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Friday, 6 May 2011

Nicki Minaj - Super Bass video inspired make up look

So as you might have seen earlier I posted the Nicki Minaj Super Bass video up and said I might do a post on the make up well boredom hit just now so I decided to do it! So this is the only pic I could really get of Nicki's look -

Then my overall finished one -

It is sooooooo easy the only thing I have to say is it's clearly not an exact replica of her look, it's more an 'inspired' look as I couldn't get to show in the pics was the brightness of the yellow shadow and pink lips with my crap camera so Nicki's look abit brighter, I started off with really barbie pink lips (like Nickis/MACs Pink Friday lipstick) before added abit of a purple toned fuchsia which just turned the look lilac-y.....so then I had to get a red toned fuchsia for abit more depth and brightness so if in a few pics the shades of lipstick look different you know why as I took pics of each, AND after a major disaster with false eyelashes (which I hate doing as im so useless and glue my eyes together everytime) I decided to take mine off  (and then even forgot to put mascara on duh!) whereas Nicki's lashes look so over the top and fab and mine are just normal ha ha.

The yellow eyeshadows I used were just generic yellow ones from a Manly 120 eyeshadow pallette and I didn't do much blending or anything fancy, All I did was apply a natural colour with a yellow tone all over my eye (after primer) and then add a much brighter yellow all over the lid and faning out,and lipuid liner on the top lashline and kohl pencil on the waterline.

And the lips like I said were a mix of 3 -
Very light bubblegum pink - Collection 2000 'True Glossy 23'
Purple toned neon pink - Sleek True Colour 'Fuchsia'
Red toned bright pink - Wet & Wild

I never wore the collection 2000 one before as I always thought it was abit frosty and unflattering on my olive toned skin but I actually quite liked it, the Sleek is a mjor favourite of mine right now i'm wearing it quite abit, and I was also pleasantly surprised by the wet and wild one which is also new to me.

Then one more pic to finish off :)

Enjoy your weekend dolls
Vikki xoxoxo


  1. So pretty hun :) i love it!! & loving the look of your blog too!! x x

  2. aw thank u hun! im still umming and aahhing about my blog design cant get a design im 100% happy with lool! xx

  3. I love the combo of yellow and purple!

  4. Hi Vikki! This is such a pretty and fun look!

    Kisses, Melanie

  5. Love this video and i love this look!!! You did a great job!!!!

  6. Hey! looking very pretty in purple! xoxo

  7. I want to try sleek lipstick so badly :(:(:(


  8. Aw sana its so crap they don't do it in the US! I think they deffo should launch it worlwide as its so versatile and maybe they will as it's growing to be quite a good brand xx

  9. i love this look. you made it simple and wearable. i love nicki minaj! shes the goddess of pink lipstick!

  10. the lip colour looks gorgeous on you!

  11. thanks girls and @reina i agree i so wish I had her pink friday lipstick so sad i missed out on it LOL :(


  12. i love nicki!! love the lips! i have the pink Friday lipstick...lol but i never use it...since i know its no longer available. I want it to last forever!


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