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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Top 10 lipsticks under £5 and my new FAVOURITE eyeshadow

I thought I would do a post on the top 10 lipstick I use that are under £5 as I know in the blog world especially people like to switch things up and it can be an expensive buisness and as much as I would love to I can't always afford to spend alot of money on high end brands constantaly and it's not just about money it's also about I DON'T actually want to, don't get me wrong high end brands are a nice treat to have and if you prefer them then that's obviously good for you BUT me personally I have always been a thrifty girl that loves a bargain especially as I like to experiment with make up so much and buy alot of different stuff and I think this comes from growoing up I wasn't brought up with money BUT the things I had I appreciated so I appreciate getting a new lipstick whether it's a £1 one or a high end one the same! THIS is also the reason why I love ordering from the UK website Fragrance Direct so much as the make up is SOOOO cheap and great brands like l'oreal, bourjois, maybelline, ETC

Anyway I use these 10 colours the most I thought I would do a post on them, I haven't included any of the new Sleek True Colour lipsticks as I have spoke about these soooo much now and I will state here YES they are under £5 and YES they are very much fantastic, I cannot fault them BUT I thought i'd share a few other ones, so these are the swatches - 

So from Left - Right

1. Collection 2000 True glossy in SHADE 10 (A lovely mid brown)
2. 17 Lasting fix in PINK POWER (A brigh pink that's more berry and plummy than neon bright)
3. NYC lipstick in PEACH ICE (This is the perfect nude lip for me, warm but not too white based so it looks like damn concealer....I hate those lipsticks *cough cough* Barry M shade 101 LOL)
4. Rimmel Moisture Renew in ROSE PASSION (My perfect red warming to olive skins and so hydrating)
5. MUA @ Superdrug in SHADE 4 (Everyday baby pink not too pigmented but nice and glossy)
6. MUA @ Superdrug in SHADE 11 (A colour similar to my lips but more coral/pinky based also very sheeny)
7. Collection 2000 True glossy in SHADE 9 (A slightly darker brown lovely against a tan)
8. 17 Lasting fix in SHELL (A frosty but flattering nude)
9. Wet N Wild SHADE 625101 (Another red but more orange based than the Rimmel one)
10. Rimmel Lasting finish in CANDY (Bubblegum pink looks best with some gloss for that perfect nude pink)

So there you have it the variants of shades I wear mostly - pinks, reds and brown/nudes. The Rimmel Lasting finish are my favourite lipsticks EVER I also love Crush, Birthday Suit & Coral in Gold and they are SO cheap.

ALSO I have a new ''Find'' as you may know I love maybelline mono shadows as a base so I mainly use neutral colours like 'Golden Sand' but this caught my eye the other day say hello to Maybelline 'Emerald Diamonds'

At first glance I thought oohh thats a nice olive green I love green's for dark eyes if you haven't check out my green trend post check it HERE but then when I picked it up it changed to a golden flecked colour and as I kept moving it it was almost holographic like! I LOVED it, now I swatched it and first thoughts were ok its not that green or the green I imagined but it is the most flattering green based sort of brown colour with golden flecks, it is so stunning -

I will be getting SO much wear out of this everyday just with simple winged liner eyes and coral lips its stunning and best of all? You can buy it for 99p HERE I got mine at a discounted make up store in my own time not off of the Fragrance direct site but I was browing on there tonight when I realised they had it, I have had a few orders of there now and all are fast and simple, plus no matter what you get it's a flat rate of £1.99

Vikki xoxo


  1. Thanks for this wonderful post and swatches :)

  2. Literally just bookmarked this post! I want all those lipsticks.. Such gorgeous colours xx

  3. LOL the MUA ones are my everyday faves i think the rimmel moisture renew ones are on fragrance direct at the moment for like 99p and theres about 5 diff shades so im going to stock up! xx


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