's the struggles that build the strength! I see countless people who leave relationships for the smallest stupidest things and then end up regretting it later down the line, Walking away is the easiest option in anything, but it is true what they say after the rain comes the sun and I am enjoying my sunshine right now :)

When I came back I had a long deserved BIG bubble bath (im loving Original Source's bath milk it foams so well!) with one of my fave girlie magazines 

So yep thats a little insight into my date night, Also I filmed 3 videos for my youtube over the weekend, an eyebrow tutorial/green eyeshadow 'look' tutorial/my beauty body and hair essentials and I hate all of them, well the beauty and body essentials one I can kind of cope with the other 2 are dreadful I have had an allergic reaction to some product which im assuming is a new coconut body lotion I tried and so it's not been too bad but im getting random itchy spots on my arms and neck and one above my lip SOOO annoying praying it hurries and goes so in 2 of the vids you can see the red patch near my lip where I have had a allergic spot so I scrapped them 2 I will refilm this week urgh my ear is itching right now as I speak :)

Hope you're all having great weekends

Vikki xoxoxo


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