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Monday, 2 May 2011

Maxi Dress Time!

I love maxi dresses that is my confession, although I feel abit awakward when I wear them at times as im not used to such long dresses and usually walk fast like a maniac and these dresses majorly slow you down there is nothing as comfy in the summer months, I only have 3 at the moment a blue and white aztec print one I haven't worn this year will deffo do an OOTD post with it soon, I also have a bandeau plain black one which I also haven't worn yet as it's been abit TOO warm for such a dark colour so might team that with a denim jacket on the colder summer days and thirdly is this one I will post it's a sort of vest type one and is leopard print and a cotton material here I am photographed (badly LOL) at a shoot with it on last week, teamed with a standard beige cardigan and a tan studded bag,   

Please excuse my tired face in the first pic, BLEURGGH hahah, anyway this was actually from as store caled 'Ethel Austin' which is abit of a Matalan/Peacocks/Primark kind of store apart from it does alot of houseware aswell probabaly more than the clothing section well the one in my town does anyway and I never look there for clothes as the selection isn't the best to say the least but I do love it for homeware bits and bats so whilst going in to browse at house things one day this caught my eye on the sale rale and I can't remember the price exactly but im sure it was only around £8! BARGAIN lol

I always wear mine with flats......usually flip flops, and I usually find they are just the right length for my height as im around 5'6 which is average height although if you are shorter they look fab with wedges just so you're not tripping over the hem

I have also just seen this Lipsy for ASOS one reduced from £70 to £35 this could be seen as abit expensive before it was reduced but it would be perfect for holidays or even them nice summer nights out as it would take you right from a daytime look through to the night and now it's half price its a steal

I LOVE that gold detailing.....so pretty the link for the to this by the way click here it has a gorgeous 'V' back and is also available in Mink which I don't know if I like better or not LOL

Who else is a maxi dress obsessive?!


  1. Love the maxi dress... very pretty and comfy ;-)

  2. I love maxi dresses!
    I'm trying to mix them in with my winter wear because I love them so much!
    Love your leopard print one... So pretty!


  3. Lovely dress! I am so into animal prints these days! xoxo

  4. thanks ladies....I definatley will be investing in more xx

  5. i don't see a lot of maxi dresses in such a nice print--this is fab on you.

    have you entered my necklace giveaway yet hun?


  6. love that! i always walk straight past ethel austin, should go in sometime xx

  7. thnx & ye deffo worth it! it surprised me lol xx

  8. LOVE the print! & that it's super long, looks comfy too!


  9. that looks great on you! I love the print, I'm rediculously into leopard at the moment.




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