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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

AngryDJ/Exclusive Clothing......

So my boy won a lil competition which was winning a tshirt if you come up with the best slogan for the 'Angry DJs' clothing line which was created by the well known DJ ScottieB and 'Exclusive Clothing' by SJ Trotter. So I thought i'd do a little blog post on these as I looked at the site and they have some fab womens stuff I thought my readers would like aswell as really cool menswear for that special man in your life or any male friends/brothers the T-Shirts make perfect little gifts anyway back to the ladies things I just love the fact you are able to change all the colours on the clothing/add Swarovski Crystals and even have the option to customize items with your name!

They have different lines starting with the 'Angry DJ' Ladies line which feautures T-shirts incorporating into different professions/hobbies - DJs/MCs/Producers/Artists/Dancers and then come up with fun slogans you can find these HERE

Then they have the 'I am' line which is T-shirts and hoodies to be found HERE 

Then the 'Stars' collection which is my favorite particularly the dress found HERE

Then the 'Retro' collection (I HAVE to get a Miss Vikki tshirt!) found HERE

Then 'Crystal Velour' which has the perfect tracksuits for relaxing in HERE

Then the 'Crystal Bikinis' which are ideal for them upcoming holidays HERE

Lastly the 'Signature' Exclusive line found HERE

As well as ladies and mens there also is a kids line!

I think the prices are really reasonable as well especially as they are unique items

Me and Ash had a mini play around with his T-shirt his winning slogan by the way was 'Im the DJ...So PAUSE....RESTART....& PLAY your position'

 My make up look for this is the same look I wore in my most recent videos on youtube (what's in my bag and the bronzaholic bronzer review sub to my channel at www.youtube.com/vikkigabrielle)

It's basically light eyes with glossy baby pink lips I did a post on it a while back as a 'winter wonderland' make up look you can find it HERE

All the links to the angry DJ/Exclusive clothing lines are here -

http://www.angrydj.com for the full site and to BUY
http://twitter.com/sjtrotter official twitter of co-founder
http://twitter.com/ScottieBUk ScottieB's official twitter
http://www.facebook.com/exclusiveent.co.uk like the facebook page for news and more info

Vikki xoxoxo


  1. You look stunning and I love your tee! it's really cool! xoxo

  2. Vikki you are so gorgeous!
    Love the TEE!


  3. love those photos of you wearing the tee and the earphones!!!! congrats to your boy for winning the competition- and having such a cutie girlfriend!! ;)

  4. thanks honey thats sooooo sweet of u xoxo


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