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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Bourjois Little Blush Pots 3 REVIEWS

I have spoke about these blushes ALOT and use them pretty much everyday without fail, so I thought even though they are old for me I will do a review on them.....I am talking about Bourjois Little Blush Pots, The 3 shades I have are Lilas D'or, Rose Frisson and Rose D'or. 
(L-R) 'Rose Frisson' 'Rose D'or' & 'Lilas D'or' p.s excuse the battered pots i've had these since last year!
Rose Frisson is a beautiful Rose colour, not too pink and not too red just that lovely natural flushed shade, 
Rose D'or is the essential bright 'Barbie Pink' It is a lovely really girlie shade and so easy to wear as it's not too much of an overpowering shade it also has tiny flecks of gold which highlight and really give the skin  a radiant glow, perfect for summer.

Finally Lilas D'or is more of a pink-peach toned shade with golden flecks like Rose D'or but it isn't as pink or bright as that, I also find the golden flecks show up more in this than in Rose D'or

I have been using them all for quite a while and I don't know if it's because they are baked blushes after a while they seem to harden and you literally cannot pick the colour up so I had to scratch the surface of them all with a clean lash comb, which is slightly annoying since these retail at £7.99 each for a tiny 2.5g (MAC blushes are over double that size and remember Bourjois is meant to be a drugstore brand)

Here are some swatches  of them all -
(L-R) 'Rose Frisson' 'Rose D'or' & 'Lilas D'or'
 Even they still aren't as pigmented as they were when I first got them and because it is abit of an hassle I dont know if I will be repurchasing all of them which is a shame as I do like their lasting power and the shades and they way they look when they're ok, I had the same problem with an eyeshadow trio from Bourjois but they have since reformulated their eyeshadow pots. Oh and you probabaly already know this but this little flimsy brush they come with - bin it! It is useless, really and thats coming from everyone I have heard speak about these not just myself, I do like the cute pots and fact they have a mirror and beware of the smell its sort of 'old lady rose perfume' but to be honest I love it (*hangs head in shame*)

Anyone else tried these?

Vikki xoxox


  1. I actually found this dead helpful - was going to purchase one this weekend because i loved their eyeshadow pots so much! i would have thought as well that if they reformulated the pots they would do the same with the blush but oh well :(

    a wee tip for you my mum used to do: if your baked cosmetics stop giving out colour, break them up into a little camera film case or an old face powder pot and just use a normal blusher brush :D i don't like breaking make up though so i wont do it LOL!

  2. i luv the brand~~~i think they have some awesome products~~~i bought one oftheir blush a long time ago, they are very pigmented~~~and i luv it~~~


  3. I always wanted to get them.. thanks for the review..love that rose frisson :)

  4. love the third blush the most but all three swatches are so gorgeous!

  5. i need to get some new blusher x

  6. so helful, thankyou so much xxx
    please take a look

  7. i love it when bloggers touch on make up! its so important in an overall look!
    lovely blog, you are so gorgeous!

  8. I have a few of these, I really like them :) xo


  9. Those are so pretty but after your review I'm not sure I'll get some!


  10. I only have one of their little blushes in a peachy color that i love. Sadly it is no longer available in the U.S.

  11. thank you for all the comments guys, they are sooo pretty and a great product its just whent hey harden thank you to Amii for the tip (1st comment) I will be trying that xx

  12. i have rose d'or and love it. the only complaint is the smell. luckily it goes away quite quickly.


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