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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Bye Cheryl......Hello Nicole

Am sure you have all heard by now apparentley Cheryl Cole has been replaced on the US Xfactor with Nicole Scherzinger, I saw this last night on twitter and then the TMZ site and tweeted about it but thought I would do a blog about it as I want to differenciate my blog up abit by putting some news/gossip bits up for a change, as it'd be boring if I just talked about make up 24/7 and don't get me wrong there are some blogs out there I LOVE that just focus on make up but them bloggers are alot more creative with make up than me, my make up looks would get same-y if I just posted them up 24/7! Hope everyone doesn't mind this and don't worry I will still be doing FOTD posts and beauty make up stuff just as regular as before!

So anyway back to the story this is after she has done 2 rounds of auditions, not to mention move out there and then to just get replaced by former pussycat doll Nicole who was meant to be just co-hosting the show alongside Steve Jones,

There has been no official comment as of yet but speculation ranges from Cheryl been homesick, to her accent causing a problem to her 'lack of chemistry' with fellow judge Paula Abdul

Now personally I think this is quite a brutal decision, THEY knew her accent just like they knew how she was as she had numerous screen tests was her position always in the hanging? In the promo video for the show she got the smallest part even smaller than Steve Jones and she is virtually unknown in the US, not only that it was apparently recommended she drop so called boyfriend Derek Hough if she wanted to be a big star? I can't imagine someone as fiesty as Cheryl agreeing to this, and apparentley they want her for X-Factor UK but then what will they do with Kelly Rowland and Tulisa who are both meant to be new judges replacing Cheryl and Danni.

I don't think she will go back to the UK X-Factor is she has been thrown off the US one so publicly, Imagine getting a job you loved and thought you were going to be a success in just to get sacked for another person a few days later BUT then to do it in front of the whole world.....Kind of SUCKS!

I think Nicole seems like a fab person and should have been the choice in the first place as shes a big star over there who Americans look upto and she did a fab job as a stand in on the UK X-Factor last year when Cheryl was ill, AND then Cheryl could have stayed on doing the UK version as she also is a good judge and think either her and Kelly Rowland or her and Tulisa would all have worked well together.

What's everyone elses opinions on this?


  1. oh wow! thanks for updating us :)

    Also, I have a giveaway going on at my blog for a $20 gift certificate to Green Apple Paperie if you're interested. They have super cute stuff!

  2. I heard about this switch. I've don't really know much about Cheryl so thanks for the insight. Nicole taking over makes me want to watch now just to see what this show is all about. I think they are both so pretty
    Nice post

  3. I agree i will still watch it and yep they are both soooo gorgeous!


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