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Friday, 8 July 2011

Nice n Easy Perfect 10 Hair Dye Review

I recentley dyed my hair black with this dye (my natural colour is very dark brown so black just gives it a subtle extra edge its not that much different and I have black eyebrows so it's all good LOL) I actually use various black dyes as they all fade and some side pieces near the front of my hair always go a reddy brown colour its SO annoying! So i've used this before but can't remember loving or hating it! And it was on offer for £4.99 from the RRP £6.99 so I got it.

In the box you got stage 1. High Gloss Colour Creme 2. Colour Activating Creme and 3. Conditioner and all the usual hoopla like gloves/instructions -

This comes with the comb type applicator which you don't have to use you can just do it the stand way instead of 'combing' it on, I comb it on my roots and then hand apply the rest as I do it all by myself and find this fastest and easiest.

So all you do is squeeze all of the number 1 tube into the number 2 activator swish it about to mix it up, once you have given it a good swish/shade and its mixed take the lid off and apply! Simple!
I wouldn't recommend home dyes for going from light to dark if you're not experienced (trust me I know - ended up with light roots and still dark hair NOT a good look!) And you are meant to just leave this on for 10minutes. Little Miss Stupid here left it on for 20 because a) I like really black hair some dyes can be dull and b) I thought hmmm can't hurt can it not like its bright blonde bleach? Erm yes vikki, IT CAN! It practically dried on my hair and my hair felt like candyfloss and a a small bit actually came out (like a clump you get when you have brushed through a knotty patch) I was like eek oh dear, after lots of rinsing it was stilll quite dry and my hair is never dry or coarse and rarely knotty so I wasn't happy (pnly got myself to blame) thankfully the conditioner is really good that is the one thing I can vouch for, If I left this on for 10mins im sure i'd have been fine and my hair is fine now thankfully although I didn't dye it that long ago and now it's showing through browny bits again gaaaah! Even when it was dyed the colour wasn't particularly glossy or shiny or anything special so I think I will be trying another one next time. For good measure here is a pic of me with it on.....complete with stained forhead LMAO.

Any of you home hair-dyers or fellow raven haired ladies got any recommendations?

Vikki xoxox


  1. Eep thats not good, not the colour the clumo coming out of course :) I used to have hair and used nice and easy and never had any problems boots own brand is pretty good to :) xx

  2. Ooh thanx hun il have to try the boots one! It prob wasnt the dye that was crap just my timekeeping and leaving it on too long lol! xx

  3. I applaud anyone who dyes their hair themselves... I've never dyed mine, but I did try to help my mom fix her roots one time--she ended up looking like a leopard lol... not a cute look, and you know I love me some leopard :)

  4. @maryam haha ohh dear my mums got light hair and shes wanted me to help her at home before in between going to the hair salon and im like noooo mum because its soooo hard with light hair if i didn't have black hair I wouldn't dare home dye, but with black u cant really go wrong can you LOL xx

  5. I've stopped dying it black, but I used to use Schwarzkopf xxl Live Colour in Deep Black. It's the most intense black colour I've used at home, which I personally love. I'm not a big fan of the 'natural black' colours as they don't seem to be as shiny. Xo

  6. I personally love Nice n Easy! I don't use this one though... I use the normal one (In the white box).
    And the conditioner is definitely amazing!
    I've never dyed my hair black, as I prefer browns but when I dyed my hair dark brown (earlier in the year) I used revlon colorsilk and it turned out very dark, but the colour lasted long!


  7. @jessica ooh thanks il try that one! xx

    @laiqah ooh the normal one might be better then i always love the conditioners that hair dyes come with they're so much more moistourising, the best one is the one that comes with 'schwarzkopf palette' its got macadamia in and is AMAZING! Never seen the Revlon ones will have to look out for it! xx

  8. I've been dyeing my hair ever since and so far i didn't have any problem (well, that's because I haven't really tried dying my hair black) they said that before you change your hair color to black, you have to dye your hair a little darker than that of your current hair...so its like slowly taking your hair into a dark transition. but yeah, that's gonna take a loong time! so maybe if you really want to instantly go black, I suggest that you go to the salon ;) just like what you said, it wouldn't hurt right? hehe. come and visit my blog if you have the time


  9. @mar as you can prob see in my pics my hair is aleady black and its practically black naturally so it wasn't much of a transition, i've been dyeing it like this for years just not found the perfect dye that lasts its not about the colour LOL x

  10. Last month it was my first time that I dye my hair.. Can you believe that?? Now I want to go with some darker color, so I think I wont do it myself this time :)


  11. +1 to Jessica, I have naturally reddy-darkest-brown hair and the LiveXXL Deepest Black was fantastic - no fading, no damage to my hair (which I found I actually got with nice&easy) and it kept my hair so shiny!
    I personally only use semi-permanents now as I may be returning to red later in the year once my hair is longer/better condition, but they're just Boots own-brand semis, and they seem to do the job.

    If you find your hair is still in a pretty dry condition occaisionally, why not try some macadamia oil treatment? :)

  12. @amii that is definatley the next one im going to use, and noo my hairs never dry just that once because of this dye thats what i was saying in the post, after i conditioned it it was back to normal! xx

  13. Black hair really suits you!
    I've never been a home-dyer. I've only had my hair dyed 6 yrs back from a professional for the first time!
    I've got natural black hair..I love red hair... think I should have them dyed again..maybe red!

  14. thanks hun! I love red hair too but my hair has too much black dye on now so the build up wont lift! i even had it professionally stripped once and it still had alot of black on so i've given up lol x


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