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Friday, 13 May 2011

My ENTIRE Nail Polish collection

 So Ta-Da my nail collection POST! In here I will share all my polishes and name them
 (all from left to right!)

 So this is my 'Nail Collection' bar 5-10 that are missing randomly or at other places there was about 70 here but some I threw away and some are nail treatment type ones so I think like 55 useable ones LOL

 Sleek 'Nailed' Polishes: Turquoise, Eclipse, Pastel Pink, Geishas Seal, Barbie, Lilac, Bare

 BarryM: Unknown shade it was free with BUZZ mag, Shocking Pink, Yellow, Cobalt blue, 290 Green, Mint Green, Bright Pink, Navy, Pink Flamingo

 Nails Inc: First 3 are French Mani Kit, then Hampstead Heath and Shoreditch

BeautyUK: 55 Pink, 35 Neon Turquoise, 75 Smokey Lilac

 MUA: Shades 11 (silver), 15 (red), 12 (pink)

 17: Toasted Almond, Miami, Amulet, Peacock White, Sphinx, Glitter, Royal Indigo, Silver Crackle

 2True: Shades 13, 30, 5 sorry for crap pic!

 Stargazer: 157 metallic blue, 162 pink, 169 red glitter

 Saffron: Gold Glitter shade 8, Silver Glitter shade 2, Coral shade 37 

Revlon: Fuchsia Fever and Rock (Rock is an indigo purple its my crap light making it look quite dark!)

 Gallery Colour: Seashell and Orange Crush

 NYC: shade 241

 China Glaze: Avalanche a lovely metallic grey-y blue silver shade again sorry for the dark-ish pic! Blummin camera!

It's not the biggest collection ever but I have only over the last year started getting into different nail colours before then I couldn't wear coloured polish to College (as I did beauty therapy) and then later on work so still collecting! My faves are prob China Glaze Avalanche, the blue and pink Stargazer ones and ALL the sleek and barry m argh I can't decide LOL a while back I did do a top 10 video though check that out here -

Vikki xoxo


  1. Great post!! You have quiet a big collection for only collecting for one year!!

  2. ps-love your new header!!

  3. that is a lovely collection :) <3 thanks for sharing


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