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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Shimmery silver look using 'Star' palette

Todays look is shimmery silver eyes and dark pink lips, I used the 'Star' palette I had I got this around xmas time it is a 4 eyeshadow smokey set a golden colour, a nude, and 2 silver shades all shimmery it's unbranded and I can't find it online but the pigmentation is fab, the Sleek Bad Girl pallette has similar colour to these and most brands do a 'smokey eye' trio or quad anyway I just thought i'd use this but the lasting power without primer isn't too fantastic, I also have another pallette like this which is named 'Fierce' which is 4 bright colours I will do a look with that soon

First I started off with foundation, eyebrow pencil and eye primer on so I firstly with my finger put the 2nd shade (the nude colour) all over my whole eye for abit of extra shimmer and then I packed on the last shade (dark silver) all over my socket I used the silver, 4th colour for all over just putting it on with a fluffy brush

Then drew slight shading with a black kohl pencil over the outer 'V' then with a small brush just blend it slightly

Then added liquid liner on the top & kohl on the waterline and also the first shade (the golden colour) just on my browbone, then mascara time

Then that is the eyes finished!

For the lips I used brown to start with but it was abit dark and and harsh so I added a fuchsia colour resulting in a more pink colour.

I would probably wear this on a night out as I don't tend to wear metallics/shimmery colours for everyday

The full list of products I used is:

Max Factor Lasting Performance foundation in '106 Soft Beige'
w7 concealer pallette 
Collection 2000 powder
bronzer trio from the Primark bronzaholic bronzer pallette

Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil is 'Black/Brown'
ModelCo Lashcara mascara 'Black'
Sleek kohl eyeliner pencil 'Black'
Rimmel exxagerate liquid eyeliner 'Black'
Star pallette

Random red lipliner
Clinique lipstick (the free one from Glamour magazine)
MUA shade 12

Vikki xoxo


  1. Looks absolutely beautiful on you!


  2. wow i love the eye shadow you use! Looks stunning! :)

  3. I love that eyeshadow color. It looks very nice on you.

    check out my blog:

  4. thanks precious, jelena and tiffany xxx

  5. Very pretty!
    I stray away from silver and grey eyeshadow but I think I might play with some when I have a chance :)


  6. thanks laiqah so do I as it usually looks blue & i dont suit cool toned colours like blue as I think my skin suits warmer colours better but nice to play around for the bloggy LOL xx

  7. i thought the make up is sooooo pretty~~~~i luv luv the colour~~~~
    the consistency of the eye-shadows do look abit powdery to me~~~


  8. @jessy yep they're not MAC/urban decay quality but they are cheap and ok for doing blog looks with the lasting power is also quite poor xx

    and @LC thank you hun! xx

  9. you done an amazing job :) such a pretty look! x

  10. shimmery star you are!!! thanks so much for your hair suggestion :)))

  11. Your eyes look very pretty :)


  12. Love this look! You look hot and sexy here! xoxo


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