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Monday, 16 May 2011

My Saturday OOTN (outfit of the night) NOTN (nails of the night) and FOTN (face of the night)

So last night I got dragged out to BOUDOIR in leeds I LOVE this club it's so nice....Steve Sutherland was DJing (I went with my boyfriend who is also a resident DJ at Boudoir & he's a Steve fan LOL so off over to leeds we went). I did one of my favourite party looks.....Black eyes and Neon pink lips :)

 I wore my new dress from H&M I got the other week, well I got 2 dresses, a skirt and some trousers and I also ordered 4 more bits of H&M again the other day I was going to wait and do a big H&M haul post/video but oh well i'll still do that aswell when my other bits arrive as this is the only thing I have worn.

It was such a bargain think it was like £9.99 and it's great because a) I LOVE anything animal print its the tackiness in me and b) it looks fab dressed up (I had on black tights...black shoe suede wedges and a black clutch bag) but it also will work well with flip flops and a denim jacket on the warmer days PLUS layered with leggings and a cardigan in winter!

My big baby approved of my make up (I thought i'd give him some 'blog shine' as my baby kitty you can see on 'My beauty Essentials' video on my youtube is becoming a youtube celeb & hes jealous LOL

The pic on the left was taken on the train and the pic on the right kinda shows my nail polish LOL (more about that later)

My eyeshadow was a black from a Bourjois trio which i'm loving at the moment I don't remember the exact name of it though and my lipgloss is glam shine perfectley pink mixed with a the Sleek Fuchsia that I need to stop raving about and wearing because it's getting B-ORING if I do say so but I can't help it!

My NOTN (Nails of the night LOL) was Blue Moon by Barry M I recentley bought this in the lovely AdrienneAdores blog sale and it is a lovely pale blue does take a few layers but deffo worth it.....I have worn it the past 3days & no chips I love Barry M I got abit bored today and added baby pink tips reminds me of candy/ice cream LOL 

Bit messy on the application as the Blue Moon I put on in a rush the other day & the pink tips need a very steady hand LOL but was abit of fun for the day!

Anyway hope everyone else has had a fab weekend :)

Vikki xoxox


  1. I love the eyes and the dress! Just beautiful and gorgeous as always.

  2. You are stunning!!! and very pretty nails!

  3. nice look :) i love the animal print and the nail colors you used.

  4. absolutely adore the nail varnish combo- so sweet and summery, and really like your mix of the smokey eye and the summery lip. lovely post xxx

  5. you look hott babe love the nails too ;) xx

  6. love this makeup look! You look smoking hot! Gonna have to copy that nail look- great job!

  7. Aw thanks for all the lovely comments girls :) xxx

  8. Animal print dress! Amazing! I need one too =D

  9. its such a bargain for £10!! I LOVE H&M xx


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