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Thursday, 2 June 2011

The story of my Eyebrows LOL......

Eyebrows have been the bane of my life, I had lovely thick eyebrows but back when I was 14 in 2005 I HATED them so overplucked them, they were never the same again, they grew back gradually and were decent again apart from the inner bits that have always been sparse especially on my my right eye and were like that until I was about 18 when I overplucked them AGAIN because I am a total idiot!! and now im 22 they do not grow good.....at all, they grow where I don't want them to (e.g in no shape) so I keep them fairly thin, thankfully I have never overplucked them that much they were barely there or anything so yes I keep them thin now but have to pencil them in as I like medium brows for my face, the right one I still don't like so im still 'mothering' that, I thought i'd do this post as alot of people on youtube/blogs have commented on they like my eyebrows but believe my without eyebrow pencil i'd be lost and I only started filling my brows in when I was like 18 before than I was in the dark LOL

So above is my 2 fave 'Eyebrow Pics' they were taken on a shoot on the same day so I obviously was having just a good brow day

This with nothing is my eyebrow in its total natural state -

So as you can see they're quite thin with a slight shape, to fill them in I use Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil it's under £4 its perfect colouring for my skin (its shade brown/black) usually as im naturally very dark brown shades are too light but then just black alone looks WAY too harsh so this is like  a dark browny shade and you can build it up darker, I find pencils easier to use than an angled brush and shadow but thats just personal preference, I haven't found a shade like this pencil ever, I tried a Calvin Klein one a while back initially I loved it, after a few days I realised it looked like I was using a black eyeliner as a blummin eyebrow pencil and looked awful so I banished it to the eyeliner drawer and now use it as a eye pencil time to time.

To start doing my brows I line my eyebrow pencil straight up in line from the side of my nose, this is where you brow should ideally start (obviously my brows have been filled in so this is just for an example!)

Then it should start to 'arch' in line with the centre of your pupil/eye like so -
Then finally it should end directly diagnal from the side of your nose
I fill in the inner area to the arch at the bottom first, and then the top of the eyebrow as I like a good even line and because i've messed around with the tops of my brows before there is a few sparse bits that are uneven

Then I go from the arch bit down to the end and just keep brushing over with soft, feathery strokes, don't get the pencil and treat it like a felt tip or heavy hand you have to gradually build

I also always put concealer under my eyebrows for a clean definition and highlight the brow bone area so the arch is emphasised. The main key is practise, practise, practise, I rarely get annoyed at my brows now but theres been so many days when they were in worse shape and I couldn't get them even to save my life and would nearly be in tears with frustration as I hated them!

Right now I am going to carry on growing them whilst trying to keep them in shape, Ideally I want to start getting them threaded as I think thats the best option for brows,

It's hard to explain in a blog post so this is just really a post on what I do instead of trying to make it a tutorial as that would be abit hard on a blog but I think I shall make a video about it soon as one of my lovely friends Natalie (hi if you're reading!!!) requested it a while back I just haven't had the time.

P.S these are my eyebrow inspirations -

 Vikki xoxox


  1. Great tips, too bad about your eyebrow story :/ your eyebrows still look fabulous though! And nice eyebrow-spiration :)


  2. I overplucked my eyebrows in high school too... now i'm going back to the natural look. My eyebrow inspirations are Natalie Portman and Audrey Hepburn! Yours look great!

  3. @Honey B I think we all overpluck at some point usually high school when we are full of hormones and insecurities! and aw thanks and aw yours are pretty too! I agree aswell, I love Natalie portman and Audrey Hepburn but I don't think my brows will ever be naturally full and pretty like theres, I should be banned from tweezers haha :(

  4. I think your eyebros look amazing! I've only recently started filling them in too, and it makes such an amazing difference :) Great inspiration too, I love Kim and Angelina's eyebrows <3


  5. I totally went through the same over-plucking phase in high school... I should've listened to my mother lol... yours look great though, they remind me of Nicole from pussycat dolls when you have nothing on them :))

  6. @summer I agree i'd be lost with no pencil LOL xx

    @maryam I know my mum has really nice eyebrows naturally and never fills them in im jealous! and aw thanks nicoles are quite thin but they suit her face i just like mine abit bigger xx

  7. Last time I got mine done, the girl totally F them up, so for the last month I have been growing them out, they are out of control, finally this Friday I am gonna get them done. Love Kim's brows, those are the type I want.

    xo $ARMIN


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