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Monday, 16 May 2011

Personal pictures....round 2 :)

So I did a random personal pics post HERE 6mths-ish ago when I first started blogging  and thought I would do another as I think it's good to have abit of change and I can show you photos from my face of the day posts or whatever all day long but I like to have a post like this every so often for a few random pics :)

It is pic heavy i'm warning you now LOL and these are totally random, from phone cam shots to pro shots from 2006 uptil now 

So we start off with a right cracker haha how funny this is me with a Jeunessa Montagne facemask on it was a peel off one can't remember the exact name BUT how scary do I like.....no its not halloween haha

Forget Jack-In-A-Box Kyla my kitten is Cat-In-The-Box she loves to sit in boxes and especially carrier bags bless her she makes me giggle

And here she is pictured with her big bro LOL they rarely sit together even though they do get on so this is a rare pic for them....I think I only got this because they were both scared of the hoover noise so ran to hide in my bedroom window bless them

This Me and Ash with our friend Adam and David Platt from Coronation Street, I also have one with Rosie Webster from a few years back LOL

Then this is just an old modelling shot from about a year ago

This is an even older modelling shot from about a year and half ago

This pic was when I competed in a Beauty Pageant in 2006 I was the youngest one there at 17

This is a modelling shot from Oct 2010 love the ballet theme of it

You can see one of my 6 tattoos here (all are teeny tiny and unnoticeable half the time though)

A modelling shot from Oct 2010 again

Me and Ash this was 2007 I think wow 4years ago :-0

My friend Jade and I on our first night out I was so excited for this bless us think this must have been 2006 or late 2005

When I had short hair (2007ish) I was 18 and just got it cut it all off in a spur of the moment choice one day its took until now for it to grow as long as it was before this & I do miss it but I would never do it again!

The first night in our house when me and Ash moved in here think it was August 2008

This is at Roundhay park in leeds we spent alot of summer there in 2007 we just had long chill out days where we would just talk and have fun

Pic from a wedding shoot somewhere at the beginning of my blog I did a wedding make up post HERE on this look and have a couple more pics up

This was 2008 and on a work night out which was also my friends birthday and my first time ever going on a night out in Manchester it was such a memorable fun night I miss my old work now!

With my same workmates another work night out, we were lifeguards with a baywatch theme LOL

Then for my friend Jade's 19th birthday in 2008 I was a sailor

Then this was my first time babysitting my friend Elenas baby shes soooo big now think this must have been 3years ago

Another shot from the Wedding shoot

Me with my friend Nikki my hair was the shortest its ever been here

Me and Jade in 2005 in the place where we first met - BEAUTY SCHOOL! I look so bad ha ha

One of mine and Ashs nights out in the early days this must have been in our first year together so 2007-ish

Mine and Ashs first ever photo!! So blurry as it's a pic of a pic it was 2004 we didn't actually get together for another 2 years after this pic I just loved him from the start :)

I LOVE pics my camera comes everywhere my heart feels fluttery now thinking of all these memories....Aww I think everyone should do a post like this!

Vikki xoxo


  1. Great post, love Kyla the kitten :-)

  2. you look AMAZING with short hair and so stylish!! i cut all my hair off too and i want it to grow even though i feel really sophisticated with short hair lol I MISS MY LONG HAIR!! also you eyebrows look really nice in the pic with your tattoo lol wow i talk alot i'll stop now MWAH xxx

  3. aw thanks charlotte :)

    And nada thank u girl i do have the urge to do it again but i resit cos growing it out is a PAIN you suit your hair how it is I only suited it when i'd spent ages styling it to look decent & im too lazy to do that everyday LOOL xx

  4. You look gorgeous in the photos ! :)

  5. you look so beautiful!!! love your modeling shots :))

  6. you look stunning! love your cat, so cute :) xx

  7. great post vicki you look great in them all,and i also have 6 tatoos aswell i want more some maybe on my ribcage,and i have 2 cats and just wanted to say your hair always looks so nice and normal my hair is like a beehive always having a daily battle with it,i guess it must be the white/asian ethic hair mix.your you tube vidoes are really good and funny i am always dropping things and breaking things and falling over :) x

  8. @ jelena, maryam & jessica thanks gorgeous girls!!! xx

    @Barbie dolly thanks for the lovely comment too hun your hair looks lovely too loved the red colour! my hairs only decent when i straighten it otherwise it is so bushy & hard to cope with LOL I use the remington shine therapy straightners they're really good and haha good to know im not the only clumsy one LOL xx

  9. Adorable thanks for sharing...;-)


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