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Monday, 2 May 2011

Introducing 'GlossyBox'

I first saw this on  another beauty blog (www.starvioletbeauty.com) and thought I needed to share with you guys in case you don't know, basically meet 'GlossyBox' the UKs answer to Birchbox & I was actually wondering the other day when the UK would get a version of the Birchbox.....so anyway back to the actual concept.....like the Birchbox idea you sign up and every month they send you 5 exciting luxury product miniatures packed in a beautiful box for you to test at home, subscription is £10 per box (a rolling subscription per month)

From their website http://www.glossybox.co.uk/ it says ''We will send you a monthly personal beauty box with five selected luxury products. Delivery is completely free. Create your personal online beauty profile and enjoy your individual box, which includes the latest and most exciting cosmetic and beauty products for your type, every month. Be it cuticle removers, hand cream and nail polish for beautifully manicured hands or concealer, eyeliner, lipstick or lip gloss for polished perfect make up, GlossyBox will regularly send you the best products to your home. Indulge your skin and hair with shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, shower gel or sun screen. The content of your GlossyBox is tailored to your individual needs. The days of expensive mistakes in search for the perfect anti-aging face cream or face mask, the right perfume, eau de toilette, aftershave, or deodorant are finally over'' 

This sounds like such a great idea, especially as you create a profile based on your specific needs and what you like/dislike so each box is tailored for you! PLUS for each feedback you leave for specific products you get 1 'glossy dot'  and when you get 20 'glossy dots' you get one months box for free

I am sooooo excited imagine a pretty box every month in the post with 5 fab samples in just for you! Which of the UK ladies are signing up for it?! and which American ladies already subscribe to Birchbox? Thoughts?

You can also find Glossybox on twitter (@GlossyBoxUK)
Vikki xoxo


  1. i was looking at this too :) but dunno how comfortable i feel signing up for a derict debit subscription sorta thing :( x

  2. Ye well I saw on their facebook someone asked if it was a contract for example like 12 months and they said no that you can cancel at any time so that made me feel abit better as if I don't like it I won't be tied into having to go through a long subscription! xxx


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