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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Want perfect looking legs? Check out this 'Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs' Review

So today I am going to do a review on 'Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs' this basically is a foundation for your legs, I first got this when I started modelling as I have a few imperfections and scars on my legs and I instantley loved it,

If you have any freckles/veins/imperfections it will be the perfect product heres what the bottle states -

Its ideal now as we approach summer and want pretty legs to wear all those shorts, skirts and dresses in the sun! It doesn't rub off all day and won't transfer onto your clothes so you don't have to worry as after 60seconds or so it dries and to wash off you just get some warm soapy water, All you do is spray it into your hands and then rub it in all over your legs, it also adds a bit of a colour depending what shade you get and it's basically 'Tights in a bottle'here is how it sprays out -

I got nude glow which I think would be perfect for fair to olive toned skin but I bought mine on ebay last year so don't know if this shade was discontinued as on Superdrugs website I can only find 4 shades - Light glow, Medium glow, Tan glow and Deep glow, if this is the case I would probabaly get Medium for my skin. 

The only problem I have is from discussion on the Sally Hansen website it seems it might have been re-formulated as people are complaining it's not got glitter in and they're legs are looking like 'disco balls' LOL so if anything to be on the safe side I will probably buy from ebay the 'Nude Glow' if I can find it as I know this is definatley the old formula I love so much.

It retails around £10-ish from what I see online but on ebay mine was around £6-£7.

I always uumed and aahed about trying it but then just decided to at the spur of the moment as I was always covering my leg imperfections with concealer or foundation and it was a losing battle as they obviously practically rub off straight away so this is my summer holy grail products

Vikki xoxox


  1. that is was i use since i hate tanning. i love the glow it gives you!



  2. great review, I'd love to try this! I'm a shorty (5"!) so elongating my legs is top priority for me. thanks for posting!!!

  3. I really like this product too. I'll have to try to find where mine is hiding now!!

  4. Perhaps I must try this ^-^

    xxx London & Paris

    ps: you can still join our Chanel giveaway!

  5. @honey B aww you're such a cute size id actually love to be shorter even though im only about 5'5 LOL xx

    @Loubou lush its fab isnt it xx

    @TheMadTwibs Ysy do try it xx


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