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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sleek Carribean Collection

Is out tomorrow!!!! YAY this is one of my fave collections they have done from the looks of it and a few bloggers have this already or have had for a while and I have bee lusting over it for so long

It is limited edition as usual, And consists of a palette, blush and pout polish, Sleek is fast becoming one of my fave brands, love them! The palaette is named 'Curaçao' a perfect mix of bright and exotic colours perfect for summer and upcoming holidays

I missed the Pan Tao blush from the Avoir Le Peche collection and this is another orange one and is named 'Aruba' it is brighter and more outrageous than the pan tao one but I have nothing similar so looking forward to adding abit of tangerine brightness to my cheek, am sure once it's blended it won't look as scary and bright!

And the Pout Polish is named 'Bonaire' and these are amazing for abit of sheer colour and moistourisation perfect for the warm weather as they are non sticky and really light, they also smell AMA-ZING!

The palettes are alway my fave bits in the collections as the eyeshadows are just amazing quality they have also just released the 'Oh So Special' Palette aswell by the way, which is not limited edition so that baby is going nowhere it is also beautiful and understated for all you nudey colour lovers!

Here are the shades of that -

The prices are -
  • Palette - £6.49
  • Blush - £4.29
  • Pout Polish - £4.29
Vikki xoxo

disclaimer: images are not copyright of mine and are used for promotional purposes.


  1. Woww I got both all of these today only & I'm drooling over them...love all the shades!!!!

  2. These palette looks gorgeous, I want to get both of them ^_^

    Love Christine ♥

  3. i absolutely love Sleek make-up, their eye-shadow palettes are such good quality for the price! xxx


  4. Love all this Sleek stuff! So bright xx

  5. I think Sleek is UK's answer to US's NYX... gotta get me a palette!!!

  6. @sriya I know its gorgeous isn't it

    @maryam Yep with it been cheap but good quality, I still wish UK did the full range of nyx though! You can get some Sleek stuff on ebay that ship to america xx


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