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Sunday, 24 July 2011


I hate that i'm writing this post, as I had hope in this girl, and I wasn’t going to do this at all, but how can I not pay tribute to one of my fave singers.

I want to start it off by saying YES Amy was troubled, we all know that and she had her vices/addictions and problems, I don’t think that makes her death any more important or less important, at the end of the day addictions are a hard thing to fight and we can’t blame Amy for getting lost and not having the strength to fight, Everyone that knew her always said what a nice, loving and sweet girl she was, and she was an undeniable talent,

I like any Amy fan really hoped she would sort herself out and wow us all with a new album, a big part of me always believed she would.

I think the people making jokes, stupid commenst and everything else are despicable, shes left behind a family that loved her think about them, if one of your family members or friends died through a problem like addiction would you not care as much? NO. It would hurt just as bad, you can’t blame a person for the issues they have.

I have never had any sort of addiction so can’t understand her battle but you can’t judge someone when you have never been in their shoes, millions of addicts die every week and its still sad, just like millions of addicts turn their life around and turn their bad experiences into good ones. I want to start working with people that need help in the near future such as addcits, people dealing with homelessness and abuse so things like this touch me and make me want to help and reach out even more as it hits home.

I watched a program a while back about a ex drug addict, when on drugs he would steal, hurt people and even turned his back on his own children when they needed him, BUT he sorted himself out and from that point on he dedicated his life to helping others in the same situation as him, and now hes been clean for many years and used the bad stuff he did and turned it into a postive, there was no reason why one day Amy couldn’t have done the same.

This is really close to my heart because my uncle (who was on drink not on drugs and dealt with depression) let his troubles get the best of him, and I know what a fantastic life he could have had and what a great person he was, he just wasn’t blessed with the right care, enough love and encountered hearbreaking situations that he wasn’t strong enough to cope with on his own.

“It’s easy to talk about what you think is happening on top of the mountain when you haven’t even started climbing it yet”. (a quote from noel clarke’s tumblr)

We don’t know what was happening in Amys life and love was also a major addiction of hers aswell as the drugs and that was a very destructive time she must have gone through aswell as been hounded awfully by the press and media for years, I can understand why the drugs may have been her escape.

Regardless its a sad time and she will live on forever through her amazing talent, no one can deny that.

I hope her like many other troubled souls are finally at peace. x


  1. soooo sad and tragic... RIP Amy Winehouse :(((

  2. @maryam awful isn't it! what a waste :( x x

  3. I am her fan too... what a tragedy...

  4. This was super sad. I for one was shocked since she was so young. RIP! Thanks for writing and doing a blog post in tribute great pics of her to remember.


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